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    Where to Go in the Canary Islands

    Which is the best Canary Island to visit?


    If you are wondering which is the hottest Canary Island, or you can't decide between Lanzarote or Tenerife? You are looking for the most family friendly Canary Island or just looking for best Canary Island for you? You've come to the right place as we have some great holiday reviews for each of the islands on our Canaries page written by people who have been there.

    We are all looking for safe places to go on holiday, whether it be with the children, or looking for places to go on holiday without the zika outbreak. The Canary islands are a very good option for your holiday destination. Not only is it beautiful weather all year round its genuinely affordable in the main, very low crime rates and terrorist threats are currently remote. Last minute holidays to the canaries are these days not as cheap as they used to be due to such high demand, but booking in advance will get you a great deal, and especially of course outside of the school holidays. For those with toddlers, its a fantastic option certainly in the Autumn and Winter months with the sun not overly strong, and you'll find many young families before school age holidaying here meaning it's incredibly well catered for.

    If you are still wondering which is the best Canary Island read on for more recommendations on each island, and either way you'll be glad you chose it as your holiday destination.


    The Canary Islands, better known simply as The Canaries have long been a firm favourite holiday destination for those in search of year round sun, stunning beaches and vibrant nightlife. Whether you are looking for a week by the pool, an adventure break, a family holiday or a luxury retreat there is something for everyone in this Spanish archipelago. With over 3,000 hours of sunshine every year, and always hovering around the mid 20's even in the winter it's always a good time to visit the Canaries. Typically each island is a little cooler and receives a sprinkling more rain in the north of the island with it being less sheltered from trade winds - unlike the south of the islands. And in truth all the islands benefit from the same hot weather; but which is the best Canary Island?  Here is Where to Holiday's low-down on each of the islands to help you chose your perfect Canary break.

    And if you can't decide why not take a cruise and go to all of them? There's always a Canaries Cruise in these last minute Cruise Offers . . .



    Tenerife is the largest and most well known island in the Canaries. A firm favourite for all age groups Tenerife offers a wealth of activities, a dramatic coastal line and more nightlife than even the biggest of reveller could handle. Whilst Tenerife boasts 365 days of sunshine, sun seekers in the know head to favourite resorts on the south west coast of the island. Officially Playa Las Americas and Los Cristianos receive more sunshine than any other area of the island. Luckily, these resorts are not shy of tourist facilities and offer a wealth of bars, restaurants, accommodation types and water sports. For those who enjoy a golden sand beach, Playa Las Americas is the place to be. Whilst much of the island offers black volcanic sand beaches, Playa is graced with a beautiful yellow sand beach combined with gentle sloping waters. Perfect for topping up that tan! Alongside man-made attractions of water-parks, zoo's, and golf courses, Tenerife is also home to natural beauties such as Mount Teide (the worlds third largest volcano) and La Masca canyon (a stunning mountain village). Finally a holiday to Tenerife is not complete without seeing the islands resident population of bottle nose dolphins and pilot whales.



    Beach lovers unite! With 150 beaches dotted along 340km of coastline, Fuerteventura is a beach lovers paradise. Much more low key and relaxed than its neighbouring islands, Fuerteventura offers visitors a choice of either black volcanic and white sandy beaches surrounded by the beautiful Atlantic sea. One of the biggest draws of the island is the enormous sand dunes perfect for adrenaline junkies who can try their hand at 4x4 adventures or sand jumping! The name 'Fuerteventura' actually translates to 'strong wind' which is definitely a characteristic of the island. The welcome breeze in the summer months means that the island is a little cooler than its neighbouring Canary Islands and as a result Fuerteventura is a windsurfers paradise each year attracting sports enthusiasts from around the world! On the other hand Fuerteventura receives less rainfall than the other islands being sheltered by Lanzarote in close proximity to the North so the northern resorts such as Corralejo on Fuerteventura are just as popular as the southern resorts.

    Gran Canaria

    Gran Canaria lies just west of Africa and boasts a stunning variety of landscapes. Attracting over 2.2 million tourists every year the island offers a choice of over 500 beaches that bask in the year round sun. The majority of tourists flock to the South of the island which is home to the warm and sunny resorts of Maspalomas, Playa del Ingles and San Agustin. Jam packed with attractions such as golf courses, shopping centres, sea front restaurants, bars and clubs this is the place to enjoy an action packed holiday. West of the island is generally slightly cooler and more mountainous and equally as stunning. Here you will find the beach town of Puerto Rico, a laid back town framed by the islands volcanic origins and built  in the mountains. Not for the immobile due to steep hills, but if you can make the climb to the mountain top you will be blessed with stunning views over this seaside town. Still wonderfully hot in November, many sun worshippers return every winter for their sunshine fix.



    Lanzarote is famous for its black sand volcanic beaches and its moon like natural landscapes. A haven for geologists, this island boasts stunning volcanic features including the longest volcanic tunnel in the world. As well as enjoying the natural black sand beaches, the island also offers beach lovers an opportunity to lounge on some beautiful white sand beaches like those surrounding the tourist resort of Playa Blanca. Playa Blanca offers a wealth of accommodation types from villas to hotels and its flat seafront promenade makes it a great place for older visitors to the island. Located on the South, this is Lanzarote’s largest resort however despite its wealth of bars, shops and attractions it is still the ideal place for families to relax. Just a few minutes away from Playa Blanca, you will find some of the most renowned natural attractions on the island including the fantastic Timanfaya National Park, home to the islands active volcano. For those who can’t decide whether to holiday on Lanzarote or Fuerteventura, how about having the best of both worlds and combining two islands into one trip – Fuerteventura lies just a 30 minute ferry ride away.


    La Palma

    La Palma is perhaps the lesser known Canary island however it is often deemed the most beautiful by many. Unlike its neighbours La Palma doesn’t solely rely on tourism which means this un-crowded island makes the perfect low-key and relaxed island getaway. Known as “Isla Bonita” (pretty island), La Palma’s draw is definitely its unspoilt and more natural environment. Walking, cycling, fishing, diving and paragliding are the key activities here. If you are looking for a wild and vibrant nightlife, La Palma isn’t for you, but if you are looking for a ‘get away from it all’ trip, La Palma may be the one. La Palma Holiday Deals >



    In reality there's not much to choose between the islands, they are all child friendly, family friendly, couple friendly and party friendly! The strong influence of Spanish culture means that children are very welcome and often included in their later meal times. It will be down to which area and which hotel you stay in that will ultimately make the difference to your stay. Sometimes staying in the popular areas is not necessarily a bad thing when you are looking for family friendly for example - you'll have more amenities and facilities at your fingertips and they will find it easier to adapt to your needs having plenty of resources to do so. But if you are a couple looking for peace and quiet then perhaps further out of town will suit you better if you have the resources to get into town when you need to.  Bars stay open late so if you are looking to avoid children there's plenty of possibility to do so. In general all the islands tend to be a little windy from time to time and the hottest areas of the islands are in the south of each island in the winter, it doesn't seem to matter too much in the summer. If you've been looking for the warmest Canary Island or the best Canary Island for couples we are confident that you'll honestly love whichever Canary Island you choose because either way you'll be getting great weather, and if you are lucky enough to visit them all over the years you'll find your very own favourite Canary Island! See our travellers reviews for their recommendations on their favourite Canary Island...

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