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    Where to Holiday in March

    If you are thinking of a holiday in March, take a look at our top recommended March destinations for hot holidays in 2017. Many of us struggle to find good places to go on Holiday in March so we suggest some great places to go outside of the rainy season and outside of the hurricane season. And with many of us worrying about Zika destinations or safe places to go on holiday with the family, we may just offer you some fresh ideas for March that you hadnt considered before. If you've been somewhere hot in March that you would recommend add your travel review. If you are looking for the best places for a cruise in March head to the bottom of the page for our recommendations.


    Our top March recommended destinations ...



    Canary Islands

    The Canary Islands in March are an ideal choice for warm temperatures and plenty of sunshine. If you are looking for a quiet island full of nature consider La Palma. It is a little different to the better known islands of Tenerife, Grand Canaria, Fuerteventura and Lanzarote. It's very mountainous, laid back and quiet with quaint towns, but still has gorgeous beach coves and fantastic weather. It's soft sandy beaches are actually fine black sand due to it being an ancient volcanic island, meaning it's rich volcanic soil allows for some truly stunning flora, pine forests and some great trekking. Or you will do well to choose any of the other islands for great activities, especially for the kids. With a multitude of hotels, bars and beaches you'll find some cracking deals. The Canaries are known for their year round sunshine and its a pleasant 22°c / 72°f on average in March. Canary Island Reviews >  Best Canary Island to Visit >



    If you are thinking of visiting Italy in March then its probably not going to be a beach holiday at 16°c / 61°f, but it's a fantastic time to visit the major cities of Italy in March. Rome, Milan, Florence, Venice and Turin will be sunny and quiet, and one of the best times of year to visit all the top sights without being bogged down with crowds and queues. Service is better, hotel and flight prices are better and on the whole a very enjoyable month for city exploring. Yes you'll have a few rain showers, and be cooler in the evening, but afternoons will be just right. Italy Reviews >

    Spain - Malaga

    We all know Spain is baking hot in the summer months but Malaga in March can reach a warm and sunny 19°c / 66°f, so if you fancy a European getaway the pretty traditional spanish city rests on the clear blue Costa del Sol. Visit it's many museums and galleries, sample local wine and cuisine and enjoy it's culture and heritage wandering through it's streets surrounded by gothic architecture mixed with modern, Malaga even has it's own 15th century castle...all this and a beach?  European Destinations >


    Crete - Greece

    Crete is one of the favourite Greek islands being the largest and more southernly of the Greek Islands and often warmer. In March in Crete is beginning to warm up nicely at 20°c / 68°f. It's often warmer than this but remember this is March and you can't be expecting the same heat as it gets in May. It's an island of beaches, and whichever resort you choose to stay in there's no need to just stay on that beach, explore a little and take a wander or boat trip to the next beaches along and see Crete at its best. See our travellers reviews for more sights in crete. Greece Reviews >



    Cyprus is one of those mediterranean destinations which remains hot for a lot of the year, Cyprus in March is warm and bright averaging 20°c / 68°f and getting warmer towards the end of the month. Ok by Cyprus's summer standards this is fairly cool, but if you are looking for a mediterranean destination this would be one of your best bets, and being out of season you will get incredible deals. It's great weather for doing the more cultural sightseeing out of the searing heat of summer, explore it's ancient capital Nicosia, enjoy driving the quiet roads across the island through the mountains, and search out the real Cyprus out of season and enjoy delicious meals in local tavernas rather than the typical tourist food joints. Cyprus Reviews >



    March in Malta is one of those months which will incorporate all weather,  it's genial mediterranenan location tends to mean it will have warm fresh days across the whole month, but often with surprising bursts of hot sun even upto 20°c sometimes. In general it will be from 15°c to 18°c in spikes, with the odd drizzly day or two. Visiting Malta in March will mean top holiday deals, with one of the favourite destinations being Bugibba.  Malta Reviews >

    MALTA FLIGHTS get away at a low cost >



    It's lovely and warm 18°c / 65°f in March in Madeira. It's not as well known as other winter destinations, but as many of us look for more interesting destinations for winter sun, Madeira has hopped up the list. It doesn't have masses of long sandy beaches but it has great weather, fantastic hotels, beautiful green scenery and is renouned for it's luscious plant life, along with a beautiful calm and relaxing ambience. It's lovely for couples and families, but there is still plenty enough nightlife for some top nights out, however it's certainly not know as a party island. Madeira Holiday Reviews >

    Madeira is often included in a Canaries Cruise, so it's a fantastic opportunity to take advantage of a short visit to this fascinating island to see if you'd like to go back for longer on your next holiday. Benefit from visiting more than one Canary island if you are unfamiliar with them and you have an all round great holiday package which will often include all your dining and evening entertainment.


    Reyjavik, Iceland

    If you've been looking for something exciting to do in March, then wrap up warm and take yourself off to picturesque Iceland for the worlds best natural light show, the Northern Lights. The best time of year to see this phenomenon is between October and March and is certainly a once in a life time holiday. While you are there, you can enjoy it's natural spas, chic coffee houses, modern bars as well as plenty of outdoor adventure from its geysers to its blue lagoon.

    Best Mediterranean Cruises in March?

    Thinking of taking a cruise in March? You can cruise the mediterranean any time of year, look out for hot cruise destinations in the med such as the Canaries and Madeira cruise routes in March.


    Luxury Holidays


    All Year round?

    Go for a river cruise! There's always somewhere in the world with a River Cruise offering sunshine and adventure, from the mystical Far East, to the jungles of the Amazon, wine tasting on the Rhine, or the magical Pyramids of Luxor. If you want to get away in March search our recommended River Cruises.


    North Africa 


    Cape Verde

    If you've been wracking your brains for somewhere interesting, safe, as well as hot in March then why not head out to the Cape Verde Islands?  It will be around 25°c /77°f warm and sunny.  Get there before the big tourist rush while it still remains un-spoiled and an up and coming tourist destination. It has all you need for a great sunshine holiday. Don't expect to find a lively nightlife on Cape Verde as it's not as developed as the Canary Islands or Madeira, but most hotels have plenty of entertainment and more than enough bars to keep you happy for your holiday. So if you are mainly looking for blue skies and somewhere hot thats not too far to fly to, then Cape Verde is a great choice, especially as an alternative to Eygpt and Tunisia if you are looking for a change. The islands of Cape Verde are lower than the Canary Islands off the west coast of Africa, so an extra hour or so flight time.  It's becoming well known for its watersports such as kitesurfing and surfing, and being a fairly new place to go it has many brand new and modern hotels. Cape Vere Reviews >


    If you've been looking for good places for a holiday in March within a reasonable distance then Morocco is a great choice. If you are heading for the beaches Agadir is a great location and will be around  25°c / 76°f. The exciting city of Marrakech will be around  23°c / 73°f. There is simply so much to recommend this country for activities, shopping, history and sunshine it's hard to know where to start, so if you are aiming for the beaches try to include a day or two heading in-land a little to benefit from the colourful culture, the incredible landscapes not to mention the majestic Atlas mountains. Morocco Reviews >


    It's warming up in March to an average of 21°c /70°f  but often a few degrees hotter throughout the month. It's always been very popular for holidays in the Spring and Autumn, as well as the summer for those that can handle the heat when it switches up to 34 degrees and higher.  The favourite resort is Hammamet, but if you take a short trip further south to Port El Kantaoui you'll be surprised to find a very modern and cosmopolitan area for glamourous shopping and pretty yachts.  Tunisia Reviews >  Tunisia New Departure Tax Please be aware of Foreign Travel Advice for Tunisia >





    It's a perfect time to visit Jamaica in March, as it's outside of the hurricane season, the rainfall is very low. On top of that it's warmed up nicely to around 29°c / 84°f which is great for lying around on those soft blond beaches and just right for a dip in the sparkling Caribbean Ocean. If you are staying in a resort your safety is their priority, so they will be taking good care of you and most of the time absolutely eveything you need will be inside your expansive resort. Take organised daytrips and excusions and again you'll be well looked after - visit the home of Bob Marley, take a Catamaran sea tour, visit the famous and busy Dunns River falls (well worth it even if it has become rather over touristy) and plenty more things to do in Jamaica on top of these main excusions. Jamaica Reviews 

    Caribbean Cruise

    If you've never actually been on a cruise before then you couldn't really make a better choice of destination if this is your first time on a cruise ship. Sailing around some of the most calm and stunning waters in the world is a wonderful way for you to start your cruise adventure. Aside from the fact that the cruise ship itself is an exciting holiday on its own, you'll be visiting some of the most famous islands in the world. Those idylic powder beaches waiting for you to snooze lazily on them after your all inclusive cruise ship dining, and a different cove or bay to take a dip in every day. Its likely to be around 30°c / 86°f  as you watch the transparent waters drift by from your floating hotel and sample the individual personalities of each caribbean island you stop at - all of course with those palms swaying.


    Cuba in March is wonderfully warm, 29°c / 84°f and even higher towards the end of the month. It's the dry season in the Caribbean and it remains dry in Cuba from November to April. So March is an ideal time to visit this mysterious and intriguing holiday destination. With a very interesting history and different way of life you'll be taken back in time with their colourful pretty colonial buildings, their famous 50's era cars and a country where you won't find even one McDonalds! So you really will be getting away from it all here. The beaches are divine, the people are lovely, and the best bit is probably the clarity and warmth of the sea - like sparkling bath water it's so warm! Many people try to take a trip to Havana on their holiday, but if you are looking for pure relaxation don't feel pressure to visit Havana as it does require some effort to get there if you are staying in the south, but if you are itching to see this historic city then it's well worth the excusion fee, book in advance if you can as it's very busy at this time of year. Cuba Reviews >

    Dominican Republic

    It's hot in the Dominican Republic in March! It has some of the lowest rainfall in the year and is pretty much a perfect destination for March sunshine at 31°c / 88°f. So if you are thinking of visiting the Caribbean then March is definitely one of the best months to visit before the hurricane and rainy season. The Dominican Republic will have golden sands, warm azure ocean, fantastic hotels and is the most visited tourist destination of the Caribbean islands. Palm trees, waterfalls, diving, culture, whale watching, sunshine and sand as well as being fairly safe and trouble free in the main makes it a destination that you can depend on for a great stress free holiday. Dominican Republic Reviews >



    Beautiful Barbados swelters in heat of 29°c / 84°f  Caribbean sunshine. This is a small island in the south west of the Caribbean with some of the best hotels in the world, the calmest azure waters and softest white sands. Bajan culture and cuisine is a delight for your senses, you won't feel much need to leave your hotel but if you do there are plenty of tours from boat trips to shopping trips, explore caves, wildlife reserve tours and island tours crossing this sugar cane carpeted green island. Barbados Reviews >

    St Lucia

    There's more to St Lucia than beaches, ok there's sunshine too - around 30°c / 86°f of it. The twin peaks of this volcanic island are the iconic outline of St Lucia, and the ancient volcanoes dominate the lushious rain forested landscape. It has created natural hot springs and bubbling mud pools which make this island a natural spa. You'll find every type of hotel here from exclusive resorts to laid back independant hotels and holiday bungalows. St Lucia Reviews >  Caribbean Map >


    Incredible Mexico has so much to offer as a holiday destination it's hard to know where to start, but as a Caribbean Destination from Cancun south it's a guaranteed winter sunshine holiday at roughly 28°c / 82°f. The coast winds southwards from Cancun towards the Riviera Maya, along a shore of calm blue Caribbean seas perfect for snorkelling and diving. Mexico knows how to do all inclusive hotels, but around all resorts you'll find plenty of independant restaurants to sample the local Mexican cuisine. If you can drag yourself away from the idyllic beaches head off to the Mayan Pyramids for some ancient mystical culture or take a boat trip across to the Isla Mujeres from Cancun. Mexico Reviews >


    Stunning Tobago offers something not many of the other islands can offer, serious southern sunshine 32°c / 90°f with an attitude all of it's own and it's outside of the hurricane belt! It's location allows life to flow on here uninterrupted unlike the other Caribbean Islands so Tobago really has a special charm not being dependant on the peak season. However, very much like the other islands the pace of life here is chilled out and slow.  Come here to find mountains of palms reaching down into hidden deserted paradise beaches, and for slightly more pace visit it's colourful capital Scarborough. That being said the Tobagans also know how to host their visitors and show them a good time with a fantastic array of hotels. Tobago Reviews >


    A Caribbean Cruise in March?

    If you are looking for somewhere hot to go in March and you think the Caribbean is the place to go, why not go for a cruise this time? This way you'll get the options to visit plenty of Caribbean islands on your permanently floating hotel. We've got some great recommendations for a March cruise.


    Far East



    This incredible country is a far east experience to assault all your senses! Visit Vietnam in March and you'll be visiting at the driest time of the year and it's outside of the typhoon season. You can expect warm temperatures of around 35°c / 95°f in March. So with it beginning to warm up rather nicely you get to enjoy all the marvellous sights without the sweltering and humid days you can expect later in the year. If this is going to be a one time only visit and holiday of a lifetime then a tour through Vietnam should include a stop at Hanoi, a cruise on Halong Bay, some beach time at Hoi An, some maritime adventure with some snorkelling at Nha Trang and a city tour of exciting Ho Chi Minh City. Vietnam Reviews >   Asia Destinations >


    If you are looking for some serious sunshine then March in Cambodia is probably the ideal time to go. It's outside of the rainy season, and this is where it begins to really heat up towards the very hottest point of the year at a sweltering 35°c / 95°f. A land of culture, a raw and recent tragic history has shaped this heritage rich country into the new and fascinating country it has become today. Ancient temples, beautiful landscapes, magical architecture and kind welcoming locals will make this without doubt a trip of a life time. Siem Reap is one of the most popular cities to visit with a tour of of nearby Angkor Wat which is dramatic Hindu temple complex and probably the most popular attraction in Cambodia. Phnom Penh is a little closer to the coast and the biggest city in the country that is a must see if you are choosing a tour, however it's not all about touring. If you simply want a beach holiday its coastline in the south of the country is lined with pristine white sands backed by lush jungle or find pure luxury on the Koh Rong Islands. Cambodia Reviews >



    Rain in March in Myanmar is rare as it heats up to around 36°c / 97°f! It's the start of the hot season and a month of colourful festivals including the full moon festival Kakku Pagoda Festival, one of the most exciting religious and social events of the year. Myanmar is fast becoming a top tourist destination opening up its doors to indredible sights and culture. You'll need a tourist visa which lasts 4 weeks and you may need Malaria medication for some regions as well as vaccinations, so Myanmar isn't usually a last minute holiday destination but it will certainly be hot in March! Asia Destinations >


    It's hot in Thailand in March, very hot! The best places to visit in March are probably the islands in the south, as Bangkok and the north are hot and humid. It's around 33°c / 91°f on Islands such as Koh Samui or Phuket which are paradise islands and ideal to take a dip in the clear tuquoise sea to cool off. Both Islands are some of the biggest islands around the Thai coast and with that comes some busy nightlife and plenty of shopping. Koh Samui on the East Coast has the famous Koh Pha Ngan island of the full moon parties to visit as well as lots of smaller paradise ilses, and Phuket has the famous Koh Phi Phi to take a trip out to as well as lots of smaller islands. Thailand Reviews >

    Flights to Thailand >


    Malaysia in March is a really good time to visit. Malaysia is a comlpicated country weather wise, with two monsoon seasons, one on the west coast and one on the east coast at different times of the year. However the east coast is in fully swing in March with very little rain now that the monsoon season has finished here, but don't be surprised by a few wet days now and then any time of the year, it will still be hot! And on the west coast, it's famous islands of Penang and Langkawi will be drenched in sun as it comes to the end of the west coast monsoon season. It's typically 31°c / 88°f at this time of the year. Borneo, (part of Malaysia but on North stretch of a large separate island, shared with Indonesia in the south and Brunei in a small corner of the north) is also great to visit in March being one of the driest times of the year and famed for it's rain forest and especially Orangutans exclusive to Borneo and Indonesia. Malaysia Reviews >


    Bali - Indonesia

    Bali is a dream far east location, a stunning island among Indonesia's many tropical islands. March in Bali is when the rains are coming to an end and is heading into Peak season next month, so getting there before it starts to get busy and the prices rise is just ideal. You may get a downpour from time to time, but generally nothing significant. With endless idylic beaches set to a backdrop of a volcano, the waters are alive with some of the worlds most magnificent sea life and fantastic diving and snorkelling. Bali Reviews >






    It's spring break in March and New Orleans in Louisiana bursts back into life, a warm 22°c / 72°f with lovely sunny days. Known as a city to party in - especially in March - New Orleans is a completely fascinating city on the Mexican Gulf. It's not just for party goers, every type of tourist will enjoy the culture, food, music, ambience, and beautiful old eclectic architecture. Louisiana is home to countless lakes, in particular Lake Charles, well known for it's beaches, watersports and wildlife. You'll also find plenty of beaches along it's gulf coast, this is the type of holiday destination for those looking to be entertained and exploring America's south. 



    Even if you've been to Florida many times, there are so many wonderful places to visit and endless beaches on the Gulf Coast, the Keys and Atlantic coastline you could visit 20 times and not scratch the surface of what Florida has to offer. It has reached 26°c / 79°f by now in March so no wonder it's one of the USA's best holiday destinations. Miami being a hub airport is naturally one of the first places to start your holiday from, a great city on the east coast with beautiful views of Marinas, amazing shopping, wide sandy beaches. Futher south are the Florida Key's and around the peninsula on the west coast are the Gulf beaches and city of Tampa. You'll have heard of Florida's alligators, so if you are curious to catch sight of one take an airboat ride around the Everglades. And we haven't even touched on the grown-ups playground of Disneyland in Orlando yet! Florida Reviews >


    India and Indian Ocean


    The North of India in March is a great time to visit for a Golden Triangle Tour. The Monsoon season in India doesnt start until June, but if you are going to take a trip to India after March then it starts to get incredibly hot. The temperatures in March start to begin rising and the average will be around 33°c / 91°f, or its just that bit cooler in February if this heat in March is a little much for you. The sights of the Golden Triangle including Agra, Jaipur and Dehli are on most of our 'to do' travel bucket lists, so why not escape the crisp cold month of March back home and head off on an organised Tour for some sunshine and adventure in March. Or if it's the beach you are looking for you'll find some great holidays in Goa and it will be hot at 33°c / 91°f and sometimes higher, October to March is great beach holiday weather. India Reviews >


    It's the dry season in the Maldives in March, and the temperature tends to stay around 30°c / 86°f. May to November has more rain and storms, whereas March is at it's peak heat and a fantastic month for a holiday in the Maldives. After idyllic beaches and sunshine, one of the top things to do in the Maldives is to go Whale Watching. Take a whale safari and you'll have the opportunity to see many whale species even the incredible Blue Whale. The resorts in the Maldives specialise in Luxury so enjoy the Spa options, listen to the hum of nature and relax! There's plenty of excursions and if you want to find out a little more about Maldivian life, a trip to one of the inhabited islands and sample local curries, buy hand crafted gifts and watch the local fishermen come in with their days catch.



    The Seychelles has been welcoming and looking after tourists for years, so you can expect them to be good at it! It's favourite Honeymoon holiday destination and cruise stop and March is their peak of summer. However this is a tropical island and with that comes rain. It doesn't necessarily rain every day, and when it does rain it just may be an afternoon downpour but do expect a few days to have rain at this time of the year which is still the wet season - unlike back home it doesn't get cold when it rains. Gorgeous national parks support rich marine life and make it perfect for a snorkelling exerience in warm clear waters. It's likely to be around a sizzling 31°c / 88°f, and you can shelter inland amongst its green mountains where you'll find restaurants scattered around offering the delicious Creole dishes it so loves. Its a very small island, and well worth touring around rather than staying put in your resort. Seychelles Reviews > Indian Ocean Destinations >


    Yes Mauritius is definitely hot in March, 30°c / 86°f .The summer in Mauritius is now at it's peak temperatures in February and March. With the heat comes a sprinkling of  rain now and then and possibly a thunderstorm, however when the rain burns off quickly you'll get scorching sunshine, and you'll also see the plant life and forests at it's very best having enjoyed a good watering! It's what keeps Mauritius beautifully green. Some of the best resorts in the world have set themselves up on Mauritus so that guests can ejoy the alluring beauty of the beaches and the warm Indian Ocean for a dip. See our Mauritius reviews for travellers who have been in March. Mauritius Reviews > 

    Best Indian Ocean Cruises in March?

    The Indian Ocean is one of those destinations that is perfect for a cruise all year round, and if you are looking to Cruise the Indian Ocean in March we have recommendations on some of the best cruise destinations in the Indian Ocean and more information on cruises in March.


    Central America


    Costa Rica

    The dream holiday destination of Costa Rica is perfect in March. It has both tropical and sub-tropical climates as well as highlands and low stretches on the coastline, which essentially means the weather will vary depending on where exactly you go and when you go. Probably most important is to decide whether you want to travel in the dry season or the wet season? March is in the dry season in Costa Rica, which means it gets little rain compared to the green months later in the year, but it also means it's very popular and a bit more pricey! It has an average temperature of 27°c / 80°f however it could get a lot hotter in some places. It's probably well worth the extra cash to go on holiday in March if this is going to be a once in a lifetime trip visiting the volcanoes, jungles and untouched beaches. With a laidback lifestyle and everything from treehouse accommodation to sheer luxury Costa Rica will prove to be a wonderful holiday choice.


    March is hot in Panama 32°c / 90°f and very little rain as it's right in the middle of the dry season. Panama has really opened up as a tourist destination with many cruises stopping off here and now holiday makers are heading directly there, looking to explore new hot destinations. Of course the overwhelming wonder of man-made beauty - the Panama Canal is a huge draw, but Panama City itself is a bustling draw to many thousands of tourists. Take a look at our Panama reviews for ideas on what to do in Panam. Panama Reviews >  Panama Cruises >


    Middle East



    March is probably one of the best times to visit Dubai if you really like it hot. It's going to be about  28°c / 82°f which is pefect beach and outdoor weather before it starts to become a little oppressive even reaching 40 degrees by as early as May. Known for it's incredible luxury hotels and some of the best shopping in the world with - can you believe - over 70 shopping Malls in Dubai! World class food and more activities than you'll have time to get started on this is one destination thats just getting ever more popular. Dubai Reviews >

    Ever thought of a Cruise in Dubai?  It's a popular All Inclusive choice for exploring the region.



    Oman is fast becoming the next big tourist destination for those who love destinations like Egypt, Morocco and Tunisia and are looking for somewhere new this year. Oman is hot hot hot! So it's not necessarily where you want to be in summer, but you definitely want to be in Oman in March. Its a refreshing average  27°c / 81°f in March so is one of the more popular times to visit this fascinating little country. Intrigue, mystery, tradition, culture, beauty and then you have the stunning beaches. Clear warm waters of the Gulf of Oman and the Arabian sea, and desert with those sand dunes you've only seen in movies! Be at the forefront of the next big holiday destination. Oman Reviews >



    Head to the south of Jordan where its nice and hot in March, down on the Gulf of Aqaba which leads into the Red Sea is the best for warm beach resorts. But a visit to Jordan doesn't seem complete without a visit to the Dead Sea which will also have fine weather. Perhaps Jordan is best known for it's mystical rose city of Petra, eeked out of the rocks and one of the man made ancient wonders of the world. It will likely be around 23°c / 73°f from mid March and even higher at the end of the month. Jordan Reviews >



    South America


    Brazil - Rio de Janeiro

    Brazil is a vast country, so weather will of course vary dramatically according to where you visit. But if you are looking for a beach holiday in Rio de Janeiro then March is one of the best times to visit. The hot season is between January and March so you will find that March in Rio is a whopping 31°c / 88°f! You an expect a few tropical thunderstorms and it's likely to be rather busy being peak season. Rio is famous for its festivals, and in March it's the Rio Circuit which is a cycling event that passes through the city and draws large crowds from all over the world.  Holy week can sometimes land in the March Calendar, otherwise it's in April and is centred around Easter celebrations lasting a week. The city of Rio lies along a sizzling white beach and is nestled between a backdrop of stunning mountains including the renouned Sugarloaf mountain. South American Destinations >


    Ecuador - Galapagos Islands

    The remote islands of Galapagos lie over 600 miles off the Euadorian coast, however these unique islands are on many people Travel 'to do' list for the incredible scenery and wildlife. Ecuador in March is summer season, and the temperature out on the islands will reach around 31°c / 88°f , so it's pretty hot! This time of the year comes with it's fair share of tropical rain, but it is less rain in March than peak season of December and January. It's part and parcel of this regions makeup and creates the lush jungle and cloud forests! If you have the time to take a cruise/boat tour out to the islands this really is the best way to see the magnificent wildlife and get as close as possible to many of the parks as much of it is protected. However you can fly there from the mainland, of course you wouldn't want to miss out on spending a little time on the fantastic beaches on the mainland as well as some fascinating city tours and nightlife. Definitely a trip of a lifetime.


    Best Places to go on Safari in March 

    If you are looking for the best time to go on a safari you will find that theres a country in Africa that can offer you safari any time of the year. However, if you are looking for good places to go in March then East Africa will tend to be the best destinations as it is still just within the dry season. These are our top recommended Safari destinations in March:


    Although June to September is the dry season in Tanzania, March is one of the best times of the year to see game and the Wildebeest calving in the Serengeti. You'll still get to take an amazing safari albeit out of season and you'll be away from the packed crowds that arrive from June, meaning a more leisurely safari pace and some top safari deals. The main rains begin in April, so by going in March you'll typically find the weather to be around 29°c / 84°f and perfect for combining with a beach holiday on some of the softest powder sands in the world.


    Other countries that are hot in March: BAHAMAS  FIJI  TUNISIA  MOROCCO  MADEIRA   

    For more ideas read our Holiday reviews for destinations that are  HOT IN MARCH > 

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    Where to Cruise in March? If you've been thinking about taking a cruise in March but want to know where the best places to cruise with the best weather are then we can help with recommendations and ideas for your holiday on the seas.


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