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    Where to holiday in November

    There are plenty of holiday destinations in November with hours of winter sunshine, there is always somewhere in the world that can be found to escape the short dark evenings and be swapped for warm blue skies. Here's a few that Where to Holiday recommend for sunshine holidays in November. It's not always easy to make a decision for where to go on holiday, whether it be zika that worries us or safe places to go on holiday, especially with children - we have holiday ideas for November that you may not have considered before, or you could just be looking for somewhere new. If you've been somewhere hot in November that you would recommend add your travel review. If you are looking for the best November destinations for a cruise, go to the bottom of the page and follow the link to our best cruise destinations for November.


    Our top November recommended destinations ...




    Tenerife is known as a year round destination, and its winter sunshine draws travellers to its warm shores with an average daytime high of 25°c / 77°f. There is some rainfall across the month but not daily, not much and for the most part falls in the north, leaving much of the south in virtually continous sunshine. With the peak travel period being over, the resorts and bars are much quieter and overall less expensive for flights and accommodation.  So you get to enjoy the heat without the sweltering humidity, and the sea is still fairly warm. As with most winter destinations the nights here will cool off, so you can sleep without the typical sweltering Tenerife heat. Tenerife Reviews >  Best Canary Island to Visit >  More European Destinations >



    The arid and sunny island of Cyprus in November starts out around 26°c / 79°f  and ends up averaging about 22°c / 72°f across the month. If you are looking for Mediterranenan sunshine in November this is your best bet. The winter season starts around the middle of November and by that it means that there could be an occasional rainy day, apparently 4 days rain throughout the month of November on average. You are likely to see plenty of fresh warm sunny days and a wonderful escape to enjoy some incredible sunsets, cuisine, top hotels and plenty of relaxation. Cyprus Reviews >

    More European Destinations >


    Its around 20°c / 68°f and sometimes higher, you'll be visiting Madeira in November for its sunny days and outdoor life style, and although it's not sizzling hot, it's a wonderful climate to really enjoy some winter sun when back home ice is forming. Enjoy it's charming old town, it's stunning plant life and beautiful panoramic views across the sparkling sea. Choose a good hotel with great outdoor areas as Madeira isn't known for it's beach life. It's known for great eating, drinking, wildlife and relaxation as well as year round moderate temperatures and very little rain.

    You'll sometimes find that Madeira is included in Cruise Itineraries to the Canary Islands, so if you've never considered Madeira before or are just not sure, then a taster of Madeira on a cruise is an ideal way to see some of it's best bits and then continue onwards to the more southerly isles of the Canaries. You'll be getting some stunning sea views, delightful dining and some great entertainment on your travels between the islands as well as some really good winter sunshine deals when booking in advance.


    Reyjavik, Iceland

    It may not be hot in November but it's certainly a fantastic place for a holiday. It's a perfect month to see the famous Northern Lights, as the nights are clear and dark now which is ideal for viewing this spectacular light show. You could even stay in an Ice hotel if you are brave enough, and if not, head to the famous blue lagoon for a steaming dip in the geo-thermal waters.

    Best Mediterranean Cruises in November?

    Thinking of taking a Mediterranean cruise in November? You can cruise the mediterranean any time of year, but look out especially for hot cruise destinations in the western med such as the Canaries and Madeira cruise routes in November, these are warm destinations all year round. The further east in the Mediterranean you head, the warmer it will be. It is still warm towards Cyprus and Turkey and southern Greek Islands for an exciting cruise this month.


    North Africa 


    Cape Verde

    The newest winter sun destination for hot places for a holiday in November is here! And it's the beautiful Islands of Cape Verde! Located south of the Canaries off the west coast of Africa it benefits from year round sunshine just like the Canary Islands, if not just a little hotter in November averaging 28°c / 83°f of warm sun to laze around on it's pristine white sandy beaches. And although it's not as lively as the Canaries, if you are looking for a hot country in November for sheer relaxation and sun then this it it. It's fast being developed, so visit now while it remains un-spoiled and escape the gloomy winter evenings back home.





    It will be nice and hot in Cuba in November, and even better the prices will be nice and low as it's outside of peak season which kicks off in December. Expect it to be around 28°c / 82°f in this year round sunshine destination. It's coming out of hurricane season here so the risk is very low and just coming into the dry season, so the most rain you can expect is a few warm showers from time to time. November is also a good month to visit Cuba because humidy is much lower now compared with stifling heat and humidity in the summer when you barely want to leave your air conditioned room! There are some truly unique things to do in Cuba, one of them none other than the magical city of Havana, the waft of cigars, the whirr of fans, the colourful old colonial buildings and of course those famous cars, so if your cuba beach holiday can include a daytrip to Havana, book it in advance as it tends to get busy when you are there and flight seats are limited. With white beaches and literally crystal clear water mixed with a fascinating culture, Cuba is one of those holidays you will never forget. Cuba Holiday Reviews >  More Caribbean Destinations >


    November is a very good month to visit Barbados because it's just outside peak season which begins in December but the temperature is about the same, you just may have a couple more afternoon tropical showers than the following month, cooling off the hot sands but heating right back up again afterwards. It's the tail end of the hurricane season so a very low chance of a hurricane and Barbados is lucky enough to enjoy year round warm temperatures with November being around  29°c / 84°f. The sea will still be beautifully warm for snorkelling those crystal waters. Miles of green sugar cane fields, colouful tropical flowers with a sweet aroma in the evening air give this island an exotic and magical ambience which will make you want to keep coming back! Barbados Reviews > Caribbean Destinations >

    Caribbean Cruises

    If you've been searching for somewhere warm to go in November then heading out to the Caribbean will not disappoint. In many areas of the Caribbean its the end of the stormy season so your itinerary will take you to some of the best places to go in November. If you tend to get a little bored of your hotel and beach by the end of the week then going for a cruise is ideal, every day is a different perspective on the Caribbean, a different taste of the culture, a different vista and a great opportunity to try out a new beach and take a dip somewhere new. You can expect a few downpours which never last long and you can also expect some serious sunshine!

    Dominican Republic

    Fancy a hot holiday in November in the charming Dominican Republic? In November it will be a scorching 30°c / 86°f and coming to the end of the hurricane season, and while the risk of a hurricane is fairly low you will get the odd afternoon rain storm which is over almost as quickly as it began. Punta Cana is known as one of the best areas for a bit of luxury and lots of all inclusive resorts and incredible beaches. Step outside of the world of resorts and head for the capital if you are looking for a bit more exploration and culture in Santa Domingo. Puerto Plata in the North is also a fantastic holiday area with paradise beaches and a great spot for Whale watching. Anywhere you go in the Dominican Republic will leave you with blissful memories and more often than not you'll be heading back there again! Dom Rep Reviews >


    Delightful Jamaica, still one of the most visited islands in the Caribbean and a solid choice for a November holiday. With some great all inclusive resorts lining the white beach coastline you'll have everything you need right there, 30°c / 86°f sun in November, warm caribbean sea for cooling off in, snorkelling and taking a catamaran trip. If you just can't relax and indulge for too long then Jamaica probably has more activities than any other island, but be warned excursions can be a little pricey and aren't going to be any cheaper when you get there so if you have the option to book them as part of your package then this may be the best way. The land of Bob Marley, you'll hear his reggae beats ringing out across the island wherever you go! Visit his home, climb Dunns River waterfall, try out zip wires through the treetops, tobogan runs and so much more. Jamaica Reviews > 


    The East coast of Mexico from Cancun southwards is on the Caribbean Sea, and many head here to enjoy the year round sun, long white sandy stretches and some of the best all inclusive resorts in the world. Diving here is magnificent and has underwater rivers and caverns to make for some seriously exciting underwater exploration. With the ancient remains of Mayan civilisation still dominating the heritage around this area you can take some wonderful expeditions if lounging around on the beach in 29°c / 84°f is too laid back for you. Mexico Reviews >

    St Lucia

    The small Caribbean island of St Lucia will be around and a haven of relaxation. It's an ancient volcanic island and you'll find hot springs, bubbling mud pools, rain forest, white powder sand coves and perhaps most imprtantly when you are looking for a winter holiday 30°c / 86°f of sunshine to brighten your winter. With it's own unique ambience, welcoming locals and tasty creole inspired cuisine, there's not much to not like about this special island. St Lucia Reviews >


    It's only a little island but Tobago has absolutely everything to offer you for a top November holiday destination. From settled and stable hot weather all year round in a sheltered pocket of the Caribbean, it has fabulous beaches, romantic accommodation, soft green waters teeming with turtles and tropical fish and some great dining options. It has it's own distinct culture compared to it's noisier big sister island Trinidad nearby, which incidentally is easy to visit, and worth that slightly longer flight for this special holiday island.


    A Caribbean Cruise in November?

    We've got some great recommendations for things to do on a November cruise.

    Check out the National Hurricane Center website for Hurricane updates.

    Luxury Holidays

    All Year round?

    Go for a river cruise! There's always somewhere in the world with a River Cruise offering sunshine and adventure, from the mystical Far East, to the jungles of the Amazon, wine tasting on the Rhine, or the magical Pyramids of Luxor. If you want to get away in November search our recommended River Cruises.


    Far East 



    South Vietnam is great weather in November after many months or rainfall in the monsoon season. Vietnam has a curious weather system due to it's length and there seem to be 3 separate weather systems, so while central Vietnam is likely to receive a lot of rain, you'll be able to enjoy a wonderful beach holiday in the many resorts of the south. The south of Vietnam tends to always be hotter than the rest of the country and will likely be around 32°c / 90°f with the odd tropical short thunderstom from time to time. Vietnam offers everything from beach huts at great rates to opulent hotels, and you can be certain of some delicious food while you are there. See where our travellers went in our Vietnam reviews >


    Indonesia in November is actually considered rainy season, however its typically fine to visit during this time of year as most of the day will be sunny with blue skies and there will be some rain towards the end of the day or you'll have a shower now and then...which means its an opportune time to take advantage of slightly lower humidity, less travellers than peak season and an average of 27°c / 81°f across the islands of Indonesia. Some of the most popular Indonesian holiday destinations are of course Bali, buzzing Jakarta as well as the idylic Gili Islands. As Indonesia is spread over a large area weather can really vary, on the whole Indonesia is still a fantastic place to visit in November so don't let the words 'rainy season' put you off! Asia Destinations >



    Thailand is one of the worlds favourite holiday destinations, and there are just so many reasons to recommend it. It's likely to be around 31°c / 88°f. Most of the time if you are taking a holiday in Thailand you'll fly into Bangkok, so don't head straight down to the beaches yet try to take a few days out to wander this city of delights - temples, street food, shopping, tuk tuks, river buses, markets - the list is endless. Thai Airways offers some great internal flights. Next if you are heading down to the islands it won't matter which one, the sea is a perfect tuquoise, the beaches are soft and the hospitality is excellent. To find out where our travellers recommend visiting in Thailand see our Thailand Holiday Reviews >  







    Even this late into the year you can still expect sunshine in Florida, and a warm 24°c / 75°f. There's not much rain in November and you are well outside the hurricane season so it is quite a good time to visit. Of course it's not the hottest time of the year but for a November destination in the USA then Florida really is one of your best bets. It's not all about Disneyland in Florida, Miami has some fanatstic beaches and further south the Florida Keys make for an exciting road trip across it's many bridges, upmarket little towns and a slightly Caribbeanesque feel to this gathering of islands. Visit the everglades, the Space Station, enjoy the Malls and the holiday glitz this month.


    India and Indian Ocean 



    India's revered Golden triangle is perfect in November. It's heading into winter, but not winter as perhaps we would know it. It's likely to be around 28°c / 82°fso it's wonderfully warm with clear skies and you can expect very little rain, this is the dry season and Monsoon is well and truly over. Even better, it's out of the peak season so the tourist trail on this inspirational tour isn't busy and you'll be able to get around with less crowds and some great deals. If you are new to the idea of India as a holiday destination then the well known Golden Triangle includes Delhi, Agra and Jaipur. You'll find one of the biggest tourist attractions in the entire world in Agra - The majestic Taj Mahal. With so much to be seen and sidetracked by in this tourist haven it's worthwhile booking a package holiday specifically set up for the sights so that you don't miss the important bits! If you are not looking for culture and just want sunshine and sand then Indias incredible beaches of Goa are perfect to visit in November. The extreme heat and humidity has cooled down to perfect warm temperatures of around 30°c / 86°f. You are just about avoiding the peak Goa tourist season over the new year which means it's that bit less expensive and less crowded, although still lively with more than just beaches to entertain you. The cutural attractions are plentiful and varied as well as fantastic culinary options. India Reviews >  More Indian Ocean Destinations >

    The Maldives

    Scattered in the Indian Ocean are the many islands of the Maldives, some of the most beautiful and easily accessible dream holiday islands in the world. The Maldives in November isn't their peak season, so you'll benefit from some great Maldives holiday deals. It will be a bit more humid at this time of the year due to a bit of cloud cover, but it is still considered the dry season even though you will experience the occasional bursts of rain; particularly refreshing when it's humid this month. But November is also one of the very best months for snorkelling and diving with the water being particularly clear to see some of the most colourful marinelife you'll ever come across. If you've always dreamed of visiting the Maldives then escape from the dark winter nights to the sunshine and heat of 30°c / 86°f.



    You'll find it dry, hot and sunny if you are thinking of a holiday in Mauritius in November. It's definitely one of the best months to visit Mauritius if you are looking for winter sunshine, because from mid-December until April it rains a little more and being tropical can get some heavy storms throughout these months. The dry season is from May to November and it will reach an average 28°c / 82°f and will be a lot less humid than the wetter summer months. Great hotels, picture perfect beaches and the warm Indian Ocean make it an ideal holiday destination and one for the travel bucket-list for sure. Mauritius Reviews >


    Middle East 



    It's still sizzling upto 30°c / 86°f in Dubai in November, but if this is still too hot for you try December instead where it drops off considerably to the mid 20's. However if you are looking for that scorching sunshine the November in Dubai is a great choice. There is an average of a couple of centimetres of rain in November which is insignificant and won't be affecting you getting that deep tan and enjoying the sun. With so much to do in Dubai it's an all round holiday destination which includes beach, city and culture all in one place. Dubai Holiday Reviews >  Asia Destinations >

    Ever thought of a Cruise in Dubai?  It's a popular All Inclusive choice for exploring the region.


    If you are looking for a hot country to visit in November, then you won't go wrong with Oman. November is the beginning of the holiday season in Oman, mainly because it has cooled down to a reasonable 28°c / 82°f and is the dry season. So not only will you be getting away from chilly days and dark nights in November, you'll be stepping into a stunning Arabian holiday destination which is just beginning to hit the tourist trail. Head to it's dazzling capital Muscat, out to the desert for miles of rich yellow sandunes and incredible star gazing, beautiful beaches along the gulf of Oman and plenty of luxury hotel options at reasonable prices.



    Around an average of 20°c / 68°f and higher in the first half of the month, Jordan in November is a great time to visit. There is very little rain, over 10 hours of sunshine and is a comfortable temperature now for all those amazing sightseeing trips you are going to want to take. Of course enchanting Petra is on most peoples to do list, the bouyant Dead Sea, intriguing sights in Amman and diving in the Red Sea just a few of the main attractions. There is so much to do and see here, as well as enjoying the top hotels Jordan now has to offer, if you've never considered Jordan before this is an exciting country for a holiday and sunshine in November before it cools down next month.  



    Central America


    Costa Rica

    From Mid-November in Costa Rica the dry season kicks in and the visitors start flooding in to experience this beautiful country of mountains, beaches, rainforest, volcanoes and the natural spas of bubbling and steaming hot water mineral pools and mud baths. Being the dry season the temperature drops down a little from the steamy hot temperatures of the wet season to a comfortable 25°c / 77°f which is the perfect temperature for sightseeing, trekking through the jungle and of course relaxing on the beach.


    It's the end of the wet season in November, wet season being from March to November, but November is a changeover month and typically there will be a tropical downpour in the afternoons and is still a fantastic time to visit.  It's around 30°c / 86°f in November, and being such a beautiful country carpeted in stunning flowers and tropical plants and exotic species, the rains of the previous months have brought out it's raw natural beauty and stunning colours everywhere. Visit islands, view wildlife in the rainforests and of course see the man made wonder of the Panama Canal. Panama's Capital city is a hub of modern life rich in culture with a friendly welcome. Read our travellers Panama Reviews >


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