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    Where to Holiday in April

    April is the month that Europe and the USA starts beginning to warm up, and also the month where its wise to research your holiday destination well to ensure you won't get caught in the cold seasons, hurricane and rainy seasons else where. With the evenings getting longer April is a lovely month to get away. Some of us have been searching for safe places to go on holiday in April or even Zika concerns, so take a look at our fresh ideas for April holidays for destinations you may not have considered before. You may be interested in the latest cruise craze for holidays, so if you want recommendations for where to cruise in April head to the bottom of the page.


    Our top April recommended destinations ...





    Portugal stretches down the west coast of Spain and lies along the Atlantic coast with long beaches dotted and busy beautiful cities, including it's gorgeous capital Lisbon. Well known for it's moderate temperatures it has a huge tourist industry and a favourite in terms of beaches and sunshine. Top destination The Algarve rests on it's south coast and is famous for its many white sandy beaches along it's 200km coastline. Temperatures are a moderate and sunny 20°c / 68°f and often warmer means its a lovely European destination for a beach holiday. Bristling with history, tradition and culture if you get a rainy day there are endless sights and attractions in this scenic destination. Portugal Reviews>   European Destinations >


    And of course Madeira is part of Portugal but it's location makes it a very different holiday destination. This special island floats in the Atlantic to the East of Morocco and to the north of the Canary Islands. It's sub-tropical location means it has fairly constant temperatures all year round which is why it makes an ideal Spring and Autumn holiday destination, and of course even hotter in August.  This month temperatures will be around 21°c / 70°f and in the main bright and sunny.  It's typically quieter than the Canary Islands but certainly has it's share of great bars and nightlife. This island is a virtual jungle of beautiful flowers and plants, see its beauty for yourself.  

    Madeira is often a destination that is comined with the Canary Islands on a winter sunshine cruise. Its definitely worth looking into if you are finding it hard to make up your mind on a destination to visit in April. You can cover all bases with an interesting and varies itinerary and an exciting place to stay each night!



    The Mediterranean island of Cyprus is warming up nicely in April to around 22°c / 72°f and is a great time to visit before the onslaught of European tourists arrive for the summer season. Enjoy the greenery before the baking hot summer dries out the island and take a tour by car if you get the opportunity to see the real Cyprus dotted with olive trees and tavernas. Powder soft beaches make this island a firm favourite in the calm Mediterannean sparkling waters. Cyprus Reviews > European Destinations >

    The Canary Islands

    The Canaries have been reassuringly warm all through the winter to guarantee us much needed winter sunshine, and although it only averages 22°c / 72°f in Aprilit's starts to get a few much hotter days now and then throughout the month. It's hard to say which is the best Canary Island to visit as they all have their own unique qualities to recommend them, and they are all around the same temperature. All have their party and clubbing areas and all have their quieter parts of town, and what they definitely all have in common is long stretchs of soft volcanic sands. Read our travellers  Canaries Reviews to help you make up your mind on where to holiday or see our recommendations on Best Canary Island to Visit >



    Finally Europe is waming up a bit and Italy in April starts out a fresh and sunny 17°c / 63°f and by the end of the month its around 22°c / 72°f. A really great time to visit before the crowds start to pour in to this ever favourite European destination. Whether you are heading to the number 1 city on the Tourist trail - Rome, or heading to the coast you'll need plenty of battery on that camera as it's non stop beauty in terms of both architecture and landscape. Just one city will take up every minute of your holiday but if you are lucky enough to take a few extra days why not visit Rome and then head down the coast to Pompeii and pretty Sorrento and even over to Capri. Florence and Venice both have so much to offer as well as scenic Tuscany it's difficult to know where to even start in this ancient and beauteous country! Italy Reviews >


    It's started to get quite hot in April in Malta now, heading from 20°c / 68°f and right up to  22°c / 72°f and often much higher at the end of the month. You'll still get maybe one or two days with a showers at this time of the year which keeps the scenery looking beautiful before it becomes more arid in the summer. The coastline is a magnet for snorkelling, or simply just hanging your feet off the rocks in the prisitine clear waters. Many of us are opting for Malta as a new option for discovering tradition and it's pretty streets as well as some top hotel relaxation. Malta Reviews >


    Similar to other Mediterranean destinations, April in Turkey starts out around 17°c / 63°f and ends the month quite a bit higher at typically 22°c / 72°fThere will be plenty of beach goers even in April to the top beach Destinations of Bodrum, Gumbet, Antalya, Marmaris, Dalaman and Olu Deniz to name a few, but if you are thinking of a city and sunshine then Istabul will put the warmth into Spring for you. Istanbul has endless sights from the Market in the old town, to the The Topkapi Palace. Hop on a tram really inexpensively all around the city and jump on and off where something takes your interest - it's the best way to explore! A real Istanbul tour includes a river cruise to marvel at the Bosphorus Bridge linking Asia and Europe dipicting Istanbul as a true crossroads between two great continents. Don't forget this year you'll need a visa to enter Turkey, it's very simple so don't let that put you off see Turkey Visa for more info. Turkey Reviews >

    Santorini - Greece

    Santorini has some truly spectacular hotels on an island that is well known for being iconic for it's beauty. The weather in April in Greece is on the up now and heading towards 22°c / 72°f with a few days at the end of the month that will be much hotter. Not without a much needed sprinkle of rain occasionally, it's not likely to be able to spoil a holiday to Santorini. Treat yourself to a bit of lavish accommodation while it's less expensive than the peak months and enjoy the very best of what Greece has to offer. Greece Reviews >

    Crete - Greece

    The Mediterranean is warming up nicely and Crete is a perfect choice for a Greek holiday in April. The temperatures start out around 20°c / 68°f and end the month around 25°c / 77°f. With crystal clear water and almost 100 blue flag beaches you will be spoilt for choice on the perfect holiday spots. Greece is the country of ancient history and mythology and Crete has managed to keep some of that essence, even if you are here for the beaches alone you will feel the ancient ambience oozing from the typically arid olive tree strewn landscape. The tourists are well catered for here, so yes you will find some rather touristy areas and loud nightlife, notably Malia but it's easy to avoid and pretty towns dot the coast such as the fishing village of Elounda with stunning views and plenty of quiet coves and beaches in the surrounding area. Greece Reviews >


    It's true - Amsterdam cannot exactly be considered a hot destination in April at only 15°c / 59°f, but it simply couldn't be left off the April recommendations for where to holiday in April. Amsterdam is well known for its blooms and of course springtime is when Amsterdams flowers and nurserys are bursting with blooms! Generally between March and May the phenomenom of Amsterdams many fields of flowers are at their very best, in fact the Keukenhof Gardens are only open for 2 months a year to showcase the magnificent beauty of 7 million bulbs in bloom and are open for the whole of April. Amsterdam is pretty, and it's gothic monuments and buildings take you an almost fairytale like era; enjoy the canals, the shopping, eating, museums and the general freshness of this clean city. Amsterdam Reviews >

    Spain - Majorca

    Sunny Majorca will be expecting plenty of visitors in April, and although it won't be blistering sunshine you'll get a few very hot days, and many days of blue skies and sunshine. It will be around 20°c / 68°f and reaching up to 22°c / 72°f by the last week of April. Many are drawn to it's pretty capital Palma, with a sensational marina and waterfront restaurants and hotels, others go for the busy south with a party vibe and great beaches. You could go for the quieter east cost of stunning coves from the Cala d'Or and head up the coast. Or the vast white beaches of the North coast notabley Alcudia. See our Best Beaches in Majorca guide or check out our Majorca Reviews >



    Best Mediterranean Cruises in April?

    Thinking of taking a cruise in April? You can cruise the mediterranean any time of year, look out for hot cruise destinations in the med such as the Canaries and Madeira cruise routes in April, and the Eastern Mediterranean is also warming up nicely for a cruise in April.

    Luxury Holidays


    All Year round?

    Go for a river cruise! There's always somewhere in the world with a River Cruise offering sunshine and adventure, from the mystical Far East, to the jungles of the Amazon, wine tasting on the Rhine, or the magical Pyramids of Luxor. If you want to get away in April search our recommended River Cruises.





    The Mexican Peninsula of Baha California is a temperate 21°c / 70°f in April offering spring sunshine and a wonderful location for whale watching. Some real beach gems can be found amongst it's coves of the west coast with some great beach camping, but if hotels are what you are looking for you won't be short of luxury hotels in Tijuana, La Paz or Cabo San Lucas. Surrounded by the Pacific Ocean this beautiful area is well set up for tourists, you won't be short of charming shots for your camera! Or Head to the Caribbean coastline for a holiday in Cancun or Playa del Carmen, this will be a lot warmer 30°c / 86°f and is outside of hurricane season which doesn't officially kick in until June, it's also one of the driest months of the year. Mexico Reviews > 

    Trinidad and Tobago

    The Caribbean Islands of Trinidad and Tobago float happily beneath the sunkissed south Caribbean skies and in April they are enjoying the dry season so definitely a good month to go. The weather will head towards 30°c / 86°f and remain pretty constant across the next few months. Hurricanes rarely affect Trinidad and Tobago but the Hurricane season is considered to start from June. As is typical in the Caribbean you'll find pristine white beaches surrounded by green hilly mountainous scenery, wander through rain forests to the sound of tropical birds and trickling waterfalls. Caribbean Destinations >


    Head to Jamaica in April while its the perfect temperature 30°c / 86°f and before the wet season. If you've been looking for a warm country to visit in April you won't go wrong with pretty Jamaica. Fantastic beach resorts, excellent snorkelling - if you are lucky you'll see turtles! They know how to enjoy food, and with some of the most delicious aromas oozing from this island they are famous of course for their jerk chicken but plenty more besides. If you like Rum you've come to the right place to drink it, and local rum is a fraction of the cost of name brands and just as good, why not take a rum tour at The Appleton Rum Estate on the south coast to see the age old process in action. Jamaica Reviews 


    Fancy carribean and culture in one holiday? It's warm and dry in April in Cuba 30°c / 86°f  It's the dry season in the Caribbean and it remains dry in Cuba throughout November to April with only the occasional shower. Many people head towards the beaches and resorts surrounding Guardalavaca in the south west, it's well set up here for tourists and has great hotels and beaches. However there are also beaches up near Havana which are just as lovely and only 30 minutes from the great city itself. The beaches of Bacuranao, Mégano, Santa María, Boca Ciega and Guanaboand are probably the most popular along this stretch and it's also a great area for diving and snorkelling off the wonderfully preserved coral reef with extraordinarily clear visibility. Cuba Reviews >

    Dominican Republic

    If you want a caribbean destination that's hot in April and you want to purely relax in a little bit of all inclusive luxury then the Dominican Republic is the island for you. It reaches close to  31°c / 88°f and has some of the best beaches you'll find anywhere in the Caribbean. The all inclusive resorts here are renowned along with the water sports and tours on offer. Visit caves, waterfalls, shark and ray marinarium, dolphin watching, boat tours and more. Dominican Republic Reviews >



    Enjoy a hot holiday in April in Barbados in 30°c / 86°f of Caribbean sun. You'll be enjoying calm warm waters, powder soft sand, green swaying palms and tasy Bajan cuisine. A friendly island you'll be welcomed with open arms and you'll definitely want to go back. One of the most romantic of the Caribbean Islands and ideal honeymoon destinations, It's also a great place to get married too! And if none of these are on your to do list then you'll be in the right place for rum cocktails and warm evenings for making the most of your time here.Barbados Reviews >

    Caribbean Cruise

    April is that time of the year where you need to check the weather before you go, but in the Caribbean the divine weather keeps on coming typically around 30°c / 86°f in April  - and in the unlikely event of a big storm your Cruise ship has the opportunity to change direction and take a detour back to where the sun keeps shining! Meaning you get to enjoy as much Caribbean sunshine as you possibly can when you take a cruise. And a Caribbean Cruise really is a great idea if you've been wasting time trying to search for the best Caribbean island to visit followed by hours searching for the ideal hotel.  A cruise has all of the options covered by visiting some of the very best beaches of this incredibly perfect part of the world. And even better, some cruise ships are brilliantly suited to tots, with plenty of entertainment for little ones as the chances are that their dream holiday will be slightly differnt to yours!

    St Lucia

    St Lucia is of course hot in April 30°c / 86°f. And with the lowest rainfall in the year it makes it a good time to explore the island as St Lucia has some of the most beautiful nature to explore. It's a volcanic island and has beautiful scenery with it's famous twin peaks and rich green background of trees and palms. This is one island where you may find it hard to just stay on it's idyllic beaches with hots springs and nature trails for trekking through the forest.  St Lucia Reviews >  Caribbean Map >


    A Caribbean Cruise in April?

    If you are looking for somewhere hot to go in April and you think the Caribbean is the place to go, why not go for a cruise this time? This way you'll get the options to visit plenty of Caribbean islands on your permanently floating hotel. We've got some great recommendations for a April cruise.


    North Africa 


    Morocco - Essaouira

    Essaouira on the coast of Morocco is a few hours north of Agadir and has miles of wide red sandy beaches. This exciting holiday destination is becoming increasingly popular not least because of it's fantastic weather. A mild sunny 24°c / 75°f in April means it's just about beach weather, and if you can't keep still there are so many activities in the surrounding area from horse or camel trekking to walking through the forests, visiting waterfalls, quad biking, Berber Villages, sand dunes, shopping in the Medina and a perfect photo opportunity in the harbour. If Essaouira is too quiet for you a visit inland to Marrakesh is only a few hours drive away and will provide you with plenty of culture and history and a little further on a trek through the Atlas mountains for breath-taking scenery. African Destinations >

    Cape Verde

    Cape Verde in April is the same as it is every month of the year - sunny and hot!  It's location off the coast of Africa means it tends to stay above 24°c / 75°f all year round and in April it will be about 26°c / 79°f. The beautiful archipelago of the Cape Verde Islands have been growing in popularity for years, and if you head there this year you'll be getting there before it really takes off as it looks set to in the next few years, and while it remains largely unspoiled. Certainly a unique holiday destination if you are looking for somewhere new and a little exploration, you'll have everything you need to make a great holiday. Cape Verde Reviews >

    Far East



    April in Thailand is pretty much great which ever part of this stunning and exciting country you visit.  Whereas the north is usually a bit cooler than the south, it's hot everywhere in April and is one of the best times to visit. Across the country it averages 33°c / 92°f. It's right in the middle of the hot season here, which changes to the wet season in June, so go now! If you like heat that is! Most people fly into Bankok and head out to their chosen destination from there. Thailand Reviews >

    Flights to Thailand >


    China in April is a wonderful time of year to visit, it's spring and the flowers and plants are in full bloom, forests and riverbanks are buzzing with life in this beautiful country. It's not the hottest time of year to visit China but after a cold winter April is where it beigins to warm up comfortably. In general it's colder in the North if you are thinking of visiting Beijing, however for a sun holiday the south of China remains one of the most popular destinations for tourists where it's much warmer. See our travellers reviews on China for more insight on this ancient and intriguing country. China Reviews >


    A holiday in Vietnam in June will be wonderful! Just be mindful of where you choose to go as weather will vary from north to south. Central Vietnam is an excellent choice with dry hot days of sunshine and unrivalled beaches of beauty. Head to Hoi An an ancient Vietnamese city which is a world heritage site with protected and preserved old streets, and out to the paradisaical nearby islands, visit museums and see the famous Japanese bridge. Or head down to Nha Trang and anywhere in between for the best locations in Vietnam in June. Further south will get some daily rain and if you were thinking of trekking in the North then June is not the month to do this. Vietnam Reviews >


    Bali in April is ideal, the summer season has just begun!  It's around 30°c / 86°f and very little rain as Bali heads into the dry season until October. See ancient shrines, beautiful temples, lush green forests, hike a volcano, head out to the coral reef for diving and snorkelling and of course soak up some sunshine on soft sandy beaches. With some unique places to stay including yoga retreats, eco hotels and search for the amazing Ubud Hanging Gardens hotel as a special treat. Bali Reviews >






    If you've been looking for somewhere hot to go in April, and the Far and Middle East are not what you are looking for, then Florida may be a great option for you.  With weather similar to the Caribbean at around 28°c / 82°f and higher, this State has so much variety it's hard not to find something that suits everybody for a holiday. From the upmarket Florida Keys to lively Miami and its stunning beaches and nightlife, to the resorts of Kissimmee and of course Orlando - these are just a few of the great places to go in April. Find wildlife in the Everglades and technology in the Kennedy Space Center, and if none of that is of interest then how about just sunshine and shopping! Florida Reviews >

    Las Vegas - Nevada

    April is beginning to get hot in Las Vegas as the season kicks off and Las Vegas leaps back into life. It's nice and dry and at around 26°c / 79°f and higher towards the end of the month - it's not overwhelming heat, so great for adventuring away from the famous Las Vegas Strip. People come here to party with free drinks if you are partaking of the gambling on offer, but if you are not a gambler simply checking out the hotels along the strip can be one of the most fun things to do here. Be prepared for long walks even if you are just venturing through 3 or 4 hotels as they are so vast it can take hours, but with plenty to take in, as well as great restaurants, shows, clubs, bars and pools it's non stop in Las Vegas.  Las Vegas Reviews >


    The US state of Louisiana is great to visit in April with very low rainfall, and highs of upto 28°c / 82°fThis is not the month for hurricanes, being incredibly rare in April and no hurricanes in April in Louisiana in the last 100 years. Top tourist destinations being New Orleans, Baton Rouge and Lake Charles, with pretty colonial structures, tasty cajun food and a fascinating history of Jazz and the Blues being kept alive with brilliant musical entertainment in New Orleans. Soft white beaches on the Gulf of Mexico to rival Florida and golden sands around Lake Charles means the state offers city and beach breaks in one. USA Destinations >


    Middle East



    In the middle east the ancient country of Jordan has so much to offer the tourist, from it's buzzing capital Amman inhabited for thousands of years, to the mystical rock carved rose city of Petra down to the shores of the Red Sea with some of the best diving in the world. April boasts temperatures of around 27°c / 81°f making it a lovely time to visit in comparison to stifling temperatures in July. Visit the phenomenon of the famous Dead Sea where the water is so saltine that you will literally just float in what is the lowest point on the planet at 400m below sea level. The incredible history here means there are endless historic sites, so choosing what to do while you are here will be the hardest part! Asia Destinations >



    If you are looking for a country in the world thats going to be seriously hot in April then you'll find Oman will be 35°c / 95°f. If you want luxury this is the ideal place to be as they do it very well. It's a more pricey location than somewhere like Egypt or Morocco but standards are higher here too, so when they say it's a 4 star hotel - then it is - unlike some places in Sharm el Sheik, so you get what you pay for and you'll enjoy it! Most people head for the charming city of Muscat which is a beach city with sand like powdered sugar. You'll still have to haggle in the markets of this pretty city but thats part of the fun. Oman Reviews >



    It's April and although you are going to find some lovely European resorts warming up to beach weather it's not going to be anything like the blistering sunshine of Dubai in April at 34°c / 93°f. Thankfully April is also when humidity is at some of its very lowest, making it a great place to visit this month. If your main goal is to be lying on a beach soaking up the sun choose a hotel with a beach as many of the best beaches are for private use by the hotels, and if not you can always pay for access to these beaches at many hotel beach clubs giving you access to their pools too. But Dubai also has some fantastic free beaches too such as Kite Beach, Russian Beach and Jumeirah Beach Park. The shores of Dubai are lapped by the clear warm waters of the Persian Gulf, the skyline is an incredible backdrop to this ever growing city and the shopping is sensational. Dubai Reviews >

    Ever thought of a Cruise in Dubai?  It's a popular All Inclusive choice for exploring the region.



    Central America



    April in Panama is the last month of the dry season and it can get upto 32°c / 90°f. Many tourists tend to spend a lot of time on the Pacific side of Panama, so it's peak time to visit, and just be aware of Easter and Carnival time as the hotels can get very booked up and cost a little more in April. It's typically fine to visit Panama city any time of the year, it's a pretty colonial city but also mixed with modern, so you'll find the glitzy cafe culture, great malls and shopping mingled in amongst the traditional buildings and souvenir shops. Tourism is developing fast here, so come and see Panama while it's still relatively unchanged by tourism. Panama Reviews >  Panama Cruises >

    Costa Rica

    It's still the dry season in Costa Rica in April, so no need to wait for summer for your holiday, go and explore the beaches, jungle, volcanoes and culture of this hot small central American country. Although lots of Americans have made Costa Rica one of their favourite holiday destinations, it's still fairly new to the rest of us. But having catered to the American holiday makers it's well set up for tourism with some amazing hotels, many of them tapping into the natural spa's of the volcanic landscape. You can make Costa Rica a big adventure holiday or you can simply enjoy somewhere warm to go in April 28°c / 82°f with it's lovely beach resorts and rich green landscape surrounding you.


    India and Indian Ocean



    Sub-tropical Mauritius benefits from nice warm weather all year round so you can visit any time of the year. Mauritius in April will have a few showers but nothing much to write home about and are over very quickly, gives you chance to shelter under your pool bar! It wil be about 29°c / 84°f and with a nice breeze now and then. Mauritius is everything you've probably read about, an idyllic island out in the middle of the Indian ocean with palm fringed white sand beaches. Perhaps bigger than you expected taking an hour and a half to drive end to end, but small enough to throughly explore. The whole aim here is chillout and enjoy the beach and sunshine. Mauritius Reviews >  


    April in the Maldives is the last month of the dry season and usually April has the peak of it's high temperatures of 32°c / 90°f. It tends to be one of the busiest months of the year for holidays, as Europe hasn't quite warmed up yet and holiday sunseekers head here for the guaranteed sunshine. Made up of hundreds of unique little paradise islands you'll have plenty of choice for resorts, with many being extremely luxurious and the ideal place for a romantic honeymoon. Others head here for the world famous marine life where you may even get a glimpse of the worlds largest mammal in April - the Blue Whale!

    India - Goa

    April is a great time of year to be sunning yourself down on the beaches of Goa.  While it's still relatively cool in Europe it's a great option for an inexpensive longhaul holiday in the sun. With so much on offer from North Goa to South Goa, if you decide to leave the beach you'll find plenty of exploring, cultural and historical days out.  Eating out is very inexpensive and you'll find all food times along with authentic delicious curries. The Monsoons come along from June, so you are still in plenty of time. And of course for many people the Golden Triangle is on their list of Must Do's for a once in a life time trip, so why not consider it for your next big holiday?  India Reviews >

    Best Indian Ocean Cruises in April?

    The Indian Ocean is one of those destinations that is perfect for a cruise all year round, and if you are looking to Cruise the Indian Ocean in April we have recommendations on some of the best cruise destinations in the Indian Ocean and more information on cruises in April.


    For more ideas read our Holiday reviews for destinations that are HOT IN APRIL > 

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