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    Where to holiday in June

    Where is hot in June? This wonderful month is the beginning of the season we've all been waiting for! So if you are looking for a holiday in June it's all the more difficult to choose as more options for hot destinations open up to us. European destinations start to come into their own and America's sprawling states can't be rivalled for their variety and thats just the start. So we've narrowed down some of our favourite June Holiday destinations. If you've had Zika on your mind or are searching for safe places to go on holiday our ideas may help you choose a new holiday destination that you hadnt thought of. And if you think a cruise will be your ideal holiday then head to the bottom of the page for our recommendations for where to cruise in June.


    Our top June recommended destinations ...




    Spain - Costa Blanca

    Spain in June, you know it's going to be hot! And with an average high of 32°c /90°f and upwards on the Costa Blanca it's a safe bet if you are looking for some June sunshine and beaches in Europe. Probably the best known holiday destination is Benidorm, with a long history of holiday makers, busy hotels, plenty of restaurants and shopping, and long wide sandy golden beaches. But outside of popular Benidorm there are miles and miles of gorgeous beaches on this coastline, from Calpe, Javea, Denia, Torrevieja and the gateway town of Alicante. Alicante boasts lovely beaches as well as being the second largest city in the province with all the history and array of architecture that comes with an old port city. It begins to get fairly busy in Spain in June, but you can make your holiday what you want it to be; so you can laze around on beaches, partake in the local spanish cuisine, enjoy the watersports or head out of the busy tourist districts and dive into the culture of this incredibly popular coast of Spain. European Destinations >



    Fresh, blue skied and invigorating Norway in June... maybe somewhere more considered for winter getaways on the edge of the Arctic Circle with its fascinating Northern lights and skiing. But if ever there was a good time to visit Norway at its best, then June is the perfect time to enjoy Norway's breathtaking Fjords. One of the most popular being Nærøyfjord (or Naeroyfjord), a World Heritagde site, is Nature at its most awesome. So we aren't talking sizzling temperatures but it is a warm and mild 14°c /57°f. Enjoy one of the most modern cities in the world, Norways capital Oslo, or one of it's traditional villages such as Vingelen with old wooden houses and it's ancient viking culture. Strangely summertime gets the most rain in Norway but as June is at the start of the summer season in Norway the summer showers are much lower than the peak months of July and August. June has the longest daylight hours and being so high up in the Northern Hemisphere you'll be able to make the most of the long days with around 19 hours of daylight and the sun setting at 10:44pm! European Destinations >

    Crete - Greece

    The sparkling island of Crete is a sweltering 30°c /86°f in June.Crete is the largest of Greece's many islands with beach after sandy beach sweeping around its turquoise coast making it an ideal mediterannean holiday destination. If you can drag yourself away from it's beaches you'll be surrounded by the remnants of it's ancient culture, delicious cuisine famed for its pure olive oli and sun blessed vegetables, dramatic landscapes of mountains and secluded coves. You'll get guaranteed sunshine and tourists are welcomed on this Greek island that has been welcoming travellers for centuries. Greece reviews >  European Destinations >


    Beautiful Montenegro makes for a wonderful June Holiday, with average highs reaching around 30°c /86°f in the middle of the month. As a new, up and coming holiday destination, this tiny country has a stretch of coastline that manages to squeeze in a good amount of beaches considering its size, with the areas of Budva and Bar benefitting from the most beaches with truly stunning clear aqua-marine waters. Green mountains, canyons, lakes, bays and marinas on top of old towns, monasteries, museums as well as plenty of modern hotels, Montenegro is simply the complete holiday package. A wonderful new holiday experience awaits you here in sunny Montenegro. European Destinations >


    June is one of the peak months to visit Turkey as the temperatures soar towards 30°c /86°f and now the dry season. The holiday makers come here in their droves in search of Turkeys glorious yellow beaches and warm clear sea and guaranteed sunny skies. The coastline is dotted with famous resorts such as Bodrum and Marmaris but don't be afraid to head outside of these resorts or a little further from the beach for some of the best bargains and serene and quiet accommodation away from the crowds. Ever popular Turkey will always be one of Europes top beach destinations with June among one of the favourite times to visit Turkey. Don't forget this year you'll need a visa to enter Turkey, it's very simple so don't let that put you off see Turkey Visa for more info. Turkey Reviews >


    Hot in Cyprus in June is rather an understatement! However if you haven't been here before and are looking for somewhere different to go then Cyprus should certainly be on your list. It's all about the hotels in the south and the beaches in the east. Sun worshippers in the south and parties in the east. However saying that, the East - mainly Aiya Napa is not just for party people, the magnificent beaches tempt everyone here, so you'll find every age group and every type of accommodation to suit you.  And it's very easy to avoid the clubs which are a little out of the way.  The food here is divine, especially if you choose a local taverna rather than a tourist cafe along the strip, even in a tourist cafe choose a souvlaki and it will be delicious.  You will be looking at around 30°c /86°f and pure sunshine. Cyprus Reviews >

    The Azores

    The intriguing islands of the Azores lie far out in the Atlantic ocean around 1000 miles to the west of Lisbon, Portugal. Belonging to Portugal, June in the Azores is a mild month around 22°c /72°f, and June is a particularly special month here as it's one of the months that you have a very good chance of seeing Earths largest mammal - The incredible Blue Whale. You will witness a huge variety of sea life due to the sea being full of plankton in June.  This means you'll get to watch one of natures best shows in this isolated and awe inspiring set of volcanic islands. Pico island is probably the most renouned, dominated by the Pico volcano, rich in greenery, flowers and wildlife. Come here to escape and visit unchanged nature on these ancient secluded Azores. European Destinations >



    It's around 27°c /81°f and sometimes a little hotter in Italy in the lovely month of June. Possible one of the loveliest months to visit, alive with street festivals and flowers it's incredibly romantic. Of course italy is known for it's many famous dishes and beautiful art, it's simply sensory overload! Rome is the number one destination, but if you've already been or are looking for somewhere else to go in Italy consider Florence, known as Firenze. Possibly best known for it's art and Michelangelo's Statue of David, this grand city has heavenly little side streets to shade you in midday. It's ideal to discover on foot and exploring the nooks and crannie for the real secrets of the city. Head out to the hills outside Florence for wine tasting in splendid Chianti.  Italy Reviews >


    Heavenly Portugal has a very warm climate in general and is one of the best places to go on holiday in June if you are looking for a mixture of beaches, sunshine, nightlife and relaxation. It will likely be upwards of 25°c /77°f and higher towards the end of June. With ancient pretty towns and a unique cuisine which blends mediterranean tastes with a spin on dishes all of its own with many seafood specialities it's certainly like nowhere else in Europe.  Famed for its sprawling golden coastline, fantastic golf courses, beautiful palaces and architecture it's dfinitely a more laid back pace here than it's Spanish neighbour. Portugal Reviews >


    What's the UK like in June? Well it can be a mixed bag of sunshine and showers, but seeing at this is one of those holiday destinations that can be visited all year round - the tourists don't come here in their droves for the sunshine unsurprisingly - you may just be lucky enough to get blue skies and mild warm weather. And if you are lucky then this can be one of the most beautiful countries in the world, naturally so green the summer here mixes the countryside floral aromas with the buzz of cities and rivers. And don't forget being an island, if you can drag yourself away from London and it's other capital cities of Cardiff, Edinburgh and Belfast then you'll find the coastline and beaches stunning.

    Amsterdam - Netherlands

    The incredible and fascinating city of Amsterdam is perfect to visit in June. With very low rainfall and bright sunny skies it will be up around 21°c /70°f and wonderfully pleasant for wandering aound this historic and beautiful city. Yes it has a reputation for some of the seedier pastimes! But every city has this and in the main this is a clean, friendly and fun city oozing with tradition and culture. It's one of those important cities to go on your travel bucket list, so if you are thinking of visiting Amsterdam in June get your flights early as the summer season starts now and this much loved city will be getting booked up. Amsterdam Reviews >

    Canary Islands

    If you are thinking of visiting the Canary Islands in June you will be in for some serious sunshine! Off the West coast of Africa they benefit from year round sunshine and June reaches 27°c /81°f and you'll be unlikely to get rain. Any of the Canary Islands will make an ideal holiday destination in June, but if you are struggling to decide which island to choose, why not visit a few? If you stay on Fuertaventura in the North of the Island you can take a ferry over to Lanzarote in just 20 minutes, and a ferry down to Gran Canaria will take just over an hour. These islands as well as Tenerife tend to have the best beaches and best accommodation choices, but when it comes to weather they will all be pretty much the same. Canary Island Reviews >  Best Island in the Canaries >

    Or why not go for a Cruise aroound the Canary Islands? This way you'll get to go to all the best places around this group of stunning Atlantic Isles, meaning you won't have to make that difficult decision on which Canary Island to visit!



    Such a pretty and fun island in the sun jam packed with beaches and a refreshing holiday vibe. Majorca is hot in June and getting busy, but with so much accommodatin and great flight options you can always find something here. Yes there's loud places, quiet places, classy areas, chilled out corners and generally all round child friendly its a top holiday choice and likely to be around 28°c /83°f . Majorca Holiday Reviews > 


    An ideal month to visit, June in Ibiza (pronounced Ibeetha!) has golden beaches, great restaurants and most importantly sunshine! Shop in its Old Town, party out of town, dine out along the shores many promenades and simply enjoy the atmosphere of this happy isle.  It's not just for partying, although you'll find it's fairly busy when it comes to the bars this time of year, many of the hotels are family friendly and theres plenty of villas on offer for a few families to share and watch the kids enjoy your own private pool.

    Best Mediterranean Cruises in June?

    Thinking of taking a Mediterranean cruise in June? You can cruise the mediterranean any time of year, look out for hot cruise destinations in the western med such as the Canaries and Madeira cruise routes in June, and the Eastern Mediterranean is now hot in June for a relaxing cruise this month.

    Luxury Holidays



    All Year round?

    Go for a river cruise! There's always somewhere in the world with a River Cruise offering sunshine and adventure, from the mystical Far East, to the jungles of the Amazon, wine tasting on the Rhine, or the magical Pyramids of Luxor. If you want to get away in June search our recommended River Cruises.





    Hooray! Tobago isn't in the hurricane belt! So visiting tobago in June is a great idea. When most of the other Caribbean islands head straight into the hurricane season from June through to October laid back Tobago will be continuing to benefit from a steady warm temperature of around 30°c /86°f. There is a little more rain in June however most of it falls at night and you will get the odd short burst of a tropical downpour in the afternoon from time to time. You can take a day tour over to its nearby neighbour of Trinidad, enjoy diving or snorkelling on the spectacular reefs, or simply soak up the sun on this friendly little Caribbean island. Tobago Reviews >


    Aruba is another Caribbean destination that sits outside of the hurricane belt so a great choice for a June holiday in the Caribbean. It lies much further west and south in the Caribbean than the other islands, which means it's a little further to get to, but an unspoiled gem!  It's likely to be around 32°c /90°f with the odd tropical thunderstorm now and then. Often included on some great cruise Itinaries at this time of year Aruba has an interesting mixed heritage with many different influences with dutch and spanish being a large influence and it certainly makes for some unique and delicious Aruban cuisine.

    St Lucia

    Nothing says luxury Caribbean holiday like St Lucia does!  And not being peak visitor time it means you can enjoy this haven of sun and relaxation in June at a fair price.  It does lie within the hurricane belt, but big storms are very infrequent and activity often bypasses St Lucia to the North West. Any tropical rainfall is usually short and sweet and in the afternoon, so join the many thousands of travellers that enjoy St Lucia in June.  Choose a trusted holiday company to book your St Lucia dream holiday and they'll discuss their hurricane policy with you to ensure your holiday goes smoothly should the very rare event of a hurricane happen. It's probably going to be 30°c /86°f in this beautiful location not far from the equater, those glittering waters are just waiting for you to float around in them! St Lucia Reviews >



    Cuba in June is hot and humid typically around 31°c /88°f. This is low season in Cuba, and the reason for this is that it is the hurricane season from June to November. But it's not like a hurricane hits here every week or even every month! So it doesn't stop thousands of people visiting Cuba in June and getting some great deals. There is more chance of a hurricane in August and October, so in June the risk is very low and you are more than likely going to have wonderful weather with a tropical thunderstorm now and then. It's always a good idea of course to just make sure your travel insurance covers hurricanes or book with a good Travel Agent and ask them about their hurricane policy. So if you are looking for cheap and cheerful, all inclusive, white caribbean beaches and a bit of culture you'll have it all in Cuba in June. Cuba Reviews >


    Barbados in a fantastic Caribbean destination in June, because although June to November is hurricane season in the Caribbean - the location of Barbados means it tends to be out of reach of the hurricanes with the likelihood of one hitting every 25 years, so it's pretty much outside the hurricane belt - hooray! Another Caribbean holiday island that's good to visit in June. Its 30°c /86°f and fairly humid at this time of year so a cool off with a dip in the ocean. Barbados Reviews >

    Dominican Republic

    The Dom Rep in June is close to it's peak temperatures around 30°c /86°f, but it is also hurricane season - this obviously puts a lot of people off. On the other hand hurricanes are more likely to hit the island in August and September statistically, and if it helps a hurricane will hit land here around every 10 years, so overall June is fairly low risk. Which means, as long as you have travel insurance that includes hurricane cover or you book through a reputable company with a good hurricane policy then you could be heading to this gorgeous island with a superb deal, and less crowds to share the idyllic miles of white sands. Dom Rep Reviews >


    Mexico in June is one of the hottest times to visit, sizzling away around 32°c /90°f. However you'll be correct in thinking that it's the hurricane season, which means that although the weather is great with a storm from time to time, it means there is always a risk.  Hurricanes tend to be more prevalent in August and October in Mexico, so June is a fairly good gamble. You'll get some great prices outside of peak season, and maybe just a little less busy. As we always recommend, check your holiday company's hurricane policy and make sure it's covered in your travel insurance and you'll be taking the worry out of booking a holiday in this beautiful holiday destination. Mexico Reviews >

    A Caribbean Cruise in June?

    If you are looking for the best places to go in June and you think the Caribbean is the place to go, why not go for a cruise this time? This way you'll get the options to visit plenty of Caribbean islands on your permanently floating hotel. We've got some great recommendations for a June cruise.

    Check out the National Hurricane Center website for Hurricane updates.


    Far East



    The best places to head for in Vietnam in June would be in Central Vietnam.  North, Central and South Vietnam all have varying and different weather patterns which come into their own in different months. But right now head out to Central Vietnam to the beaches of Nha Trang and you'll find it very hot around 32°c /90°f and with very little rain.  You have to expect a little rain from time to time in Vietnam, this is how it has such luscious dense green palms and jungle! Vietnam Reviews >

    Sri Lanka

    June in Sri Lanka can be a fantastic time to visit. The Far East in June is considered the beginning of the monsoon and typhoon season, however some places can be completely sheltered from this naturalyl turbulent season and the East Coast of Sri Lanka is one of these places. It's likely to be around 30°c /86°f and remains fairly dry. The spectacular East Coast beaches are breathtaking with a popular location being Arugum Bay, known for its surfing. The diverse culture and heritage here offers up some fascinating historical sights and attractions, from temples and museums to Sanctuaries and national parks. Asia Destinations >


    Travelling to Thailand in June is hot throughout, however it's on the edge of the wet season so you'll get a downpour now and then but it will be short, the rest of the time will be absolute bliss. To be on the safe side the best area of Thailand to visit in June is the east coast, this will be pretty much dry throughout the month and you can expect temperatures of 32°c /90°f. Koh Samui is probably the best known and largest island in the Gulf of Thailand, and although super popular it just has to be experienced, it has everything from waterfalls and green peaks, beautiful beaches, amazing resorts at affordable prices, modern shopping malls to authentic markets, and the best of all? The sea is a shade of turqouise like nowhere else in the world, enjoy the snorkelling and take a boat trip to see nature at it's most peaceful and idyllic. Thailand reviews >  Flights to Thailand >

    Bali - Indonesia

    It's hot in Bali in June and the height of the dry season, an ideal time to visit this beautiful Indonesian island. It's around the  29°c / 85°f mark, and perfect to take advantage of some of the most stunning marine life and go for a dive or snorkle off the coral reef. A haven of relaxation many come here for the yoga retreats, or to hike the incredible scenery - you can even hike a live volcano! But for those just thinking about relaxation, then it has the ideal hotels designed to promote utter serenity and the beaches are dreamy.  Bali Reviews >



    India and Indian Ocean



    It's peak holiday season in Mauritius in June, the hot and humid wet season is over and we are into the dry season. It's cooler by a few degrees in the dry season but is much more pleasant for stretching out on the beach and will be typically 25°c /77°f. There are some great activities here based around it's clear blue waters from catamaran trips to diving, or inland you can go canyoning, rockclimbing and trekking. It specialises in luxury here, but prices are fairly reasonable for what you get compared to other luxury destinations. It's absolutely ideal for your June Honeymoon and just as perfect for a family holiday.  Mauritius Reviews > 


    India in June is a fairly good month to visit, please be aware that it is immensley hot and if you are spending long days sightseeing then you'll need an umbrella for shade and a hat. However that said in June the temperatures begin to drop of a bit from the peak heat in April and May and towards the end of the June it really dips. The average is around 36°c /97°f. As the temperatures dip down into the following months of July to September it also brings rain with it, but in June it's the very early stages of the wet season so rainfall is usually fairly low. If you are doing the famous Golden Triangle Tour then it's a pretty good month as Dehli gets the least of the monsoon rain and it doesnt tend to hit the north of India until the very end of June and you'll find prices just a bit cheaper. India Reviews >


    June in the Maldives is hot, very hot and quite humid averaging 31°c /88°f. It's considered the low season due to the rain showers between May to November, but they don't tend to last long and are a refreshing relief from the scorching sun! It's seen as a honeymoon destination as it really is like paradise and is home to some of the worlds most luxurious resorts. But there's plenty of hotel options and it's not just a romantic destination, it's an exciting destination for some astonishingly beautiful marinelife with fantasic diving all year round. Maldives Reviews >


    Best Indian Ocean Cruises in June?

    The Indian Ocean is one of those destinations that is perfect for a cruise all year round, and if you are looking to Cruise the Indian Ocean in June we have recommendations on some of the best cruise destinations in the Indian Ocean and more information on cruises in June.




    New England, USA

    With a gloriously pretty coastline, New England in June is such a great choice for a summer holiday especially for those that enjoy the great outdoors! The summer in this region is wonderfully warm with an average high around 25°c /77°f. New England covers MaineVermontNew HampshireMassachusettsConnecticut and Rhode Island. Endless sandy beaches, beautiful Islands including the famous Marthas Vineyard, boat rides from Cape cod, one of the worlds top wooden roller coasters in Connecticut, Lakes in New Hampshire, Mountains in Vermont and the list goes on. One of the best ways to make the most of this corner of the USA in June is to take a driving holiday or coach tour to truly experience the scenery of this breathtaking region. USA Destinations >


    Alaska Cruises in June

    It's peak Alaska cruise season in June, one of the worlds most exciting cruise destinations! Combine it with San Fransisco for somewhere hot in June and you have a dream holiday. See our recommendations of Alaska cruises.





    Tanzania, Africa

    Thinking of a safari in June? Famed for it's astonishingly beautiful National parks such as the Serengetti and incredible wildlife, Tanzania in June is a very good month to visit. Just below the equator and on the shores of the Indian Ocean, Tanzania has spectacular paradise beaches well worth the visit even if you have mainly come for its famous safari. In June you'll find it a hot 29°c /84°f, but comfortable with fairly low humidity. Although you won't see the Great Migration in June, it is an excellent time for safari as June to November is the dry season. The major rains come to an end in may, so you will still see a little greenery but as is well known when sightseeing for African wildlife it's much easier to see the animals in the dry season as the animals will head for watering holes and so are easier to find and foliage is less dense so great for spotting the wildlife. See our travellers reviews for Tanzania. African Destinations >


    North Africa 


    Cape Verde

    If you are looking for good places to go in June but you've been to most European beach destinations, then Cape Verde is the newest beach destination within easy reach of Europe. Off the west coast of Africa it's an hour or so further south than the Canary Islands by air and is typically a few degrees hotter than the Canaries averaging 27°c /81°f but with highs throughout the month peaking a couple of degrees higher. The islands have some cracking waves, so great for windsurfing and surfing, and being the latest destination on the tourist map it's much less crowded than many summer destinations.  It's got a little way to go before it gets those buzzing tourist resorts we are used to, but with a mixture of European and African influences it is laid back and one of those holidays to choose if you are literally looking for sunshine, great beaches and quiet relaxation. You'll find a good range of new and modern hotels with new resorts opening up all the time as this hot destination takes off!


    It's really hot in June in Morocco, and this astonishingly beautiful destination has just about everything you could need for a summer holiday mixed with charm and tradition for an added dimension to your beach holiday. It's around 28°c /82°f down on the beaches and often in the 30's in the cities of Casblanca and Marrakech and an excellent time to go before it gets rather too hot in August.  It really appeals to those that are looking for a litle bit of rustic and intrigue to their summer holiday. Morocco Reviews >


    Middle East



    It's hard to find somewhere hotter in June than Dubai! It's heading towards it's peak heat in the following to months and is a baking 39°c /102°f in June.  Certainly too hot for some, but not everyone comes here specifically to lie on it's beaches in the blazing sun this month, many come for the grandeur of it's glamourous hotels, shopping and restaurants. Some great deals are to be had on gold and diamonds if you are looking for a special gift at some excellent prices. This is an exciting city and can be a little pricey, but you get what you pay for along with some of the best service standards in the world. Dubai Reviews >

    Ever thought of a Cruise in Dubai?  It's a popular All Inclusive choice for exploring the region.


    If you were looking for somewhere hot in June then maybe 36°c / 97°f would be sufficient! It's certainly a hot place to go in June and Jordan offers far more than just sunshine. It's history and landscapes are truly mesmerising along with it's natural beauty and deep blue skies, this is a land to be discovered and explored. Jordan Reviews >




    Not your typical summer holiday in June! But mystical Kazakhstan weaved with the history of the Great Silk Road is an incredible June destination. if you've done all the typical summer holiday destinations and are looking for adventure and culture as well as sunshine in June Kazakhstan is an exciting option. Kazakhstan is opening it's doors to the world with some awesome tours through lakes, mountains, ancient cities, and the historical footsteps of the Great Silk Road. Be prepared for soaring temperatures of around 35°c /95°f in June, some fantastic modern hotels in the biggest cities of Astana and Almaty, and a wild and magnificent land almost unexplored by the rest of the world yet tourist-ready and waiting! Kazakhstan Reviews >  Asia Destinations >


    Still cant make up your mind?  See these last minute deals - 


    Other hot places to go in June are >  TUNISIA  ITALY  THAILAND

    Vist our Hot in June page for places our travellers have been in June and reviewed as hot!

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