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    Looking for a holiday anywhere as long as it has a little bit of luxury at a decent price?




    Yes, it’s a great excuse for a holiday!  But a Babymoon is the latest craze and we are here to help you decide where is best to go on holiday with bump. So if you are looking for the best places to go on a babymoon, here's our recommendations.


    In our opinion a Babymoon isn’t just a fad, it’s a necessity! Especially if this is your first pregnancy as you honestly have no idea what is coming…honestly…you don’t!


    As long as you have a healthy pregnancy there’s no problems flying, and although advice varies, the general rule unless you are having twins is that you can fly up to 36 weeks, as long as you have a doctors note to say that you are safe to fly; or up to 28 weeks with no doctors note. That being said, flying can take it’s toll and can be very dehydrating and cramped, so for obvious reasons the best and most enjoyable months to travel are in the 2nd trimester, between 3 - 6 months.


    The best recommendation at any stage is probably to stick to short haul holidays.  That’s not to say you can’t go long haul, in fact it could be a while before you go long haul again as you don’t want to be dragging an infant on a 10 hour flight! But a long period in a cramped seat isn’t ideal, especially if your feet decide to swell as often happens when flying on a good day let alone being pregnant. If you are going long haul, try to get seats with extra legroom and certainly take every opportunity to get up and walk around and stay hydrated. Flying affects mums-to-be in different ways, for some lucky mums it has no effect at all!  But for others it can make you feel a little light headed and woozy if you haven't taken enough fluids, your feet may swell, your back may ache and you may feel extra tired.  Get onto the plane with a 2 litre bottle of water, a few sweets in your bag in case you have sugar lows - or maybe an apple for the natural sugar. 


    Yes we know you are not ill - you are pregnant! But it is really handy to have home-comforts close at hand to save you going out of your hotel in search of them. So take your favourite herbal teas!  You deserve some wonderful relaxing pampering on your babymoon, so your partner should be prepared to give plenty of shoulder and foot massages!  Plus thankfully most spa's have some truly lovely mum-to-be options available for pampering. Just be aware that if you are choosing to have a lovely relaxing massage or reflexology while on your holiday, that some essential oils are not recommended during pregnancy so have a little look at what oils they'll be using so that you can choose the best for you.



    Your current travel insurance will likely cover you for being pregnant abroad up to 28 weeks, so double check it - you may not need to buy a new policy. And some travel insurance is available for above 28 weeks if you shop around. It goes without saying you will need to make double sure to take any medication you need with you, and if you have that special cushion that makes sleeping great, then squeeze it into your luggage at any cost. It's perfectly allowable to take up lots of 'his' luggage space for all your little extra home comforts.


    You deserve this lovely break away together before bumps arrival, so now the easy part ... where to go on holiday?


    Here are both our long haul and short haul recommendations for your Babymoon:

    Short Haul



    Even the capital city of Portugal is laid back and calm, yet with a gentle buzz from the late night restaurants. You'll find grand resorts all along the coast to quaint little cottages in the forests, and most of all you are very likely to find sunshine. Enjoy some of the freshest food, put your feet up by the pool, and stroll along the beach and enjoy the babymoon period savouring that peace and fresh air. Portugal Reviews >


    Right in the middle of the Mediterranean just south of Sicily, the tiny island of Malta basks in sunshine most of the year. Ideal for a Babymoon, it offers pretty beaches, stunning waters and more than enough historical and cultural attractions to keep you genuinely interested in the colourful traditions of Malta. Yet unlike some of the bigger historical cities such as Rome and Athens, you won't be crowded and on your feet all day which is the last thing you need! You'll be able to enjoy the leisurely pace yet you'll come across some very lively areas should you feel like a few late nights. Malta Reviews >


    Nice is glamourous and chic, as well as small enough to have a gentle pace of life with some of the most beautiful views and scenery. And with Cannes just 30 minutes or so up the coast you get to explore a little of the French riviera and a long sandy beach. It doesn't have to be an expensive holiday and eating out is very affordable and exciting if you avoid the big tourist restaurants along the beach front. A romantic holiday destination to create special memorys on your magical Babymoon. Nice Reviews >


    The beautiful Canary Island of Fuerteventura is ideal for a Babymoon, and as it sizzles in the summer this island enjoys a gentle breeze from the trade winds making the very hot weather more enjoyable for a mum-to-be. With reasonable prices on accommodation from Villas through to the big resorts, Fuertaventura has plenty to offer. Hire a car to explore the retty volanic , or simply put your feet up and relax. Fuerteventura Reviews >

    Croatia - Dubrovnik Riviera

    The coast here is well known for its crystal clear waters, with many enjoying the riviera for sailing, however the beautiful Old Town of Dubrovnik is a huge draw for visitors. The Old Town is perched on the coast and surrounded by ancient city walls, encapsuling a delightfully pretty town of restaurants, shopping, bars and cobbled streets.  The sun shines down on idyllic coves along the riviera, and red top roofs distinguish this chilled out holiday destination. Croatia Reviews >


    Head out to one of the Greek islands, yes we know they are famous for their party hot spots, but the party areas are generally limited to a small corner of each island leaving the rest of the island in peace and quiet! With some heavenly choices of hotels and beaches you are pretty much spoilt for choice within all budget ranges. You may want to choose somewhere where you don't have to walk up a hill to get back to your hotel, as of course the beautiful Greek Islands are very hilly. Greece Reviews >


    A No Flying Holiday - Take a Cruise?

    A cruise could be ideal for a lovely Babymoon break, especially if you can get a cruise directly from the UK meaning no flying is involved.  A babymoon is altogether easier when you don't have to fly, and with less waiting around in queues which can be tough on your back and feet especially through customs (there's no special mum-to-be queue unfortunately) you can get your holiday started right away. Your Cruise ship is your hotel, so you can start enjoying yourself now with less stress in getting to your holiday destination stops. 


    Long Haul



    If you feel like heading further afield then you could go for Florida, probably avoiding Orlando!  Beaches of white sands from Miami, down to the Keys and over to the Gulf Coast make for an ideal Babymoon holiday. And what better way to enjoy a babymoon than shopping at one of the many Florida malls for your new arrival! You should take an extra case or two as you will find shopping for the baby really great value, especially if you go for a few designer baby treats. Florida Reviews >


    Trying to find good places to go on a babymoon is tough but Barbados is a dream Babymoon destination. You'll be heading here to float around in the warm gentle Caribbean sea, to choose a peaceful and romantic  all inclusive resort and just stay put until the end of the week! With sunshine and palms, Barbados is perfect if you want utter relaxation in a beautiful setting. Head here anytime of they year as it tends to be wide of the hurricane belt and avoids the big storms. Barbados Reviews >


    If you are searching for more holiday ideas and you know roughly when you would like to go, then see our Best Month to Holiday page to help you make your decision.


    And afterwards?


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