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    Where to Holiday in May

    Searching for hot places to go in May? we've put together some hot holiday destinations that are perfect to visit in May if you want some sunshine or adventure and can't wait until the summer. Europe is getting nice and warm now but we've also found plenty of other destinations that are great places to visit in May. So for some of the best places to go on holiday see our recommendations and you may find some new places to go that you hadn't thought of if you have changed your usual choice of holiday location. If you've been somewhere in May that you would recommend add your travel review. If you are looking for the best places to take a cruise in May head straight to the bottom of the page for our recommendations.


    Our top May recommended destinations ...




    The sun is really warming up Italy in May, and although it's not it's hottest month it does heat up throughout May to reach an average of 25°c / 77°f. This makes May a great month to visit. Italy is one of the Mediteranneans most popular destinations, arriving just before the peak period is especially smart as you will avoid the crowds and expensive summer rates. If you're looking for a party,Rimini is probably one of the more lively beach destinations followed by the popular beaches along the mountainous backdrop off the Amalfi coast. Enjoy the beaches of Tuscany or some of Italy's most famous Lakes of Como or Garda while dining on it's delicious local produce. The typical Italian diet is thought to be a contributing factor for having one of the highest life expectancies in the world, so go on, give it a try! Italy Reviews >  European Destinations >

    Majorca - Spain

    If you are in Europe and simply refuse to wait until summer for a beach holiday, you can usually depend on the beautiful spanish Island of Majorca for some fantastic beaches and sparkling mediterranean waters.  It will be heading towards 25°c / 77°f with very little rainfall. Majorca really is one of those places for everyone, with popular party towns such as Magaluf to the upmarket and elegant city of historical Palma. Sailing, snorkelling and other watersports are really popular, and beautifully maintained stretches of golden sandy beaches have been drawing sun worshippers for years.  Have a look at our 'Best beaches in Majorca' article to help you decide where to go in Majorca for your next holiday. Majorca Reviews >   European Destinations >


    Rhodes - Greece

    For a hot European Holiday in May look no further than the pretty island of Rhodes, which has tourists flocking back year after year.  The weather in May is heading up towards 25°c / 77°f with very low rainfall. Yes it has it's loud party towns such as Faliraki, but Rhodes Town itself is is enchanting, and in the Old Town you'll find the Medieval City among it's many sights. Head to the gorgeous beaches in Lindos or Ixia or even better hire a car or take a tour of the island to enjoy this beautiful Rhodes to the full. Greece Reviews >  European Destinations > 

    Canary Islands

    The beautiful Canary Islands never lose their charm, and in May the Canaries are 24°c / 75°f and often higher. The lure of these islands continues well past winter sunshine and on into the summer with short flights from Europe, soft volcanic beaches wherever you turn, virtually no rain and just about something for everyone. Which means the kids will be happy here, the 21-30 year olds will love the night life (and so will the rest of us) and the active types who love their sports and wildlife will be able to tick those activity boxes. Canary Island Reviews >  Best Canary Island? >

    Or you could go for a cruise around these incredibly stunning islands meaning you can get a taster of each of them and visit some of the top spots of the canarys all in one holiday. Many Cruises are all inclusive, and the senation of being at sea just adds another exciting dimension to your holiday.



    May in Turkey is when the heat really begins to turn up and starts out in the early 20's reaching around 25°c / 77°f by the end of the month. Black Sea destinations are still a little cooler at this time of the year so head to the mediterannean coast of Turkey to really enjoy one of the hot destinations in Europe in May. With literally hundreds of blue flag beaches, the most being in Antalya, you'll enjoy calm blue sea pefrect for swimming and boat trips, sensational food, fantastic bars and and cities rich with culture and excitement.Don't forget this year you'll need a visa to enter Turkey, it's very simple so don't let that put you off see Turkey Visa for more info. Turkey Reviews >


    Croatia is a destination that is exploding on to the tourist trail in Europe! This small but beautiful jewel on the mediterannean coastline is beginning to get very busy in the summer months, choose May and you'll benefit from smaller crowds and still enjoy a sunkissed 23°c / 73°f and upwards. Inland, Zagreb, it's capital is awash with history and culture, with some fantastic restaurants and coffee shops. Split and Dubrovnik are lovely coastal cities, with Dubrovnik boasting the sandy Lapad beach. There are several other sandy beaches along the coast, but where you don't find sand you will at least find crystal clear waters to dip your feet in. Croatia Reviews > European Destinations >


    We've been waiting for months for Europe to heat up and Portugal in May is one of the first destinations to kick off the summer holiday season. So if you are looking for a hot country to visit in May you won't go too far wrong with a bit of sunshine on Portugals long sandy coast. Towards the end of May it will be heading to a warm 26°c / 79°f with blue skies and cool evenings. The sea may be a little chilly at this point but if you are happy to lie on the beach or around your pool you'll be getting your fair share of vitamin D from the sun. There are various festivals across Portugal in May with perhaps one of the more well known one being the Festa das Cruzes at the beginning of May in Barcelos which brings fireworks and music.


    There is almost no need to check whether it will be hot in May as Cyprus is typically roasting in the sun all year round with the exception of a couple of winter months. As one of the hottest places to go in Europe in May it will average 27°c / 81°f Cyprus jutts out of the warm Mediterranean, a mass of rocky arid island but with some incredible jewels of azure bays and beaches dotted around the island. The south of Cyprus and in particular Pathos tends to have more pebble beaches, but don't let this put you off as it makes the water even clearer. Although for the best sandy beaches you'll find them in Aiya Napa - don't worry it's not just for clubbers here, there are some fantastic upmarket resorts and hotels in this area and it's easy to avoid the club scene. Cyprus Reviews >



    Best Mediterranean Cruises in May?

    Thinking of taking a cruise in May? You can cruise the mediterranean any time of year, look out for hot cruise destinations in the med such as the Canaries and Madeira cruise routes in May, and the Eastern Mediterranean is now perfect temperatures for a relaxing cruise this month.

    Luxury Holidays


    All Year round?

    Go for a river cruise! There's always somewhere in the world with a River Cruise offering sunshine and adventure, from the mystical Far East, to the jungles of the Amazon, wine tasting on the Rhine, or the magical Pyramids of Luxor. If you want to get away in May search our recommended River Cruises.





    For a hot holiday in May head to Cuba. This is not only an island of paradise powder soft beaches but is awash with culture and a unique atmosphere, and probably most importantly if you are looking for a sunny country to visit in May it will be scorching! It's just coming into the wet season, but we are only talking a thunderstorm now and then which relieves the humidity and it's likely be around 31°c / 88°f, so get that sun protection on as you can burn very quickly here. It's not hurricane season until June, so enjoy Cuba now! You'll be floating around in crystal clear sea in peace an quiet, so if you are looking for a fairly laid back and calm holiday in May you'll find it in stunning Cuba. Cuba Reviews >


    Caribbean Cruises

    May is that time of the year in the Caribbean where it's just heading towards hurricane season next month, so grab your holiday now for May for the hot weather without having to worry too much about the storms. And if you really want to make the most of 2 weeks of sunshine in the Caribbean you couldnt make a better decision than to take a cruise. This way you'll get to visit several islands in one dreamy holiday, you'll get to enjoy skimming through those perfect azure waters every single day, and you'll get the same benefits as an all inclusive hotel along with some great entertainment and dramatic photo opportunities continuously. Temperatures of 30°c / 86°f are fairly constant across the whole of the Caribbean region so May is a good time to visit.

    Dominican Republic

    Year after year the Dominican Republic brings back holiday makers for it's ideal weather and a firm favourite hot destination in May. It can reach in 31°c / 88°f in May and the sea will be clear and warm for lolling around in or even better a bit of snorkelling close to shore to spot pretty tropical fish and if you are lucky a turtle or two. If marine-life is what you are hoping to see then a litle boat trip just a bit further out to sea will be the best way to sea the beautiful sea life in all its glory, many hotels run free snorkelling trips or you can pay for a catamaran trip to enjoy a full day out on the turquoise waters. The Dominican Republic is famous for it's pristine beaches and top All Inclusive hotels so if its true relaxation you are looking for where all you need to do is wake up...then this is the place for you you. Dom Rep Reviews >



    Barbados in May is similar to the rest of the Caribbean in its temperature of 30°c / 86°f.  The temperature does remain fairly constant across the year in Barbados and the Caribbean as it's close to the equator and doesnt have very noticeable seasons. One of the reasons Barbados is so incredibly popular and always will be is because of it's south-westerly position in the Caribbean, it lies outside of the hurricane belt and is truly an ideal year round destination. Of course it also helps that it has some stunningly beautiful beaches as well as rich heritage and some really tasty Bajan dishes. Barbados Reviews >


    If you are looking for a hot country to visit in May you can't go wrong with gorgeous Mexico. Most people tend to head to the Caribbean side of Mexico to benefit from the calm azure waters and long wide sandy beaches from Cancun southwards where it typically reaches up to 31°c / 88°f. Although this is a huge tourist destination and tends to get busy, it's one of those places you still need to see for yourself to enjoy it's true beauty and scorching sunshine. Mexico continuously wins awards for it's best All Inclusive hotels in the world. On top of that it's got more than just beaches, of course the remains of the ancient Mayan civilisation can be seen on some fantastic daytrips from anywhere along the coast. Explore their famous exotic sink holes (cenotes) dive their underwater rivers and eat some divine mexican food! Mexico Reviews >

    St Lucia

    It's a wonderful 30°c / 86°f here in St Lucia in May, and a popular month to visit before the hurricane season in the Caribbean kicks in from June.  Not only will you find paradise soft yellow beaches, you'll also find rich green rain forest draping the famous pitons that mark St Lucias stunning outline agains the Caribbean waters. This island is perfectly set up to receive visitors with some of the worlds loveliest hotels nestled into corners of the island looking out on the Caribbean horizon. The volcanic land of St Lucia has created hot springs and bubbling mud pools for those of you who like to indulge in a little bit of natural spa and relaxation. St Lucia Reviews >


    Head to Jamaica where it's hot in May and the Caribbean water is just the right temperature to cool off just a little and float around in the sunshine.  Always a favourite as a top Caribbean destination it seems to encapsulate everything you could want from a holiday in the Caribbean; that relaxed and fun Caribbean vibe where time slows down, seriously tasty food, deep powder soft beaches, beaming sunshine with smiles to match. Pair all this with the nations speciality rum listening to a bit of Bob Marley and you have yourself the the ideal Jamaican holiday. Last May it was around in 31°c / 88°f Jamaica.


    The Bahamas in May will be around 29°c / 84°f  of wonderful hot blue skies and scorching pink sands. This idyllic cluster of islands is famed for having some of the best beaches in the world as well as its coral reef and top dive sites. You'll also find plenty of wildlife and nature including flamingos to match the colour of its beaches! Bahamas Reviews >

    Tobago Reviews >

    Tobago in May is lovely weather averaging 29°c / 84°f. This chilled out Caribbean Island has beautiful soft yellow beaches, sparkling warm waters and is the ideal holiday island. There's plenty to do here, from diving and snorkelling, to island tours and even daytrips over to it's sister Island of Trinidad nearby. Enjoy a boat trip to the Bon Accord Lagoon surrounded by tropical mangroves and wildlife, there's just enough of everything here to make your holiday to Tobago relaxed yet interesting.


    Pretty Antigua is the sister island of Barbuda in the same little Caribbean nation, however Antigua is the larger and more populated island so this is where the majority of holiday makers head. The weather in Antigua in May is typical Caribbean style of lushious sunshine and 29°c / 84°f , and you may have heard that Antigua has rather a lot of beaches for such a small island! Apparently there are enough beaches to sunbathe on for every day of the year so if the word holiday means lounging around on a beach  to you, you've come to the right place.

    A Caribbean Cruise in May?

    If you are looking for somewhere hot to go in May and you think the Caribbean is the place to go, why not go for a cruise this time? This way you'll get the options to visit plenty of Caribbean islands on your permanently floating hotel. We've got some great recommendations for a May cruise.


    North Africa 


    Cape Verde

    If you want to be definitely sure of sunshine while you wait for the Mediterranean to really heat up, then head out to the islands of Cape Verde off the coast of Africa. These unique islands were quite simply made for holidays and are as yet very unexplored by us tourists, but its visitors are certainly picking up their pace fast as we look for interesting and hot places to go in May.  It will be roughly 27°c / 81°f Try somewhere new! Cape Verde hits the mark for those looking for alternatives to Egypt and Tunisia sun, located an hour or so south of the Canary Islands off the West African coast, this is the new 'in' destination!


    In May the weather in Morocco is a sultry 25°c / 77°f and upwards generally if you are looking for a beach holiday, and usually hotter inland, unless you are heading up into the mountains where it will be bright sun but cool fresh air. This is an exciting country to visit, and if you have been many places in the mediterranean and are looking for somewhere a little bit different you can count on Morocco to keep you entertained with wonderful markets and souks, delicious restaurants and tasty outdoor food stalls, rich deep yellow beaches and the everflowing freshly made mint tea!


    Indian Ocean



    The Maldives in May is heading into the low season where you can find yourself a great deal and still plenty of sunshine. So when we say low season it's actually 31°c / 88°f but you are likely to come across a few showers and a storm now and then is more likely. However after rain the humidity becomes lower and is much more comfortable. Diving is fantastic any time of the year and the water is clear and warm. With resorts at their capacity the month before, you'll enjoy slightly less people here which is a big plus! It's a paradise holiday destination made up of hundreds of stunning palm fringed islands in the Indian Ocean with incredible marine life, and for those of you that don't fancy diving - snorkelling is just as good or even better take a glass bottom boat trip.


    It's the ideal time to go to Mauritius in May. May to October is a favourite visiting period where it's a few degrees cooler, but dryer and less humid and fits in rather nicely with the honeymoon season. You are well out of the wet season now, albeit it's not exactly a terrible wet season! And in May the temperature is expected to be 26°c / 79°f. So it's going to be a pleasant and enjoyable hot rather than sweltering uncomfortable hot.  The resorts and the beaches here are the main draw to it's many visitors, with the resorts scooping up many ofthe best beaches on the island. However it's a crying shame to remain locked away in your resort for the whole time when you can explore this lovely quiet island so take a tour or hire a car for a day or two. Mauritius Reviews >

    Best Indian Ocean Cruises in May?

    The Indian Ocean is one of those destinations that is perfect for a cruise all year round, and if you are looking to Cruise the Indian Ocean in May we have recommendations on some of the best cruise destinations in the Indian Ocean and more information on cruises in May.


    Far East



    It's a good month to go to Vietnam if you are looking for a Far East holiday in May, it's packed with sunshine, beaches and culture.  May in Vietnam is overall one of the ideal months to go because each region has great weather. Vietnam is such a long country that it crosses through several different weather patterns, and this month they are all basked in sun. The Central region and beaches are just perfect for visiting, there could be a shower from time to time in the South but not enough to worry you, and up in the mountains of the North it starts to get very hot and a little wetter. Nha Trang is a particular favourite at this time of year, see our reviews for more info and pics on this area. Vietnam Reviews >



    It's the hottest time of the year in Cambodia in May, upwards of a sweltering 35°c / 95°fIt's also the beginning of the wet season, but don't let that put you off as most of the rainfall is from July to September. Similar to the Caribbean you are likely to get tropical downpours from time to time and certainly nothing that should put you off coming here as long as you can handle it being very hot and humid. A land rich in rain forest, fascinating cities and paradise like white powder beaches. As with any far east country Cambodia has a very low Malaria risk, the typical tourist destinations don't require tablets, but if you are exploring Cambodia in detail check out areas of the country which may have a higher risk. Adventure and sunshine awaits you here in May, see out travellers  Cambodia Reviews >


    Pretty much the ideal destination any time of the year even if it is the wet season, it's always warm and has a never ending itinerary of sights that could never be covered in one holiday, but you can have a darn good go! It's very warm temperatures across the whole of thailand averaging 33°c / 91°f, and although it's wet season is a little complicated as it's different on its east and west coasts as well as in the north it doesn't really kick in yet although you may well get the odd shower. Most travellers fly into Bangkok to enjoy the sights of this amazing city, from high rise buildings and business districts, to huge shopping malls, to hectic markets, street food sellers to luzurious temples. Then many travellers take an internal flight which are very inexpensive and head out to the islands surrounding the east and west coasts. Try Thai Airways for internal flights. Thailand Reviews >  Flights to Thailand >


    Head to the east coast of Malaysia where it's hot in May and the dry season is in full swing here and a sizzling 32°c / 90°f. May brings a few heavy downpours to the west coast as the west monsoon starts but it's still hot, just more humid along with a little more rain.The East coast has more than enough to offer any traveller such as it's little desert islands like Tioman, this is where you will head if you are looking to forget about the comforts of modern life and enjoy the beauty of green jungle, monkeys roaming free and not a single branded chain store in sight. Malaysia is a fascinating mix of modern and tradition nowhere more apparent than in its exuberant Capital City Kuala Lumpur with shiny high rise business districts and the Petronas towers to the markets of China Town.



    Indonesia in May is the dry season, and although Indonesia is great to visit all year round many want to avoid the down pours throughout the wet season and visit when it's hotter and drier. So in May it should be 32°c / 90°f which is absolutely ideal to make the most of the excellent snorkelling and diving here, as well as lounging around on golden soft sands. Many of us identify with Bali when we think of Indonesia, and it's still one of their top torist destinations, however tourism has spread rapidly across Indonesia's many islands with many hidden gems to discover as well as luxury resorts. If you don't have time for exploring you could spend a few nights on Bali and a few nights on a nearby island to enjoy as much as possible of this desert island destination. Indonesia Reviews >



    How about a cruise around the Far East instead? Visit some of the best cities and beaches in the Far East in one Luxury All Inclusive trip, all you need to so is enjoy the sightseeing and sunshine...





    Georgeous Alaska blooms into the summer season from May, and as one of the drier and less busy months its the perfect time to go on holiday to Alaska. When we say summer ... we are talking 15°c / 59°f. If you are brave enough to visit in the winter months you may be lucky enough to see the Aurora Borealis, but what people come to see in their droves from May onwards are the incredible whales and Orcas. Many will take an Alaskan cruise, or a land tour with a day cruise to benefit from the awe-inspring scenery, wildlife and marine life. Alaska is vast so to make the best of it's sights from Glacier viewing to gold panning it's a good idea to take an organised tour. With the weather varying dramatically on any given day you'll need to pack plenty of layers to deal with sunny skies to extremely cold nights, but you will be unlikely to get any snowfall in May. USA Destinations >

    Georgia - USA

    Long known to US vacationers, Georgia in May is a beautiful State to make your holiday destination. Reaching highs of around 28°c / 82°f the weather has warmed up nicely by now and if you are looking for a beach holiday you'll find miles of sandy beaches on the shores of the islands that follow the coast, as well as around the many lakes inland. Georgia is truly an outdoors state with enough State Parks for every day of the month! So if you are the outdoors type, most offer camping and cottages to rent. Enjoy hiking, cycle trails, lakes, wildlife and you can visit plenty of historic sites throughout the state. USA Destinations > 


    For a hot holiday in May head to Florida the Sunshine State. The weather here is truly magnificent in May, and with fantastic beaches, islands, resorts, entertainment and nightlife this beautiful State remains one of the most popular states in the whole of the USA, sandwiched between California and New York in the rankings. The roads are wide and easy to drive if this is your first time driving here, just be aware of a few toll bridges so keep change handy, and it makes for a great fly drive holiday as there is just so much exploring to do if you are not heading just to the Amusement parks. Keep your sun-cream handy as it will be a toasty 30°c / 86°f or so. And getting here before the Hurricane season kicks in next month means May is an ideal month to holiday in Florida.  Florida Reviews >

    Alaska Cruises in May

    It's finally Alaska cruise season in May, one of the worlds most exciting cruise destinations! Combine it with San Fransisco for somewhere hot in May and you have a dream holiday. See our recommendations of Alaska cruises.


    Middle East



    For those that like it hot hot, not just hot... Jordan starts heading for a whopping in 34°c / 92°f May!! So if you can't wait for the summer for those kind of temperatures in the Mediterannean take yourself off to Jordan for a beach holiday.  Head for the mesmerising Dead Sea, or down south to the tip of the Red Sea for snorkelling and Diving. Jordan is well known for it's cultural delights and sights and it's jewel being the incredible Petra, however the sights are almost endless so if you can handle this kind of heat prepare yourself for a spectacular holiday from start to finish.  CHEAP FLIGHTS TO JORDAN >


    Dubai in May is probably the last month of the year until October that we would recommend visiting Dubai for a holiday. Temperatures here are really on the rise now and around 37°c / 99°f.  The following months up to September are the summer months when the heat can get unbareable in the mid to late 40's centigrade and you could also come across some sand storms.  Its still very hot in May so sun protection is the order of the day! Holiday makers come here for luxurious hotels, top restaurants, great beaches and fantastic shopping...and of course guaranteed sunshine. Dubai Reviews >

    Ever thought of a Cruise in Dubai?  It's a popular All Inclusive choice for exploring the region.



    One of the latest hot destinations in every in every sense, Oman in May is seriously hot and quite hazy and humid! It's likely to be 39°c / 102°f. Travellers tend to come here when they are well travelled and looking for new exotic destinations, they've perhaps been to Dubai and are looking for somewhere hot with a bit more culture and ambience. The glistening shores off Muscat provide exactly that, mixed with the beautiful buildings and museums of the city. It's an opulent country and not one of your cheapest choices of holiday but certainly a gem of a destination for exploration and sunshine. Probably avoid June through to August where temperatures swelter and it can be uncomfortably humid.



    The peninsula of Qatar in the Arabian Gulf attracts international sunseekers, but be warned it gets very hot! And the hot season begins in May reaching averages of 37°c / 99°f. Many visitors make their way to the city of Doha as the multi-cultural and vibrant capital on the coast, with a never ending list of sights from busy spice markets to the Museum of Islamic Art and Katara Village which are some of the top rated. A stroll along the corniche will make for a fantastic view of Doha's famous city buildings which dominate the skyline.  Some of the best beaches in Doha are private, so make sure your hotel has one and if you are looking for a public beach be aware that there is often a fee, but well worth it! Asia Destinations >





    French Polynesia

    If ever there were a time to take a cruise it would be in May through French Polynesia. These idylic paradise islands are so special we often save them for our honeymoon, but if you are itching for a tropical holiday in May you'll find blue lagoons, coral and hot sun filled days of around  30°c / 86°f and virtually no rain. These many Islands in the Pacific also include the famous Bora Bora one of the worlds highest ranked best Islands to visit. South Pacific Cruises to Polynesia >   Oceania Destinations >

    Other hot places to go in May are >   CALIFORNIA   MOROCCO  HAWAII   HONG KONG


    For more ideas read our Holiday reviews for destinations that are HOT IN MAY 

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    Where to Cruise in May? If you can't make up your mind for where to go on holiday in May how about a cruise in May?  You'll be on an all inclusive floating hotel with the opportunity to go to several holiday destinations in May instead! Take a look through our cruise section for ideas on the best places to cruise in May and follow those holiday trend setters who are making the cruise world cool these days.

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