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    Where to holiday in October

    There are hundreds of great holiday destinations to visit in October, the majority of the time it's out of peak season, which is ideal as high seasons will often be more expensive and more crowded. So the destinations below are recommendations that Where to Holiday think are some of the best places to visit in October with maximum sunshine and minimal rain to give you the best possible October holiday. We are all looking for safe places to go on holiday and safe places to take our children, so with fresh ideas you may try somewhere new to go on holiday this year. You will find travellers that have written about their experiences in all these destinations so click on the destination names and have a read. If you're still not convinced why not ask one of our travellers a question about their experience?  I'm sure they will be only too happy to help!   If you've been somewhere in October that you would recommend add your travel review.  And if an October cruise is what you had in mind, go straight to the bottom of the page to see our recommended places to cruise in October.


    Our top October recommended destinations ...




    Gran Canaria

    The Spanish island of Gran Canaria, just off the coast of North West Africa, swelters throughout the year and cools down to a warm 24°c / 75°f on average in October. It gets a fabulous 8 hours or so of sunshine every day and only a spattering of rain on the odd day. So no matter which of these wonderful Canary islands you choose it will be a lovely October holiday destination for lounging around in the sun on volcanic beaches, safe in the knowledge that you are very likely to be enjoying much warmer weather than back home! Gran Canaria Holiday Reviews >  Best Canary Island to Visit >

    More European Destinations >

    If you've never been on a cruise before or never even considered it then now is the time to think about a cruise around the sun drenched Canary Islands! The benefits? You'll get to visit more than one of the Canaries and be taken to some of the very best places to go, with the incredible views of the islands from a stunning vantage point. Enjoy the ship itself and all the luxury and excitement that comes with embarking on a cruise. It's seriously romantic for couples, fun for families and great value for money.



    Pretty beach lined Portugal will be a fairly warm place to go in October, you can expect temperatures to be around the 24°c / 75°f mark, and often higher. It will cool off in the last few days of the month but only by a few degrees. Portugal really is one of those sunny destinations with most rainfall in November and March.  It's huge and sprawling coastline means you have more than enough choices for your holiday, with the Algarve still remaining the most popular by far with it's wide golden beaches and great restaurants and night life. Or if you are looking for a little city and beach adventure head to the capital, Lisbon where you can enjoy the best of both worlds as the beaches and other great tourist hot spots are all within a short hop and inexpensive train ride from the centre. Portugal Reviews >


    Greek Islands

    The gorgeous greek islands enjoy temperatures in the early 20's in October with some rainfall now and then, meaning you can bet on enjoying plenty of sunshine but not the uncomfortable heat of a Greek summer.  The average high on the islands in October are 23°c / 73°f but can get warmer, and with an average of only 5 cms rainfall its nothing much to worry about. Some of the most popular islands are Corfu, Rhodes, Santorini, Crete, Zante, Kos, Mykonos and Zakynthos just to name a few. Enjoy the glorious calm waters of the mediterannean and explore the very different personalities of the Greek islands. Greece Holiday Reviews > Greek Travel Advice >

    More European Destinations >


    The Island of Cyprus is still hot in October with an average high of 27°c / 81°f in October. Yes there is a few days that will have a shower or two, but this dry island in the Mediterranean is not likely to get rained out, and with warm sea temperatures you will still be bobbing around in the turquoise waters and enjoying the sunshine in Cyprus.  It will cool off nicely in the evenings which makes a refreshing change form the stifling tempratures and humidity in the summer months. Cyprus Holiday Reviews >

    More European Destinations >


    Malta in October is a great option, especially if you have a limited budget as there some truly great deals this month. It's going to be up to 24°c / 75°f in the middle of the month, and even when the heat tails off at the end of October the days are still sunny with very minimal rain. A beautiful little island to explore, and a good alternative to the Canary Islands. Malta Reviews >



    October in Turkey is a mild sunny average 22°c / 72°f but has highs of 27°c / 81°f at the beginning of the month and gradually falls throughout the month. Perfect for Autumn sunshine in the daytime - just getting colder in the evenings. Resorts are quieter and there's some top holiday deals to be grabbed for the beach resorts. Instanbul is an ideal destination if this is somehwere you've always wanted to visit, and although this is an incredibly popular destination it will still be quieting down a little bit making the markets and bazaars a little easier to get around with the buzzing throngs thinning to a maneagable level. Don't forget this year you'll need a visa to enter Turkey, it's very simple so don't let that put you off see Turkey Visa for more info. Turkey Reviews >

    Majorca - Spain

    Majorca starts out in October around a hot 25°c / 77°f and ends the month cooling off around  20°c / 68°f. Perfect for a long weekend, or even a last beach week in the Balearics late summer sunshine early on in the month, you could get a few overcast drizzly days similar to perhaps May and when the skies are clear you'll get over 10 hours of sunshine a day. So of course this isn't the peak of summer, but a nice sunny option for October and usually some great deals at this time of year. A reall good family destination.


    It's warm to visit Madeira in October, likely around 24°c / 75°f and sunny. It's one of those holiday destinations where the weather temperatures remain within a fairly constant bracket all year round due to its location, not too hot and not too cold. And with such a dependable mild climate it has become really popular recently especially in spring and autumn. It's the new 'in' holiday destination as travellers search for new, interesting and warm places to go in October. It has a beautiful choice of hotels, aim to choose one with a heated pool because although it's waters are crystal clear they are on the chilly side. Porto Santo is famous for its sprawling sandy beach, but this is one of those places where the beach isn't always the first place to flock to due to such a backdrop of beauty and nature.




    Reykjavik, Iceland

    If sunshine is not what you are chasing but an adventure is on your mind then head out to Reykjavik the capital of Iceland, from October to March you will be able to see some of the very best of the Northern Lights. With plenty of other things to do in this exciting city from the geo-thermal spa's to the modern and chic bars theres something for everyone here.

    Best Mediterranean Cruises in October?

    Thinking of taking a Mediterranean cruise in October? You can cruise the mediterranean any time of year, look out for hot cruise destinations in the western med such as the Canaries and Madeira cruise routes in October, and the Eastern Mediterranean is still nice and hot in October for an exciting cruise this month.

    Luxury Holidays



    North Africa



    Cape Verde

    If you are looking for an inspired destination which is hot in October, yet outside of the hurricane and monsoon seasons then look no further - Cape Verde has winter sunshine aplenty and is fast becoming the next big winter sun destination. It's still fairly un-developed, with a several new and modern hotels and few more excellent resorts being built as we speak, but the tourists are beginning to pick up on this hot spot; so be one of the first before it becomes the new Canary Islands! It's quiet with blue skies and masses of sandy beaches, so it's all about relaxation here rather than partying ... for now. So prepare yourself for a restful vacation under the sun of 30°c / 86°f in October. A fantastic alternative to Egypt if you are looking for somewhere new to experience.


    It's probably the last month of the year when it's really hot in Morocco, there's still plenty of sunshine in November but if you are looking for hot destinations and beaches it's likely to be about 27°c / 81°f down on the sandy shores of Agadir or Essaouira for example. It's got a touch of exotic and definitely an ambience of the mystique with it's traditional snake charmers, busy souks, wonderful smells coming from the markets and colourful and intricate decoration everywhere whether it be your hotel room or the mosques and buildings that surround you. It's truly beautiful and if you are near Marrakech and get to see the snowcapped Atlas mountains while you relax with mint tea you'll realise this is what a holiday is all about. See our travellers Morocco Reviews >

    All Year round?

    Go for a river cruise! There's always somewhere in the world with a River Cruise offering sunshine and adventure, from the mystical Far East, to the jungles of the Amazon, wine tasting on the Rhine, or the magical Pyramids of Luxor. If you want to get away in October search our recommended River Cruises.





    Barbados is a rather good idea for a Caribbean beach holiday in October, as it's a very low risk location for a hurricane. It sits further east than the other islands and hurricanes tend to miss this island, it's very rare to get a hurricane here. So just make sure you are insured and the worst you are likely to get is a few heavy downpours from time to time, but they pass quickly and everything is dry again just as quickly as the rain appeared. It's probably going to be 30°c / 86°f just perfect for enjoying those heavenly white beaches and snorkelling around in the crystal clear sea. Barbados Reviews >

    Dominican Republic

    The Dominican Republic in October is hot and humid, and averages 31°c / 88°f. Officially October is still in the wet season and the hurricane season, but by now rainfall has slowed right down to hot afternoon showers or rainfall in the night. The biggest risk of hurricanes comes in August and September, so the risk is low this month but by booking with a reputable company and having travel insurance it means that if the unlikely case of a hurricane hitting, you'll be protected. And the best bit is that it will be a little bit quieter, beaches less busy and hotels a bit cheaper so overall it's not a bad choice at all. You'll be getting guaranteed sunshine and enjoying the idyllic beaches of resorts such as Punta Cana as well as delicious Dominican Republic cuisine - a delightful mix of Spanish and African influenced dishes. Dom Rep Reviews >


    Aruba is outside of the hurricane belt all year round! So if you have any worries about the Caribbean in October then this is a fantastic choice.  Aruba will be at it's peak heat around 31°c / 88°f and often hotter in October.  The reason we don't hear about it as much as the other typical Caribbean holiday destinations is because it's just that little bit further to fly as it lies more south in the Caribbean.


    In October it's gloriously warm in Mexico, but remember it's still hurricane season. However, the risk is fairly low, so not only do you benefit from sizzling sunshine but it's often a little less crowded. if you are booking a last minute holiday to Mexico this is a great destination as you will more than likely know what's on the weather forecast. If you are booking further in advance and won't be able to predict the weather, there's a low risk of a hurricane but even so it might be a good idea to check to see if your Travel Insurance covers hurricanes as they are more prevalent in August and October.  Depending on where exactly you are going in Mexico the average temperature will be around 30°c / 88°f along the beaches. You may get a sprinkling of rain during this month, but like the Caribbean Islands it is generally just tropical bursts during the afternoon freshening up the evening air in this top holiday destination. Mexico Holiday Reviews >     More Caribbean Destinations >

    Caribbean Cruises

    It's the ideal hot place to go in October and even better you get to go all over the Caribbean! A Cruise is the perfect way to see more than just one of these palm fringed isles and try out lots of different beaches. Even better, in October as it's only just coming to the end of the storm season, by taking a cruise you've covered your bases in as much as your captain will steer safely away from any hurricanes in the vicinity meaning you won't miss out on any sunshine. It's still likely to be over 30°c / 88°f with the usual mid afternoon or night time showers, but overall the weather will be pretty wonderful. Enjoy the ever changing extra special vistas from the comfort of your ship, and if you've got little ones many vessels are well set up to keep the kids entertained all day if lying around on a lounger is not their priority.

    St Lucia

    Heavenly St Lucia in October is definitely a hot holiday destination! A scorching 31°c / 88°f is an average high in paradise St Lucia, so if you are looking for sunshine in October you are going to get it here.  There's a reason that St Lucia is one of the most popular Caribbean islands, and it's main draw is its powder white beaches. Add some of the best beaches in the Caribbean to its warm bath-like turqouise waters that surround the island and you can see why many go back time and again.  It's beautiful volcanic mountains make a rich ground for tropical plants and beautiful birdlife, which also benefit from the tropical downpours which you'll find happen from time to time throughout October. The downpours never last long and are refreshing after that heat! It's just coming towards the end of the hurricane season, so chances of a storm are fairly low but if you want to be on the safe side, book a package rather than flights and hotel separately so that your tour operator can offer you flexibility just in case. St Lucia Holiday Reviews >  More Caribbean Destinations >

    Tobago Reviews >

    Tobago is one of those litle gems that's perfect to visit all year round and one of the best places in the Caribbean for a holiday in October being that it sits outside the Hurricane belt. So this is one Caribbean destination that you know you can relax and unwind and book confidently. There will still be some rain showers, but we are talking about the quick downpours that leaves you with no excuse but to take a snooze and come back out as the rain evaporates off the ground and you can get back to enjoying the sunshine. Expect it to be roughly a scorching 32°c / 90°f.


    A Caribbean Cruise in October?

    If you are looking for the best places to go in October and you think the Caribbean is the place to go, why not go for a cruise this time? This way you'll get the options to visit plenty of Caribbean islands on your permanently floating hotel not to mention that October means cheap deals for this destination! We've got some great recommendations for an October Cruise.

    Check out the National Hurricane Center website for Hurricane updates.

    Far East



    Cambodia in October is warm and sunny and a perfect time to visit as it's the start of the dry season, it's also a comfortable and bearable heat of 31°c / 88°f.  If you are looking for a hot destination in October that can offer you beaches, swimming, relaxation and then the opportunity for a bit of sightseeing, culture and delicious food then this will make the perfect holiday destination for you. It's definitely on the tourist map but not quite as overrun with tourists as some parts of Thailand might be nowadays. Enjoy the beauty of the temples, the buzz of the cities and and the rich green jungle surroundings. A typical holiday in Cambodia can include a visit to the old city of Siem Reap, the temples of Angkor Wat, the capital of Phnom Penh and then to the paradise coast. Cambodia Reviews > 


    China is vast and so weather across this large country is entirely variable dependant on where you go, however China tends to have mild temperatures across the country in October and fairly limited rainfall on the whole with low humidity. Shanghai can be incredibly hot and humid for a summer visit so going in October can be much more agreeable, however along with more reasonable temperature comes the risk of an occasional Typhoon. The October average in Shanghai is  22°c / 72°f. Beijing, in the north-east is a lot cooler but also a lot less humid averaging 13°c / 55°f with only a small amount of rainfall and a great place to get to The Great Wall of China. And Macau in the south, not far from Hong Kong, is a wonderful place to visit in October with cool and clear days.  Its the very tail end of the rainy season so from mid October is generally good and Tyhoons are rare after tailing off at the end of September; warmer down south the average highs in Macau in October are 27°c / 81°fChina Holiday Reviews >    More Asia Destinations >

    Bali - Indonesia

    It's the last month of the dry season in Indonesia in October. So if you are looking for tropical sunshine, paradise beaches, a land of tradition and culture, volcanoes and mountains, jungle and warm tropical seas then Indonesia has it all with Bali being one of the best islands to encompass everything.  In the past in may have always been on the backpackers trail, but nowadays with great flight options holiday makers are going the extra miles to explore these holiday islands. You'll find everything from luxury resorts, to yoga retreats to simple beach bungalows. If you have the option of air conditioning rather than a fan in your room then we advise that you take it even if it costs a little extra as it will probably be 32°c / 91°f. Indonesia Reviews >



    Beautiful Vietnam is wonderfully hot in October, around 27°c / 81°f it's a fascinating and exciting country that you can simply enjoy a week or two of sunshine and beaches, or a mix of beaches and ancient cities or for the lucky few several months exploring the wonders of Vietnam. With a long coastline North to South, Vietnam crosses through several weather patterns due to it's size. In October the best places to Visit are in the North or South of Vietnam. Central Vietnam will be getting a fair amount of rain at this point, and while it's not constant and you can have a fantastic holiday with just a few days of rain, you may want to avoid the central band and it's wet season.  If you are looking for a more remote and exotic holiday experience head out to the islands off the south of Vietnam  such as Phu Quoc or a little Luxury in Con Dao. Vietnam Reviews >


    Head to Thailand at the end of October for your best chance to avoid any rain, but it will be hot around 31°c / 88°f if not a bit humid. Most people fly into Bangkok before heading else where such as the beaches. You'll get better deals in October than the next month and it will be a little quieter. If you are looking for a hotel in Bangkok where all the action is, head to Khao San Road and search for Buddy Lodge for a great hotel. Thailand Reviews >  Flights to Thailand >






    Beautiful California has so much to offer, and it's mainly warm with blue skies in October. Obviously temperatures will vary greatly depending whether you are in the mountains or desert, in Northern or Southern Califiornia. Los Angeles weather in October for example wiil generally be in the 70's averaging 24°c / 75°f, with hardly any rain and plenty of sunshine. San Francisco tends to get a little more rain, but it's a great time to visit San Francisco as there is very little fog and plenty of sun. San Diego starts to get cooler in October but with the average high being 24°c / 75°f it's not exactly cold. The weather is never wholly predictable but generally you can depend on plenty of sunshine throughout October in California.  Visit Northern California to see some of the largest trees on Earth in Sequoia National Park. Taste the wines of The Napa Valley. Watch the whales in Santa Barbara. Dine out and shop in Santa Monica. Head for the beaches of southern California... the choices are endless. California Holiday Reviews >    California Hotel Prices >     More USA Destinations >

    Las Vegas Nevada

    Nevada is an incredible State in West of the USA bordering California and Arizona, and of course it's best known city Las Vegas is the star attraction with millions of visitors every year. Great to visit all year round but particularly good in October as the peak temperatures of the desert are falling to a comfortable average of 27°c / 81°f. The one thing it doesn't have is the ocean, but most hotels have enormous pools some even have beaches! Just be aware that many hotels in Las Vegas charge a resort fee on top of your hotel stay at the end of your visit, even if you've paid your hotel up front before you go. Everything else other than the sea, it does have, and even if the casino's are not your main attraction the fun buzz of the strip, great shopping, exciting excusions and some of the worlds most beautiful natural wonders are close by to visit. 

    Search for LAS VEGAS FLIGHTS >


    Indian Ocean



    Mauritius in October is just coming out of their 'winter' and into the warmer season, which means it's beginning to heat up nicely and unlike the hottest summer months of January to April, there is much less rain - not that there's ever much rain! But being a tropical island with a micro climate there can be large tropical bursts of rain from time to time. Happily October in Mauritius is also outside of the typhoon/cyclone season. It will likely be around 26°c / 79°f as an average on this lush green Indian Ocean Island. Enjoy delicious local cuisine, take a trip to some of the pretty little villages and just lie back in the sunshine and relax on soft pale yellow sands. Mauritius Holiday Reviews >  Indian Ocean Destinations > 


    The Maldives in October are baking in 31°c / 88°f heat and although it's considered the low season now due to a few cloudy days and the odd thunderstorm it certainly shouldn't put you off going. You'll benefit from the best rates in this luxury holiday destination, less people and a fantastic time of year for diving, snorkelling and generally enjoying the marine life in crystal clear water. It's known as a year-round destination and a good option for a winter holiday. So while October is cooling dramatically back home, in the Maldives it will be sizzling away in paradise surroundings interrupted perhaps by the buzz of tropical wildlife and the odd boat zipping by in search of glipses of the whales that the islands are fames for. Maldives Reviews >



    It's one of the best months to visit the north of India for some of the most enchanting sights in this beautiful country.  October in India means that the rains have gone, the temperatures are not at their peak which is great for seeing the sights such as the Taj Mahal in Agra. There is very low rainfall from October to March and the temperatures are pleasant in the day time, this month it will be around 30°c / 86°f. So escape the cool October days back home as the nights close in and head to the hustle and bustle for some serious excitement and sunshine. How about a more relaxing holiday in India? The rains are pretty much over now down on the beaches of Goa, so beach season kicks in again with sizzling temperatures 33°c / 92°f.  India Reviews >

    Indian Ocean Cruises


    Middle East



    Its a perfect month to visit Jordan in October, because the stifling summer temperatures will drop down to 26°c / 79°f in the middle of the month which makes it a great time for a holiday in Jordan. You don't have to be a seasoned traveller to visit, they know how to look after the tourists with some top class hotels and some of the most exciting sightseeing in the world. Ancient Roman sites, beautiful buildings, the fascinating rose coloured city of Petra, the mystical dead sea and world class diving opportunities.  CHEAP FLIGHTS TO JORDAN >



    Oman is a fairly new destination really, it's opened it's arms to tourists looking for some serious sunshine 33°c / 91°f in October and it specialises in luxury. It has some of the worlds most luxury hotels in the heart of it's famous capital city of Muscat. It can be expensive once you are there, probably London prices or similar to Dubai for meals out but without Dubai's tax saving shopping deals. That being said unlike the newly built Dubai you'll find a rich culture and it's historic and stunning buildings everywhere you turn. Soft beaches line the shores and there are plenty of watersports and out door activities and desert fun. The Gulf of Oman and Persion gulf have particularly clear waters and are well known for its pearl fishing, so if you are looking for a special souvenir you will find some well priced pearls fresh out of the sea. Oman Reviews >



    Dubai is the holiday destination to be at the moment, holiday makers have been flocking there for years but it certainly doesn't get boring and you can't run out of things to do. Great restaurants, amazing hotels, fantastic service, wonderful beaches and a skyline to rival the likes of Hong Kong and New York. The main draw is the year round heat, the sun will be shining in October and warming everything up to approximately 33°c / 91°f. October is a comfortable time of year to visit rather than the summer when it goes over 40 degrees and is too hot to enjoy being outside. Dubai Reviews >

    Ever thought of a Cruise in Dubai?  It's a popular All Inclusive choice for exploring the region.




    Best Places to go on Safari in October 

    If you are looking for hot places to go in October then why not opt for a safari? October is one of the best months to visit Africa for a safari, and for some of the worlds most beautiful beaches. See our ideas for good places to go in October:


    This incredibly beautiful south east African country remains one of the best safari destinations in the world, with generally the best months to go on safari between July and October, being the dry season.  As a landlocked country, you won't be able to combine a safari with the beach here, but you will be able to visit one of the most famous waterfalls in the world - Victoria Falls. However please be aware that in October the falls will be at just 20% of their usual water volume, so those wishing to visit the falls at its most spectacular time of the year should consider March and April after the rains to see it at its best. If you are aiming for wildlife and sunshine then October is certainly a good month for a holiday.


    October in Zambia is great for a Safari, with an incredible array of wildlife including the stunning elephants and impala. Bordering Zimbabwe it means you can visit the world famous Victoria Falls, but take note that in October the falls are not at their fullest following the dry season. The rains tend to come along in Mid November through to February here. The animals congregate around the sparce watering holes in October, meaning their prey is not far behind and making for tremendous viewing in this land of striking beauty. It can get very hot this month in the lower altitudes albeit cool at night.


    It's the dry season in October in Tanzania with the best months being between June to November,  and in particular February and March for the great migration. Tanzania is home to the stunning Serengeti and Ngorongoro parks, ideal to witness the migration of wildebeest . October is a reliable time to visit but also one of the busiest times of year to visit known for it's dependable classic safari's, so it's the month that you need to book well in advance for better prices and hotels.


    Kenya offers both safari and beach holidays and a wonderful combination of both. In October you'll likely be lucky enough to be able to witness the great migration of wildebeest prevalent between July and October. With zebras in great numbers followed by their biggest predator the Lion, Kenya offers a spectacular safari. Weatherwise it's low in rainfall this month and not at it's peak heat which makes for ideal viewing temperatures in comfortable humidity.


    More destinations for hot countries in October:  ARUBA >  SOUTH AFRICA>  TEXAS > 

    Holiday reviews for destinations HOT IN OCTOBER >

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