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    Where to Holiday in February

    Check out our Where to Holiday Recommends for sunshine destinations in February from around the world. We've listed our top holiday destinations for February, avoiding hurricane season and the rainy seasons. So for some of the best places for hot weather in February look no further, and check out our travellers reviews to go with our recommended top spots.  If you've been somewhere in February that you would recommend add your travel review. If you are thinking of a February cruise holiday then head to the bottom of the page for our recommendations for the best place to take a cruise in February.


    Our top February recommended destinations ...




    Madeira is warm in February and tends to maintain temperatures above 20°c /68°f all year round peaking in August. The islands of Madeira are Portuguese isles where the largest island called Funchal is well known for its tropical fruits and exotic flowers and a sub-tropical climate. Or head for the mainland of Portugal to The Algarve where temperatures won't be too far off Madeira temperatures, averaging 18°c /64°fYou are more likely to experience a little drizzle on the mainland but prices are much lower than Madeira. Either choice will brighten up those damp and cold winter days back home. Madeira tends to be a separate holiday search to Portugal on most holiday sites. Portugal Reviews > 


    Reyjavik, Iceland

    It's certainly not warm in February in Reyjavik, but it does have one of the worlds most incredible light shows, the aurora borealis known as the Northern Lights. February is a perfect time to view this stunning light show as the dark and clear nights mean you'll be able to see them easier than other times of the year. So skip the sunshine this time around and head off on an icy adventure!

    A Canaries Cruise can combine Madeira with those famous islands of year round sun, so if you are finding hard to choose a winter holiday destination you can hedge your bets and visit all of these stunning destinations as well as some top class dining and entertainment included on your ship.

    Canary Islands - Fuerteventura

    You are not going to go wrong with any of the Canary Islands in February, they belong to Spain and are off the north west coast of Africa receiving the heat blasts off the Saharan Desert. Fuerteventura in February is a perfect time of year to visit. Around 20°c /68°f its a sunny warm climate with maybe a few days of drizzle and clouds, but still warm enough to laze on the beach comfortably although you may need a jacket in the evenings. With miles of sandy beaches and smooth waters for watersports it's a good choice when searching for somewhere hot in February particularly if you are travelling from a European location. Canaries Reviews >  Best Canary Island to Visit >



    It's certainly not the hottest month to visit Malta, and there will definitely be some rain this month, but it's one of those golden little places where you'll find some lovely sunny days, and just some great hotel lounge time with lovely views if you feel like you can't get through the dark winter fast enough and you want somewhere which is a short hop. You may get lucky enough to have some really warm days close to 18°c /64°f . So although there are hotter places you can go in February this is a gem of a destination if you keep in mind that it's all about peaceful relaxtion and scenery. Malta Reviews >


    Best Mediterranean Cruises in February?

    Thinking of taking a cruise in February? You can cruise the mediterranean any time of year, look out for hot cruise destinations in the med such as the Canaries and Madeira cruise routes in February.


    North Africa 


    Cape Verde

    Hooray, somewhere new to go! Well for many of us it is ...and so these islands off the West Coast of Africa are a great choice for a good place to go on holiday in February. It will be around 24°c /75°f.  It's not as developed as the Canary Islands, so don't expect all the pubs and clubs, it's much quieter here, but new hotels are being developed by the month as the latest destination for those that are looking for an alternative to Egypt and Tunisia sunshine in February. So you'll find modern hotels, blue skies, wide open beaches for that morning holiday jog, and warm pools to laze around after your jog! A simple short flight away, around 6 hours similar to Egypt, you'll be delving into a whole new world of warm weather in February.  Cape Verde reviews >


    The last 2 weeks of February begin to warm up nicely in Morocco rising to 22°c /72°f but there will be a few downpours across the month with February monthly average rainfall typically being 3-4 centimetres. The south of Morroco is hottest in February so head for Agadir to grab the most sunshine, or take a relaxing city break in breathaking Marrakech. Morocco Reviews >


    All Year round?

    Go for a river cruise! There's always somewhere in the world with a River Cruise offering sunshine and adventure, from the mystical Far East, to the jungles of the Amazon, wine tasting on the Rhine, or the magical Pyramids of Luxor. If you want to get away in February search our recommended River Cruises.





    Probably one of the favourites of holiday makers, Jamaica in February is hot! This welcoming island has all the ingredients for a fun, chilled out, tropical beach holiday. It's likely to be around 30°c /86°f and one of the most popular months if you are trying to avoid the risk of tropical storms and hurricanes later in the year. All the top resorts are here, absolutely delicious cuisine - you of course have to try Jerk Chicken, smooth still azure ocean, great snorkelling and white sand to get comfortable for the day on. Jamaica Reviews >

    Dominican Republic

    It's the dry season in the Dominican Republic in February and averages 29°c /84°f. One of the top holiday destinations in the Caribbean, it's known for it's beaches, great prices, fantastic All Inclusive hotels and is an all round great destination for both Honeymooners as well as families. Punta Cana, La Romana and Puerto Plata being among some of the very favourite locations, you'll have plenty to do here if just lounging around on sun blessed beaches isn't for you. Visit bustling Santa Domingo, go diving or take a tour to the Damajaqua Cascades otherwise known as the natural wonder that is the 27 Waterfalls. Dom Rep Reviews >


    Mexico in February is a good choice. Visit the gorgeous pacific coast where you will find Acapulco, and temperatures here in February are around 29°c /84°f and only a very small chance of rain unlike the thunderstorms that you will experience in the summer. Visiting the Caribbean coast in February, some of the popular destinations such as Cancun, Playa del Carmen and the Riviera Maya you can expect highs of around 27°c /80°f and a chance of light rain from time to time, but nothing that will get in the way of a great beach holiday.  The more adventurous will find it a degree or two cooler inland such as Tulum or Mexico city and temperatures will vary dramatically depending on where you go and the terrain, but if we are talking beach holiday then it's a glorious time to visit in February and outside of the hurricane season. Caribbean Destinations >


    One of the Caribbean favourites, Barbados is a great place for a holiday in February. Beautiful dry hot days with perfect temperatures around 28°c /82°f it's absolutely ideal. The wet season, albeit it's never really that wet, is from late June when the hurricane season begins, which leave February in the middle of the dry season and a favoured time to visit. Take a boat trip up the coast if you can, because even if you don't snorkle you'll very likely see enormous turtles swimming nearby in the aqua waters that the Caribbean is famed for. A friend nation with some tasty dishes, try out the local Bajan cuisine if possible it's truly mouthwater. Yes the beaches really are like soft gold powder, you'll want to go back again and again. Barbados Reviews >

    St Lucia

    St Lucia isn't just for honeymoons any more, with some really superb holiday deals, St Lucia in February is an ideal winter holiday destination. It has constant warm weather and in February at 29°c /84°f on average it's one of the best times to visit being outside of the hurricane season and one of the dry months. (Not that the wet months are exactly torrential.) So tick St Lucia off your travel bucket list and head for the twin peaks of this incredibly picturesque volcanic island.


    The dry season in Cuba runs from November to April, so February is hot and dry in Cuba and averages 27°c /81°f.  The most popular holiday destination area is down in the south west, flying into Holguin and heading to the beach resorts around Guardalavaca. The beaches are white and soft and the water some of the very clearest in the Caribbean. It's not the best for snorkelling off the beaches but take a boat trip and you'll get some fantastic snorkelling. This is the ideal destination for a quiet holiday in the sun, if you are looking for activities there's more than enough to choose from with Cigar tours, and trips into Havana; our advice is to book them before you go if possible and include them in your package. As the biggest island in the Caribbean this isn't the easiest island to get around, the trains and buses aren't too reliable, but the best sights are the activitie packages you'll find with your travel agents. Cuba Reviews >

    Caribbean Cruise

    Lets face it, the weather in February in the Caribbean is going to be rather wonderful no matter which of its delightful islands you decide to go for! So it's a definite must to take a Cruise around this stunning part of the world at one point in your lifetime if you are indeed a true holiday lover, so why not this year? You can expect it to be around 29°c /84°f and if in the unlikely event of a storm hitting the area, the Cruise ship will generally avoid the bad weather and take a little detour meaning you get to enjoy the Caribbean just that little bit more. You'll be cruising around turquoise waters to the favourite islands and your floating hotel will be offering you a dining experience to match any all inclusive hotel.


    If you've been to the Caribbean before and want to try a different Caribbean destination then you should definitely put Tobago on your list of options. This is a tranquil and happy little island off the coast of it's sister island Trinidad - which can be visited for a nice daytrip, so thats 2 Caribbean islands under your belt. Expect it to be about 31°c /88°f as it's one of the most southern islands in the Caribbean, well outside of the hurricane belt and very hot!  It may be small but it has all of the hotel choices you could need and a vibrant culture as well it's very own unique dining specialities to sample. Tobago Reviews >



    A Caribbean Cruise in February?

    If you are looking for somewhere hot to go in February and you think the Caribbean is the place to go, why not go for a cruise this time? This way you'll get the options to visit plenty of Caribbean islands on your permanently floating hotel. We've got some great recommendations for a February cruise.

    Luxury Holidays



    Far East



    Vietnam in February is the dry season and one of the best times to visit. It begins to get really hot now in february and is well out of the monsoon seasons, although you'll always come across the odd warm shower even out of the wet season. It's pretty hot all year round, but also fairly humid, in February certainly in the south of Vietnam you can expect it to be around 34°c /93°f. Typically it's always a bit cooler in the north but in general February is a very good month to visit wherever you choose to go. It's the ideal holiday destination to find a quiet beach resort and relax with fantastic vietnamese food and hospitality. For those of you that like a little more activity then buy a tour from north to south stopping off for a few nights all the way down from the mountains, to Ha Long bay down this long narrow country to Ho Chi Minh city and beach resorts right in the south. See our travellers reviews for ideas on where to go in Vietnam. Vietnam Reviews >


    If you are thinking of taking a holiday in February then you can do no wrong with the weather in Thailand in February. It's nice and dry and lovely temperatures throughout averaging 32°c /90°f, maybe a degree or two cooler the further north you are f- such as Bangkok and certainly Chiang Mai. If you are looking for a beach holiday head to the islands in the South East such as Koh Samui which has the enormous and lovely Chaweng beach running down much of the East Coast of the Island where you'll find hotels and resorts all along the beach, probably the most popular area with the bustling town of Chaweng right behind it. Or head to the South West Islands where the most visited is perhaps Phuket, it's very commercial here especially Patong, but sometimes there's a reason why it's so visited's great! The beaches are fantastic with lively party towns and markets. Thailand Reviews > Flights to Thailand >


    If you are thinking of heading to Malaysia in February stick to the West Coast, it's the dry season on the West Coast only. It will be wet season for the East coast at this time as the weather pattern in Malaysia consists of two different monsoon seasons depending on which coast you visit. Heading West to destinations such as Penang, Pangkor and Langkawi you'll find those paradise holiday beaches of soft yellow sands and temperatures about 32°c /90°f, but if you were thinking of Kuala Lumpur or KL to those in the know, the weather will be great here too apart from the occasional heavy shower now and then. A week doesn't cover KL but if you are only here a few days you may want to see the Petronas towers, the KL Zoo, hop on the sky tram and jump off wherever you feel like to explore the city, and you may want to hop off at Chinatown. There are modern Malls galore with great shopping and delicious food courts. Malaysia Reviews >


    India and Indian Ocean



    The Maldives are in the North of the Indian Ocean and are experiencing the dry season in February. The dry season starts in January going through to peak temperatures in the season in April, and it's not far off the peak heat in February at 31°c /88°f. The Maldives are famed for paradise desert islands and luxury, with many choosing to honeymoon here. But with the world getting smaller you don't have to be on your honeymoon to treat yourself to a bit of paradise. The waters around the Maldives Islands are some of the best in the world for viewing marine life, scuba diving and snorkelling. Maldives Reviews >


    If you are looking to go somewhere hot in February you can guarantee that Mauritius won't let you down as it's one of the hottest times to visit and the peak of summer here. With an average high of around 29°c /84°f this beautiful island in the Indian Ocean is the perfect place to relax in the sun. It's no longer a destination just for the rich and famous, plenty of flights have made it cheaper and more accessible. You will however get rain from time to time in February as Summer also means it's the wet season (but we aren't talking torrential downpours or rain every day) and it can get a bit humid, but still a great destination to get away to escape our freezing winter. Private resorts are dotted all around the coastline on some of the best beaches in the world, and the water is calm and warm. If you care to venture outside your resort you'll find lots of public beaches where the locals picnic after work and on weekends. Look out for pretty markets, green fields of sugar cane and some fantastic views from the lush green mountains. Mauritius Holiday Reviews >  Indian Ocean Destinations > 


    The incredible Golden Triangle in India see's hundreds of thousands of tourists every year flock to it's awesome and fascinating sights between Agra, Dehli and Jaipur. With India being so large this tends to be one of the first starting points for Travel to India, as well as of course popular beach destinations of Goa and Kerala Holidays. If you are aiming for the Golden triangle then February really is one of the very best months for travel in India, along with the preceding two months as this is winter in India.  So with temperatures in the north of India around 25°c/34°f this makes for a great experience at a comfortable heat. The following months get extremely hot and humid and of course later in the year you'll need to look to avoid certain rainy areas. Down in Goa along the beaches the temperatures are close to 30°c /86°f and it's an ideal time to visit in February.  India Reviews >

    Best Indian Ocean Cruises in February?

    The Indian Ocean is one of those destinations that is perfect for a cruise all year round, and if you are looking to Cruise the Indian Ocean in February we have recommendations on some of the best cruise destinations in the Indian Ocean and more information on cruises in February.





    One of the best times to visit Arizona is definitely February, you'll miss all the crowds yet still get sun filled days of blue skies right through to snow on the peaks. Pheonix can get to around 20°c /70°f with the south of the state getting the warmer temperatures. So in the same month you can enjoy some skiing in the peaks and hiking in one of its many national parks. No visit is complete without exploring the Grand Canyon of course but you'll need to wrap up for this being at such elevation. And if you like a bit of mystery take a desert tour and see the mysterious moving rocks - rocks found in the middle of the dry mudflats with trails leading to them from the surrounding one knows how they get there! USA Destinations >


    Middle East



    February in Oman is a delightful time to visit. It's one of those year round hot destinations, too hot probably in some months when it can reach over 40°c /104°f ! But February is considered springtime and will average in the mid 20's around 26°c /78°f , and you'll see a few rain showers adding life to the dry river beds and colour to the flora. On the beautiful Arabian Sea, Oman has a coastline of miles of white beaches and wonderful diving. If you stay in the exotic Arabian city of Muscat you'll see Dolpins in the bay, Fortresses and Castles and a pretty city of rich heritage with plenty of modern hotels amongst the splendid skyline. Away from the coast there are majestic mountains, many waterfalls and the famous sand dunes of Sharqiyah Sands. Oman Reviews > Asia Destinations >



    After a dip in temperatures over the winter months, it's now heading up past 25°c /76°f again. February is a really lovely month to head out to Dubai, it's not too hot yet it's sunny and warm and not humid.  It's the depths of winter for us and with a limited choice of hot places to go in February close to home, just a few hours further the holiday's have started for those enjoying this unique location.  It may well be man-made but the desert oasis of Dubai has been designed to offer the very best hotels, beaches and shopping.  Dubai Reviews >

    Ever thought of a Cruise in Dubai?  It's a popular All Inclusive choice for exploring the region.


    South America



    The central American country of Belize is in dry season in February and the weather is fabulous. They welcome visitors with open arms and you can enjoy some of the most scenic landscape in the world as well as that well known incredible natural water feature the Belize Blue Hole, surrounded by coral and a wealth of marine life its probably the top attraction in Belize. With jungle, white sands and caribbean shores it's the ultimate holiday package, especially for those avid snorkellers and divers. Steeped in Mayan history you can explore ruins and the mysterious ancient culture with its many archeolgical sites and temples. Expect it to be around 28°c /82°f. South American Destinations >

    Lima, Peru.

    February in Lima is one of the hottest times to visit. Down on the coast Lima is often engulfed in a mist, but cloudcover and mist lessens considerably in February. As one of the biggest cities in South America and the capital of Peru, Lima is a buzzing beach city filled with ancient history, sights and culture. February is right in the middle of summer for Lima, and the beaches get busy. Head north away from the crowds to Playa Tortugas beach, peaceful and beautiful fringed with Palms, baby turtles are still being released on the beach in February by turtle conservationists and you can join in. There is very little rain fall although it can get humid, temperatures are around 28°c /82°f and upwards. South American Destinations >


    Central America



    The small Central American country of Panama links North America with South America and at it's narrowist point the man made wonder of the famous Panama Canal allows ships to enter from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean meaning it can be a great Cruise Destination. However if you fancy more time here than a cruise stop, take a holiday and do a little exploring in February in Panama, the dry season. It will be wonderfully hot upwards of 31°c /88°f.  So if you are looking for a new and exciting winter sun destination enjoy beaches, mountains and Jungle as well as buzzy eclectic cities this is one of the best months to do it. Panama Reviews >  Panama Cruises >

    Costa Rica

    The dream holiday destination of Costa Rica has long been on this list of top holiday destinations, and known as one of the happiest countries in the world! It's hot and dry from December through to March, although you can visit any time. But if you are looking to avoid the tropical down pours then head to Costa Rica in the dry season, and February is the peak season for holiday makers. It makes a visit here a little more expensive but you'll get to see Costa Rica at it's best and get to do more things. It has delightful beaches on both it Pacific and Atlantic coasts, and inland you'll find rain forest, volanoes and natural hot springs. Expect it to be about 27°c /81°f


    Thinking of a Cruise down the Panama Canal in February?


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