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    Best Beaches in Majorca

    Where are the Best Beaches for your Majorca Holiday?

    You can't beat Majorca for a good beach holiday in the sun. Great weather, and a short flight from anywhere in Europe this Spanish island has beautiful azure sparkling waters, whats not to like?  With plenty of beaches to choose from all around the island, it's a job to choose the one that suits you! They are all different, so here's a run down of some of Where to Holiday's best beaches in Majorca to help you choose your best holiday destination...


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    Portals Nous Beach

    Portals Nous Beach


    The small beach of Portals Nous on the south coast a few kilometres below Palma Nova, is carved into the cliffs next to the upmarket dazzling marina area. Not particularly easy to get to, it's a secluded soft golden beach accessed from the hotels on the clifftop above by steep steps, or stroll across from the Marina and designer shops and restaurants 100 metres away. There is a beach cafe and drinks stand on the beach, and other than that its fairly quiet and relaxed albeit quite busy. Great for a swim, beautifully clean and well maintained, this is a little secret gem of a beach.


    Calo des Corrals Beach

    Calo des CorralsIn Cala d'Or this beach just off Cala Esmeralda is open to everyone with a free carpark just above the beach. It is overlooked by several hotels higher up the cliffs, and again the beach is in a beautiful cove. Perfect soft yellow sand, nice and wide for a cove and overall a really pretty beach. There is no seaweed and its wonderfully clean. Like most of the beaches on the south and east of Majorca it is a secluded little bay with dazzling waters, irrisistable for a dip. There are no cafes and vendors on the beach which makes a nice change, but if you are not staying in the hotels above you'll need to bring everything you need with you, although shops are a 10 minute walk away. A glass bottom boat ride is the perfect way to enjoy these clear waters with trips on offer all around the Cala d'Or and pick up and drop off at Cala Ferrera the next cove north.


    Magaluf Beach

    Magaluf Beach

    Certainly in the top 3 biggest beaches in Majorca on the South West coast, Magaluf boasts a large golden beach with calm azure waters. With such an attractive beach comes the hotels and crowds, and in the case of lively Magaluf a booming bar and club town. So not necessarily a family destination but in the daytime a beach that can be enjoyed by all if you don't mind the crowds of groups and loud beach front bars. Similar to Alcudia you'll find fun water sports available, but with bars almost directly on the beach be wary of broken glass from time to time on the pavements from the revellers and a little bit of debris on the beach in places.


    Alcudia Beach

    Probably the best beach in Majorca if you are looking for long white deep powder soft sands and by far the biggest beach on Majorca. In the north, it's stretches far and wide for several kilometres and is around 100 metres wide from the promenade to the water. But you've guessed it... being certainly one of the best beaches in Majorca means the tourists in their droves come here which makes it a lively busy beach. Plenty of water sports on offer here such as banana boats, boat rides, jet ski's and pedalo's.

    Alcudia BeachSo if you are looking for a quiet beach this isn't it! But the kids will love it and so will the party people as the beach backs on to lots of hotels, bars, restaurants  and coffee shops, followed by a few blocks back of hotels and supermarkets, fast food outlets and more bars and clubs. It has a very different feel to Magaluf and definitely appeals all round to most holiday makers.




    Cales de Mallorca Beach

    Calles de Mallorca

    This is an incredibly popular beach on the Majorcan east coast, and you can see why. This stunning cove has perfect golden sands and is one of the larger beaches on this area of the coast. What comes with popularity of course is plenty of hotels and people, so it does tend to get very busy. However it's sheltered nicely by the cliffs on either side and the sea here is almost Caribbean blue and well worth lounging around on in that sizzling Mallorca sunshine. As with most beaches here there are plenty of sunloungers and shades all set up on the beach, which you'll need to pay a few euro's to use, but there's also plenty of sandy space for those of us that just like to be on our towels on the sand in our own space.


    Porto Christo Beach

    Porto Christo Beach

    A lovely little town on the beach with all the modern conveniences of fast food outlets and a lively European feel with cafe's and shops on the beach front.  This is one of the very few places in Majorca that you'll have to pay for parking along the beach, but spaces are limited so you can see why. Although there is plenty of parking a 5 or 10 minute walk away, and you'll maybe find your self on a steep hill as this is quite a hilly area all around the beach. It's a small beach but with soft blond sands and a unique feel to it as it's also a small marina with little sailing boats dotted around. You wouldn't spend a week here but it's definitely worth a visit if you are on the east side of the island.

    Cala Mesquida Beach

    Cala Mesquida

    Just a few kilometres drive through lanes from Capdepara on the North East of the Majorca coast you'll find Cala Mesquida, a sprawling beach set in a backdrop of sand dunes. Being fairly northern the sea here is less sheltered than the east and has fantastic waves crashing onto the beach great for a bit of boogie boarding, not quite big enough for surfing. This is one of the bigger beaches in Majorca, and definitely the most unusual with it's sand dunes. You'll find a nice wooden board walk trail up through the sand dunes for a great walking trail along the coast, good exercise as there are a few steep steps between the dunes on the trail and you'll find many of the tourists here are specifically here for hiking. Not overly touristy albeit very popular, with apartments on the west cliffs overlooking the beach.


    Can Picafort Beach

    Can Picafort


    On the busy bustling North Coast of Majorca, Can Picafort is probably one of the most touristy beaches aside from Alcudia and Magaluf, and with good reason. Golden powdery sands and a large beach not hemmed in by a cove like others, this is an ideal beach.  A fairly built up area of hotels and shops surround the beach, but once on it you don't tend to notice, instead you notice the convenience of having an ice cream stand nearby right when you need one. You'll be rather surrounded by people in the peak months on this beach and it's fun and lively, great for people watching and a summer buzz.

    Bay of Pollença Beach 

    Pollenca beach


    Pollenca is a large bay with a marina in the very north of the island of Majorca and only a 15 minute drive away from Alcudia if you are looking for a more peaceful beach but still close to the lively town and beaches of Alcudia. Lying at the bottom of enormous spectacular rocky mountains, this peaceful bay stretches for several kilometres of blond sands down the coast. Restaurants and shops surround the beach but are a step back from the beach separated by a narrow promenade and road, so are not directly on the beach. The little marina at the northern end of the beach offers a wealth of activities and boat rides and plenty of parking. Much narrower a beach than it's neigbour Alcudia but also much quieter and is a great for a beach and relaxation holiday.


    Soller Beach

    The town and beaches of Soller are probably the most remote holiday destination on the whole of Majorca, but the Port de Soller is most definitely worth the trek to get there. From the north of the island you have the choice of driving over the mountains, which is very much like driving to ski resorts in the Alpes except with even more hair pin bends so it's slow going but breathtaking, or you can head down the down the motorway towards Palma and cut through the mountains in the toll tunnel which costs around €5. This little beach haven and quaint town has a small port flanked by cliffs and pretty lighthouses. Two very narrow small beaches line the blue shores of the bay, just enough to get a sun lounger on and enjoy a sangria on one of the many beachfront restaurants behind the promenade. A world away from the hoards of tourists and worth a daytrip or two-day trip.


    Palma Nova Beach

    Palmanova Beach

    The lovely beach of Palma Nova lies in the next bay south of Magaluf, separated from Magaluf by a rocky peninsula of hotels. One of the larger beaches in Majorca, probably in the top 5 biggest and best. The streets of Magaluf meld into Palma Nova but gets considerably quieter, and a little more upmarket and family orientated. A clean soft yellow sand, a wide bay and probably 70 metres deep from the promenade to the sea's edge. Palma Nova makes a lovely beach holiday with plenty of hotels and a good choice of restaurants behind the promenade. Free parking along the beach front is handy but gets busy so get your space early.


    Cala Gran Beach

    Cala Gran BeachOn the south east coast, under an hour away from Palma Airport lies the stunning coast of Cala d'Or. The beaches here are a yellow gold surrounded by glistening rocky coastline which is what makes the water here particularly clear. Cala Gran is a large cove, but quite secluded beach with only one restaurant/cafe on the beach, so it's not overly touristy. Cala Gran has wonderful golden sand stretching back deep into the cove and melting into clear turquoise sea. The rocky coast line folds itself round the cove dotted with villas along the low cliff tops, many with steps directly down the rocks into the water for swimming because this calm bay is just the perfect outdoor swimming pool! Get your snorkle on and enjoy the crystal clear mediterranean. Lots of little rock pools line the sides of the beach so great fun for the kids.


    Cala Murada Beach

    Cala MuradaIf you are taking a drive up the east coast of Majorca you can drop by Cala Murada. This beach is a little more gravelly than others, and a little bit of seaweed but is a particularly good place to launch small boats from with easy access for cars and boats and a handy restaurant/cafe on the beach. Not overly touristy and a fun drive a few miles off the main road through fields it's a nice stop off for a few hours and great views out to sea as its more of a bay than a cove unlike the other beaches in this area.