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    About Us




    Where to Holiday is for those of us who really love to travel, and enjoy the mystery of new destinations but want just a little inside knowledge into a destination before we go to make sure we really make the most of our holiday when we get there! 

    We are also here for those of us who haven’t got a clue about where to go on holiday this year, and reading about other peoples country travels will inspire the next destination that we choose.

    We welcome all types of traveller to write about their experiences, and we are not looking for fancy smancy writing, just your real experience of where you went, anything you think we should know before we go and if there are places you think we should avoid, let us know why.

    The site is designed for short experiences, so we aren’t too worried about how long you sat in an airport or how delayed you were! We want to know what the weather was like in November, was it expensive, did you feel safe and any other handy tips you think might help. Likewise we are only allowing you to upload 2 photos for each destination you update us on, mainly because we don’t want to be bored to pieces with your whole album, and if we ask you for 2, we know you are going to give us 2 great ones!

    Book Share

    The traveller generosity of leaving their books out for others to read and replace with another while on holiday inspired Where to Holiday's thirst to share travellers destination knowledge. This isn’t about the best hotels and restaurants, this is about the real essence and spirit of a destination and sharing your experiences to help others decide which location to settle on this year or in the future. Real travellers don’t need to be backpackers or spend months travelling – Travel is in their blood! We hope that the same book sharing philosophy of true travellers will inspire you to share your travels and take ideas from others so that we can all benefit from this fantastic insider knowledge.

    Good or bad, your opinion counts so we look forward to your input and we hope you enjoy reading other travellers experiences.  

    Happy travels!


    Qypes interview with Where to Holiday Founder