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    Where to Holiday in September


    There are plenty of hot holiday destinations to visit in September, the summer holiday season is just winding down, which is ideal as high seasons will often be more expensive and more crowded. So the destinations below are recommendations that Where to Holiday think are some of the best places to go in September with sizzling sunshine and minimal rain to offer you the best possible September holiday choices. You may choose to go somewhere different this year or looking into where's safe to go on holiday? We just might have a few options you havent considered before.  You will find travellers that have written about their experiences in all these destinaitons so click on the destination names and have a read. If a cruise in September is what you are looking for, head to the bottom of the page to find out some of the best cruise destinations to head to in September.

    If you are looking for places that are hot in September or simply interesting holiday destinations that are outside of the hurricane season, then we've put some of our top September holidays and recommendations below.


    Our Top September Recommended Destinations ...




    It's likely to be a lovely hot place to go in September at around 27°c / 81°f in Malta.  And you will get some incredible last minute deals here, mainly due to the fact that the island isn't known for it's huge beaches, but it does have a stunning coastline where boat trips and the buzz of snorkelling and diving are still in full flow.  The hotels have plenty of pool options, so all you need to do is get out here to the excellently priced sunshine and enjoy the pretty culture, food and atmosphere for a top September sun destination. Malta Reviews >

    Gran Canaria - Canary Islands

    Gran Canaria in September is hot! Due to it's location it tends to remain hot all year round, and in September it's 27°c / 81°f and often higher. Definitely a favourite island to visit of all the Canaries, it has fantastic beaches, great party areas, every type of hotel imaginable and very family friendly. You'll also find some serious luxury for that ideal couples week in the sun, and some amazing holiday deals will make it hard for you not to come here, even if it's just for a long weekend in the sun! Canaries Reviews >

    Why not consider visiting more than one island in the Canaries? If you are finding it difficult to choose between these gloriously hot isles then a Cruise may just be the answer. No longer just for the retired or older generations, a cruise now offers some serious luxury; and being so up to date with technology and equipement cruising is a whole new holiday choice these days. Definitely worth trying out if not for the incredible views of the sea under the horizon, it's a fantastic opportunity to vist more than one place without the hard work of travelling inbetween. Inside cabins are the cheapest, and don't be put off by this as you may be bumped up to a window cabin closer the time if they don't sell all their cabins, and if not the majority of your time is spent outside your cabin so its a win win.


    Greek Islands

    We can't recommend Greece and the Greek Islands enough when it comes to European holidays in September. Weather wise it's still up there around 26°c / 79°f in September. With so many places to visit in Greece and great holiday deals at this time of year now that the kids back at school, the choices are almost infinite! If you've been before and are looking to try out new islands a little off the main tourist trail try Naxos or Paros in the Aegean sea surounded by little paradise islands such as Koufonisia which make for some great day trips. Probably up in the top islands to visit in Greece are stunning Santorini, Crete and Corfu as well as Skiathos and Rhodes. Even on well known party islands which tend to offer cheaper deals, you can avoid all the party mayhem if you stay out of town and enjoy a truly memorable Greek beach holiday. Greece Reviews > If you are worried by recent Euro problems in Greece see the latest Travel Advice for Greece >

    Majorca - Spain

    Staying nice and warm 26°c / 79°f in September , Majorca is one of those timeless destinations. You can go time and again and not get bored with so many resorts and beaches to choose from. Stunning coves in the east, astonishingly beautiful mountains in the west, long stretches of wide white sands in the north, and rich golden yellow beaches in the south. Combine this with marinas, great restaurants, a historic capital city and plenty of tasty little eateries as well as a few home comforts here and there, this will always be a good choice of holiday destination. Best Beaches in Majorca >  Majorca Reviews >


    Beautiful Malta is one of the best places to go in September! And a lovely 26°c / 79°f on average with very low rainfall on this arid island. Why go to Malta? Well if you are in Europe it's pretty much in the centre of the Mediterranean and very easy to get to, it's mild climate makes it a good choice and then add great beaches and then spectacular architecture to a unique culture and you have a well rounded holiday. Take boat trips out to little islands of Gozo and Comino, snorkle or dive in Maltas clear warm waters, enjoy a buzzing nightlife and there's also plenty to entertain the kids with fantastic waterparks and festivals. Malta Reviews >


    If sunshine and beach is simply all you are looking for as well as a cheap holiday then Turkey in September has all your bases covered! It will likely be around 31°c / 88°f this month, and having catered for tourists for ... well forever there are plenty of flights and every type of accommodation you could need. From self catering basic apartments near the beach to yoga and eco lodge holidays there really is everything you need here for a perfect place to go thats hot in September. The biggest holiday destinations are along the Mediterannean coast from Bodrum down to Antalya and down to Dalaman and everywhere inbetween. The currency is Turkish Lira but many places accept Euros, and it's easy to change your dollars and pounds when you are there. You may find using an ATM will get you a good conversion at a fixed rate by your bank if you are worried about being ripped off when exchanging your cash. Turkey Reviews >


    France - Cote d'Azur South of France

    France in September is simply glorious, the summers linger well into September and often into October.  There is so much to do on a holiday in France that we've had to limit September's recommendation to the South of France as this is where the temperatures really remain highest if you are looking for somewhere hot in September. The temperatures will often hover around 25°c / 77°f on the mediterranean coast, so you can definitely head for its wide long beaches. The main cities to fly into are Montpellier, Marseille and Nice, and if you have the time to make the drive along the coast and through Provence on your holiday, you'll find little gems along the way such as Sanary sur Mer. Most beaches are sand, but famously the beach at Nice is made up of large pebbles, this doesn't stop anyone sunbathing that's for sure and in fact it makes swimming in the sea there more crystal clear. The choice of hotels on the coast is overwhelming! But if you fancy a different kind of stay search just out of town for treehouse accommodation, converted barns or even a bit of glamping at reasonable prices and enjoy that special french feeling of wandering to your local patisserie for a pain au chocolat and follow the aroma of piping hot rich coffee.


    Its warm weather in England in September, but thats not to say the weather is guaranteed! If you visit England you'll find anything from 20°c - 30°c (68°f - 86°f), blue skies and sunshine, rainy days, cloudy days, windy days, it could be anything but the English look forward celebrating the long warm evenings outside before the Autumn really kicks in. Pub gardens are alive, the bbq's are still lit and Englands parks are buzzing with visitors. Most visited, London is more than just a busy capital, it has 8 huge green Royal Parks fantastic fun for all ages and especially families, see more information on the Royal Parks. Visit one of Englands National parks to enjoy the true beauty of Englands green countryside and wildlife, enjoy camping, hiking, sailing, kayaking, cycling and so much more. The coastlines are crammed with beaches and get incredibly busy on the weekend, so if you can avoid the weekend you'll enjoy wide sandy beaches, some great surf and traditional seaside food of fish and chips of course! Englands schools have usually all gone back to school by the 2nd week in September so attractions are a little less busier now, keep this in mind when booking your stay.

    Devon Hotels >  Cornwall Hotels >  London Hotels > Lake District Hotels >


    It's beautiful in September in Italy! It's still fairly busy of course but it's a warm and sunny 24°c / 75°f  on average across the country.  And if you head south around Capri and Sorrento it will be a few degrees higher.  If you have the opportunity to visit Italy a few times over the years then it's possibly worth not trying to cram all the sights in and visit too many cities, because each city is literally bursting to the seams with sights. You've got beaches, lakes, cities and iconic sights from Pisa to Pompeii. There's just too much to see. So narrow it down and head for just one of Italy's famed destinations if you are looking for a relaxing holiday rather than rushing around. Italy Reviews >


    It cools down to around 30°c / 86°f in Cyprus in September, so if you haven't had your summer holiday yet its a good place to go in September! The unbearable heat of the preceding months means it's just a little bit easier to sleep in the warm nights. Until recently the south of the island has been most popular but now the north of the island is really opening up to tourism and some true beauty spots are being uncovered. Wherever you choose you'll be surrounded by wonderful blonde sand beaches and sea which is that tropical light azure, a definite top attraction - unless the clubs are your top attraction of course! Cyprus knows how to lay on a party for its tourists so if this is for you then Ayia Napa is probably the most well known for nightlife. If you are looking to enjoy your days rather than sleep through them then one of the top historic attractions in the Kouirion Amphitheatre. Cypriot food is delicious, best for grilled fresh fish, meze style food and of course lamb moussaka. Cyprus is the 3rd largest island in the med 140 miles long by 60 miles wide, so take day trips or hire a car and enjoy everything Cyprus has to offer.


    Thinking of a holiday to Portugal in September? With around 600 miles of coastline on the Atlantic coast there are beaches galore to choose from and it's still beach weather in September with an average of 27°c / 81°f  The best known holiday beach destination is The Algarve, the region on the south coast of Portugal, however the Silver coast up above Lisbon, is quieter and becoming very popular with Tourists visiting Foz do Arelho, Nazare, Peniche and Ericeira. There are plenty of safe blue flag beaches with miles of soft pale yellow sands. You'll find fresh sardines on every local menu which come served straight from the grill or barbeque piled up high served with lemon and fresh bread and fries, and with a nice glass of local chilled Rose wine in the shade you can just imagine yourself relaxing by the sea.


    Spain Mainland



    Luxury Holidays



    Best Mediterranean Cruises in September?

    Thinking of taking a Mediterranean cruise in September? You can cruise the mediterranean any time of year, look out for hot cruise destinations in the western med such as the Canaries and Madeira cruise routes in September, and the Eastern Mediterranean is still sizzling hot in September for an exciting cruise this month.





    Holidays in Namibia are an experience of a lifetime, and of course if you are looking for a Safari in Namibia, September will be one of the best months to visit.  An average of 29°c / 84°f and the dry season, the game heads to the watering holes meaning September is one of the best months to view game. Being so dry it can get a little dusty and the nights can fall cold, but daytimes will be clear and sunny. Etosha National park is probably the best known and one of the largest parks where you will likely see Elephants, Cheetah and maybe even the rare Black Rhino. Namibia is situated on the south west coast of Africa and there are miles and miles of idyllic beaches on what was once known as the Skeleton coast and renouned for its shipwrecks, nowadays it's better known as a honeymoon destination. Reviews and Africa Destinations >

    Cape Verde

    It's really hot in September in Cape Verde, and while the Caribbean can be a bit of a trek in September, not to mention much of it is in Hurricane season right now - lovely Cape Verde reaches the same temperatures of 31°c / 88°f yet has no hurricane season to speak of. Located off the west coast of Africa an hour or so below the Canary Islands, it's a relatively new tourist destinaton and an ideal alternative to Egypt and Tunisia if you are looking for North African sunshine with a difference. It's definitely a quiet pace of life here, all about the pristine beaches and sunshine, so choose your hotel to be a lively one if you are looking for entertainment. Otherwise prepare yourself for calm serenity. It's still relatively un-developed so enjoy it while you can!




    If you want a hot country to visit in September then Morocco - depending on where you go of course - averages around 28°c / 83°f and a degree or two cooler down on the oceanfront. With an exotic ambience and warm sunny skies it's the perfect place for a beach or city holiday, and exploring pretty side steets with delicious street food. Morocco Reviews >



    All Year round?

    Go for a river cruise! There's always somewhere in the world with a River Cruise offering sunshine and adventure, from the mystical Far East, to the jungles of the Amazon, wine tasting on the Rhine, or the magical Pyramids of Luxor. If you want to get away in September search our recommended River Cruises.



    USA - Maine

    A holiday to Maine in September is a lovely month to visit, particularly early September when temperatures are stil lingering around 20°c / 68°f. And if you really want to get away to a USA destination and are mindful that it is indeed hurricane season in many of the east coast states including holiday favourite Florida, then Maine is a wonderful option as the chance of a hurricane here is very low albeit on the Atlantic coast.  Famed for it's seafood it's the lobster season in Maine in September and you'll be benefitting from it's delicious soft shelled lobster at this time of year! A real outdoors State it has thousands of miles of soft sandy beaches, stunning lakes, beautiful National Parks and a wealth of history and heritage to amuse you if camping, hiking, biking and bathing aren't for you. Fantastic shopping, quaint farmers markets and pretty fishing villages make Maine a place to really let your hair down for a stress free holiday and picture perfect photo opportunites. Hotel Deals in Maine >

    Alaska Cruises in September

    It's coming to the end of Alaska cruise season in September, one of the worlds most exciting cruise destinations! Combine it with San Fransisco for somewhere hot in September and you have a dream holiday. See our recommendations of Alaska cruises.

    USA - Nebraska

    Yes we know you weren't thinking of taking your next holidays in Nebraska! But you want to know where to go in September and Nebraska is an ideal destination this month! Well out of the way of hurricanes with a sunny 22°c / 72°f average, it's the land of cowboys and adventure, the real wild west with award winning tasty barbeque food, miles of prairies, rocky badlands and ranches. If you were looking for a holiday destination to unwind and forget about being busy then you'll find it here. It's biggest city Omaha has plenty of excitement to offer if the great outdoors is just a little too remote for you with great restaurants and wine bars as well as top tourist attractions such as the historic marketplace and Omaha Childrens Museum if you have the kids with you and you need to entertain them with some great interactive science and technology. Nebraska Hotel Deals > 

    USA - California

    California in September is absolutely lovely. With no hurricanes to worry about unlike the higher risk in Florida at this time of year, this breathtaking state of mountain, valley's desert and pacific coast beaches is the all round ideal state to visit in America, and for those missing out on the theme parks in Florida there are more than enough theme parks here to cater for the kids or the big kid in you. It's will be around 22°c / 72°f and a lot more comfotable than the previous months where the pavements are literally baking. With so much on offer here from the big cities to the wine region through to the lakes and to be honest simply just shopping  it's hard to know where to begin, but if you've come a long way to get here it may be worth doing a bit of a fly drive to make the most of it all. California Reviews > California Hotel Deals >

    USA - Nevada

    The temperatures in Nevada in September vary greatly depending on the location, but generally its cooler in the north of the state typically around the mid 20's/high 70's, but head south towards Las Vegas in September and it's still up there averaging a sizzling 33°c / 91°f. Bear in mind that Las Vegas is only 2 hours drive from the hottest place ever recorded on earth - Death Valley, just over the Caifornian border, and Vegas itself is in the middle of the dusty desert. Nevertheless, if Las Vegas is your base there is so much you can visit with a short trip in the car and thats besides good old Las Vegas itself. An hour or so's drive away is the fascinating Hoover Dam, and if you have more time the world Heritage site of The Grand Canyon National park is about 4 hours drive over the border in Arizona. Nevada's history was all about the gold rush in the wild west, a cowboy state; and it still produces the majority of the United States gold. So for a piece of Nevada history visit a real gold mine, El Dorado Canyon Mine is just an hour away from The Strip and you get to experience the mine both above and underground. Nevada Top Hotel Deals >





    Stunning Barbados swelters away in September with temperatures of 30°c / 86°f. This month is typically known as being hurricane season, however with the location of Barbados being so far East it tends to miss the hurricane path in general with hurricanes hitting being fairly rare. So the worst you are likely to contend with are a few thunderstorms now and then as there is more rainfall this season - a great opportunity to take advantage of your fabulous hotel room for more rest and relaxation or maybe to the bar! Either way it shouldnt really put you off going in September, there will be some great deals, and if you are smart you'll make sure your deal includes a hurricane policy for the worst case. Barbados Reviews >


    Mexico in September is hot and steamy, and because it's hurricane season it will be pretty cheap and less crowded.  If it's your honeymoon, maybe this isn't your best choice, because although the likelyhood of a hurricane coming your way on the week you choose to go is quite low - if it does happen it's not one you'll want to remember your honeymoon for!  For the rest of us as long as you know the risk - fairly low risk - that you may have to delay your holiday, or be flown back early, then it could be a risk worth taking as the likelyhood is that you'll have an amazing holiday with no problems and 30°c / 86°f of sunshine. Mexico has literally so much to offer, your holiday will be jam packed with things to do and you'll be wanting to go back again soon! Mexico Reviews >


    September is a great month to go away, so where is hot in September without the risks of hurricanes and Typhoons? Tobago of course, thankfully its outside of the hurricane belt in the Caribbean, so come over and enjoy some incredible beaches and topaz seas in September.  It is still the 'rainy' season, but we are talking about the Caribbean here, so when it's rainy season it typically means a few tropical thunderstorms and a few clouds. It will be a sizzling 32°c / 90°f on average.  Tobago Reviews >

    Caribbean Cruises

    Of course its hot in September in the Caribbean, this is definitely a year round destination! But as it heads towards the end of the stormy season you might find it's a better option to take a cruise in this world famous destination in September to be sure of the best weather - thats because in general if your itinerary takes you into an area where there is currently a storm, your captain will take a lovely detour to where the sun is still shining. On top of that, with the waters of the Caribbean possibly being one of the very best bits of this holiday destination, you'll be getting to gaze into those sparkling clear waters from the best vantage point every single day. You'll also get to enjoy several Caribbean islands instead of just the one, really making the most of the dreamy Caribbean.


    Another Caribbean gem which is outside the hurricane belt, Aruba lies more southerly and closer to the equator and happily misses out on hurricanes.  It could still have a little more sprinkling of rain at this time of year, but certainly nothing to worry about.  Overall you'll be getting glorious sunshine and typically 32°c / 90°f weather. Less travelled to generally as it takes an extra hour or so to get there, but it pays off with this delightful haven of peaceful beaches and resorts. 


    Check out the National Hurricane Center website for Hurricane updates.

    A Caribbean Cruise in September?

    Indian Ocean



    There are only two seasons in the Maldives and from May to November it's the low season where you'll get great deals, less people and ok you may get a few thunderstorms from time to time, but they pass quickly and are created by the high temperatures which bring with it some humidity at this time of the year. However, the odd shower won't be enough to put a dampener on your holiday as this is a very special holiday destination with some of the worlds most exotic beaches and best hotels. It will usually be 31°c / 88°f in September and with the weather cooling back home you can guarantee yourself a hot holiday destination in September. Maldives Reviews >


    Surprisingly September in Mauritius is probably one of the best times you can visit Mauritius. It's pretty great all year round, but in September it's wonderfully warm at 26°c / 79°f and hotter towards the end of the month yet it's still not too humid. So it may get a little busier between now and December, but as Europe cools down a bit you can be sure of guaranteed sunshine and paradise beaches. If for those of you that find relaxation on the sunny beaches in amazing hotels too boring theres endless activities and a tour of the island for a glimpse into the Mauritian multicultural heritage is a must do. Mauritius Reviews > 

    Best Indian Ocean Cruises in September?

    The Indian Ocean is one of those destinations that is perfect for a cruise all year round, and if you are looking to Cruise the Indian Ocean in September we have recommendations on some of the best cruise destinations in the Indian Ocean and more information on cruises in September.

    South America


    Ecuador - Highlands

    Ecuador in September is for those adventurous thrill seeking explorers out there, wishing to climb the immense summits of Ecuadors dormant Volcano's and experience nature like never before! While it's a year round destination, September holidays to Ecuador tend not to be the peak time to visit if you are looking for a beach and wildlife holiday, you'll find our best Ecuador beach visiting time under our March recommendations. This is because Ecuador has 2 distinct seasons and September falls into the dry season which is perfect for the highlands of this awe inspiring country. So while it will be warm sunny clear days around 27°c / 81°f it will of course be chilly at altitude if it's the mountains calling you for adventure here. However even when highlands are your aim, you'll get to enjoy delicious food, buzzing cities and a trip into the jungle shouldnt be missed.


    Far East



    September in Indonesia is the dry season and it's baking hot at 33°c / 91°f. Made up of thousands of Islands, Indonesia spreads across from the Indian Ocean into the Pacific Ocean and as much as it's capital city is an enthralling vibrant metropolis, many of us aim for idyllic paradise beaches. Bali is probably the best known destination for tourists with white powder sands, tropical blue sea and awesome views from the mountains. If you are looking for something even more remote, stop off in Bali then fly out to one of the many other islands Sumba, Lombok, Raja Ampat, Komodo Island - home of the Komodo Dragon itself. The stunning Gili Islands further east are an ideal honeymoon destination and there's so many more secret desert islands! Very well known for fantastic diving, Indonesia also offers some tasty dining - fragrant rices dishes, barbequed meats, delicious spices, coconut milk based sauces, and grilled fish and vegetables are staples. However each regions specialities vary between spicier dishes and sweeter dishes, be adventurous and enjoy the native specialities in this truly awe-inspiring destination. Asia Destinations >



    Far East Cruises


    Middle East



    Unbelievably it's still 37°c / 99°f in September, so although we recommend avoiding the hottest months of July and August, if you think you can handle this kind of heat then Dubai has some great prices for this time of year.  It's always a little pricier than luxury European destinations, but you most certainly get what you pay for here with incredibly glamourous hotels and restaurants, it will be a real treat. Dubai Reviews >

    Ever thought of a Cruise in Dubai?  It's a popular All Inclusive choice for exploring the region.


    September in Jordan is when the tourists come flocking back after avoiding the scorching high temperatures of summer in Jordan. The temperatures in September in Jordan hover around 33°c / 91°f this month so yes it's very hot but coming down from it's peak of 40°c in the preceding months. Visit the wonder of Petra discovered by tomb raiders just 200 years or so ago, enjoy some of the worlds finest diving, or discover the allure of the desert of Wadi Rum. Jordan Reviews >  



    Omans skyline of stunning ancient rooftops mingled with bright new luxury hotels makes for the perfect getaway if you are looking for an upmarket vacation and some winter sunshine. It will be often higher than in 34°c / 93°f September in Oman, ideal for a stroll on its soft sandy shores and clear nights for stargazing. It's not one of the cheapest holiday options but it's certainly a stunning holiday destination. Oman Reviews >



    Where else is it hot in September for a holiday?  FLORIDA, CROATIA, PANAMA  


    See some of our travellers reviews for where they have been on holiday in September>

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