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    Where to Holiday in December

    If you are looking for travel inspiration for where to go on holiday in December, we have a few ideas for you, to help you find fantastic locations with sunshine in December. Finding somewhere good to go in December that has sunshine and safe places to go on holiday can make for a tough decision especially with Zika concerns, so with fresh ideas we may ofer you a December holiday destination that you may not have thought of before. If you've been somewhere hot in December that you would recommend add your travel review. And if relaxing aboard a luxury cruise liner is the ideal holiday for you then head to the bottom of the page for our best places to cruise in December recommendations.


    Our top December recommended destinations ...




    Canary Islands

    You have plenty of choices for places to go in the Canary Islands!  It's well known for being a winter holiday destination in Europe, and of course its not it's hottest month in the Canary Islands but due to it's positioning it remains mild and warm all year round. In December there could be a small sprinkling of rain now and then and cool evenings but the daytime is generally speaking about 22°c / 73°f. See our Canaries reviews for more information on the individual islands but the firm favourites are Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Fuertaventura and Lanzarote. Canaries Holiday Reviews > Best Canary Island to Visit >

    More European Destinations >



    The island of Madeira is a Portuguese island off the North African coast and is mild and warm if you are looking for a good December holiday destination in Europe. It will probably be around 20°c / 68°f.  The beaches are a soft volcanic black sand set to a backdrop of an island of raw natural beauty, you will find the occasional yellow sand beach but enjoy the volcanic nature of the island which gives Madeira it's wonderful ambience and rich fauna and flora. The surf here is fantastic and even holds international surf competitions albeit the sea in December is a bit chilly. It has some very popular street markets in Porto Santo if you are thinking of taking some gifts home. Albeit part of Portugal, most Holiday companies list Maderia separately. Madeira Holiday Reviews >

    You could combine a visit to Madeira with a holiday to the Canary Islands on a cruise as many itineraries tie them in together. An ideal way to taste a bit of culture in Madeira with the trusted sunshine of the Canaries. And the views from your ocean hotel are likely to be spectacular. With cruises designed for the younger generations nowadays, it's the latest holiday choice for a little luxury and adventure.



    No, it's not hot in Amsterdam in December! But if you fancy being cold for that winter wonderland feeling in one of the prettiest cities in the world, Amsterdams Christmas Markets are open and the city is lit up and buzzing. 

    Reyjavik, Iceland

    If you've always dreamed of seeing the Northern Lights, then December is a top month to see them in Iceland. You can go to the sunshine any time, but the lights are best seen in the winter months, so get packed for some serious excitement and adventure.

    Best Mediterranean Cruises in December?

    Thinking of taking a Mediterranean cruise in December? You can cruise the mediterranean any time of year, look out for hot cruise destinations in the western med such as the Canaries and Madeira cruise routes in December. There are still pockets of warmth in the Eastern Mediterranean, but even when it's chilly there is so much sightseeing to do here it's possibly one of the better times to do it with no crowds and lots of pretty December markets set up for the festivities making for an exciting cruise this month. Either way just staying aboard your ship is a holiday in itself.


    North Africa 


    Cape Verde

    Hooray! A new December destination thats hot! The islands of Cape Verde off the coast of North West Africa make for an ideal winter sun destination averaging 27°c / 80°f with plenty of sunshine and minimal rain showers. Cape Verde is a fantastic holiday destination all year round which isn't yet overwhelmed with tourists, so enjoy it before the tourists arrive in their droves in the coming years. Being straightforward to get to and avoiding some of the unrest in other North Africa holiday destinations, this island has huge sandy beaches awaiting you in this peaceful, hot December holiday destination. Cape Verde Reviews >


    Morocco in December is an ideal destination to get a bit of sunshine. It's only actually 10 miles away from the southern tip of Spain, so quite a short distance for flights from European destinations. It will be around 19°c / 66°f, so a lovely mild temperature to stroll around the Souks and lie out with a book around the hotel pool. Essaouira is one of the best known beach locations, Marrakech remains one of the top tourist destinations, and Casa Blanca is less touristy and more modern with colonial French feel to it. Enjoy a wonderful afternoon in a Hammam, take a tour out to the desert with the back drop of the Atlas mountains en route, camel treks and 4x4 advernture and so much more. It will definitely be a lot cooler in the evenings and there is typically a light sprinkling of rain throughout the month. A truly great december holiday destination if you can be flexible to weather changes. Morocco Holiday Reviews >

    All Year round?

    Go for a river cruise! There's always somewhere in the world with a River Cruise offering sunshine and adventure, from the mystical Far East, to the jungles of the Amazon, wine tasting on the Rhine, or the magical Pyramids of Luxor. If you want to get away in December search our recommended River Cruises.




    This Caribbean country simply sizzles in December. If you visit Cuba in December you'll find the temperature averages 27°c / 80°f with a few showers now and then in the afternoon or night cooling things off nicely. With gorgeous beaches and fascinating cities a holiday here can be as busy or as chilled out as you choose for it to be. Relax on white beaches and dive into crystal clear turquoise sea and explore the unique culture that Cuba has to offer. Cuba Holiday Reviews >  Caribbean Destinations >

    St Lucia

    Always seen as a honeymoon island due to it's luxurious hotels, peace and quiet and natural spa like qualities of the volcanic island - St Lucia will certainly be hot in December! Of course it's not just for the newly weds, it suits familes just as well with plenty of fun activities for everyone. In December it's wonderfull blue skies and temperatures of  29°c / 84°f means it tends to be peak season here, so start looking now for the best early deals! St Lucia Reviews >


    Yes people have been going to Barbados for ever! But if you have never been, make this your year as this really is the quintessential Caribbean island which ticks every box from sunshine to glamour, beaches to wildlife, marine-life to night-life and some of the best resorts in the world to relax and unwind. Take yourself snorkelling, with pretty fish right off the beach and calm water its ideal, and for the more adventurous a boat trip for snorkelling further out won't disappoint and look out for those friendly Barbadian turtles! It's probably going to be around 29°c / 84°fBarbados Reviews >

    Caribbean Cruises

    We know you weren't necessarily thinking of a cruise when you were looking for somewhere warm to go in December, but if you were ever thinking of going on one, then the Caribbean is the place to go on a cruise! Stop at a new island every day and enjoy the calm days out on the turquoise clear sea under the blistering Caribbean sunshine. You won't be able to get bored with a new view every day, it's ideal for those of you that want just a little bit of adventure as well as the all inclusive element. The weather is absolutely perfect in December, it's typically over 28°c / 82°f and with very little rainfall the hurricane season has come to an end and the Caribbean positively blooms this month.


    Visit Mexico in December and it will be a sunny and mild average of around 27°c / 80°f. It's a year round destination so great to visit any month of the year, but you'll be guaranteed some fantastic holiday deals in December. The Caribbean Coast is the most popular, and this time of year really is perfect for excusions without the sweltering summer heat. Take trips out the the Mayan ruins and enjoy this ancient country's intriguing culture as well as it's beaches and cuisine. It's peak season, so book early for deals. Mexico Reviews >

    Domincan Republic

    The stunning Dominican Republic still remains ever popular due to it's great beaches and hotels. It's got year round sunshine and is one of the livelier Caribbean destinations, with every type of fun holiday activity you can imagine.  They are particularly good at all inclusive here, so take the hard work out of your holiday, put your feet up and don't worry about searching for restaurants. It's one of the best months of the year to visit and will hover around  31°c / 88°f. Dom Rep Reviews >  Caribbean Map >


    It's peak season in the Caribbean and if you've never been to one of the friendliest nations in the whole of the Caribbean then head to Tobago!  It's the little sister of Trinidad with it's own colourful personality. In December it will be a warm and dry 30°c / 86°f on average. It's got the usual pale yellow powder sands, and lies far south in the Caribbean off South America close to the equator.  It's quiet and calm but you can find the partying when you need it, and with lively Trinidad next door it's makes for a great day trip.  Tobago Reviews >



    Sunny happy Jamaica is around 30°c / 86°f with very low rainfall in December. An island full of activities and sites as well as wonderful beaches and nightlife. Famed for it's unique personality and reggae music thanks to Bob Marley, it's atmosphere is buzzing with Caribbean party fun, coconuts and rum. Excusions can be on the pricey side especially if you are booking when you get there so search for deals before you go.  And even if you don't set foot outside your resort, there's more than enough to do to fill each day with beach lounging, watersports , bbq's and cocktails.  Jamaica Reviews >


    A Caribbean Cruise in December?

    If you are looking for hot places to go in December and you think the Caribbean is the place to go, why not go for a cruise this time? This way you'll get the options to visit plenty of Caribbean islands on your permanently floating hotel! We've got some great recommendations for a December cruise.

    Luxury Holidays



    Far East 



    Thailand appeals to all our senses, with its year round warm temperatures, the unforgetable smells - some good some bad! The incredible beauty of it's shore lines, the exotic sounds of nature as the sun goes down and delicious fragrant foods on offer. Thailand in December is a very good time to visit this beautiful destination with an average of 28°c / 82°f and a low amount of rainfall now that the rainy season is over. It's still not peak season, so you'll benefit from better pricing and less visitors for the sake of a shower now and then! Laze around or explore and enjoy a December holiday in the sun in one of the best holiday destinations Asia has to offer. Thailand Holiday Reviews >  More Asia Destinations >  Flights to Thailand >


    You can expect plenty of sunshine in Cambodia in December. The monsoon season is over so you can generally expect low rainfall, and fairly low humidity in comparison to other months. A nice average of 28°c / 82°f for December makes it a good choice for a Cambodia vacation, although of course this can change according to where you are planning to visit so dress accordingly, for example its a lot cooler up in the mountains if you are trekking. The beaches of Cambodia are like paradise to be enjoyed anytime of the year, but why not escape the cold dark weather where you are and visit Cambodia in December! Asia Destinations >


    It's ideal weather in both the North and South of Vietnam in December, not so great in Central Vietnam until towards the end of the month. This is one exciting and beautiful country to visit and it's hard to stay in one location with so much to see. Expect it to be about 29°c / 84°f  Vietnam Reviews >






    With a surprising number of sunshine hours in December, well over 10 hours! You can make the most of your day in Hawaii in December.  A nice warm average of 25°c / 77°f this month and often hotter means you will be guaranteed a lovely holiday with only an occasional shower. Be aware that it can get a little busy this month as everyone wants what you escape to the sun! Try out some of the lesser known locations in Hawaii in order to get yourself a good deal and you can always explore from there. Hawaii Reviews >


    India and Indian Ocean



    If you are looking for culture, history, the buzz of a city in an exotic location and some sunshine in December then Mumbai is an ideal city to visit. December weather is dry and hot, you'll find no rain and slightly lower humidity than usual which will make your sight seeing a whole lot nicer! It will average around 27°c / 80°f typically with around 8 hours of sunshine. As the home of Bollywood, Mumbai is not your typical holiday destination, but with plenty of unique and interesting attractions from sprawling beaches to historic monuments, to top restaurants and clubs it shouldn't be bypassed as just a gateway to India. India Holiday Reviews >

    More Indian Destinations >


    Golden Triangle - India 

    The weather cools down to a bearable temperature in December in the North of India to 24°c / 75°f which makes it a great time to do the famous Golden Triangle tour which includes Delhi, Agra and Jaipur. One of the most visited areas of India and high up on many travellers wish list; ancient sites along with the awe inspiring structure of the Taj Mahal intertwined with India's fascinating culture and delicious cuisine makes for an exciting adventure holiday in the sunshine. If you don't like serious heat but do want to travel then this is a good month to go, just be aware that it atually gets a little chilly in the nights. Most visitors head to India's Golden Triangle between October to March. Down on the beaches of Goa it's right in the middle of the beach season as there's virtually no rain and it's approximately 30°c / 86°f, and many take the option to get away over New Year.  India Holiday Reviews >


    It's peak season in the Maldives in December, but you wanted hot and it certainly is at 30°c / 86°f. It's the beginning of the dry season so although you may see an occasional sprinkle of light rain it's predominently dry. Immerse yourself in true desert island style and enjoy these incredible islands perfectly set up to take care of all your holiday needs. Idylic golden beaches and warm Indian Ocean water rich in masses of colourful and impressive sea life. Maldives Reviews >


    Mauritius in December is fairly reliable in the earlier weeks for great weather, the closer you get to January the more rainfall you can expect, with January to April being the wet summer months, and more risk of cyclones between January and February (although they don't always hit land so the risk is fairly low). It will be averaging 29°c / 84°f of wonderful sunshine although some humidity. Most holiday makers head here to relax in their resort of white sand beaches and peace and quiet, but there's nothing to stop you getting out and exploring. The roads are great, and if you head into St Louis you'll find a modern Mall on the outskirts, and the usual McDonalds and and busy restaurants near the port and marina. Inland is a luscious carpet of sugar cane, and dotted along the coast are little villages and local beaches. Mauritius Holiday Reviews >


    Central America



    December kicks off the peak travel season in Panama, which is the beginning of the dry season. It will be around 30°c / 86°f and and the dry weather means lower humidity hence a great time to visit. Well known for it's wonder - the Panama Canal, there's plenty more to see and do when you get here. This welcoming country will offer you the trip of a lifetime with the glamourous and buzzing Panama city, alive with market stalls and oozing it's rich heritage to beaches and tropical rainforests. Now firmly on the tourist trail take a package holiday which includes these main sights to fit it all in! Panama Reviews >  Panama Cruises >

    Fancy Cruising the Panama Canal?

    Costa Rica

    December in Costa Rica is one of the best months to visit Costa Rica.  What better way to spend December than escaping cold dark nights to the stunning beaches of Costa Rica in the peak of the dry season. Get your hiking shoes on and take a trek through the rain forest for some spectacular sights and sounds of the jungle, and if you've never seen a volcano before then here's the place to visit one. The volcanoes here are among the top visitor attractions with active volcanoes scattered throughout the land, possibly the most famous being Mount Arenal. Known for being among the happiest people on earth take a piece of that happiness home with you after a central american adventure. It will be a comfortable but hot 26°c / 78°f.


    Middle East



    It's a cool and refreshing 25°c / 76°f for once in Dubai, with a small chance of a smattering of much needed rain. A great place to indulge in a bit of luxury with some of the most opulent hotel choices in the world and even more being built. It's a great opportunity for some bargain shopping on designer goods as well as jewellery, with gold and diamonds offering some fantastic prices.  Enjoy the mild weather rather than the normal sweltering heat! Dubai Reviews >

    Ever thought of a Cruise in Dubai?  It's a popular All Inclusive choice for exploring the region.


    Oman in December will be warm, around the 26°c / 79°f mark. Tourism here has boomed recently as we look for more and more interesting destination for winter sunshine. You'll be welcomed by a dramatic skyline of ancient mosques and castles in it's capital Muscat. beautiful beaches and promenades line the coast and the hotels here in general are very up market. It tends to not be the cheapest holiday option, but you'll certainly get what you pay for. Oman Reviews >



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