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    Where To Holiday's advertising positions have been designed around world travellers experiences, for users looking for advice and information on the next country they are thinking of visiting.

    Our visitors could be at any stage of the buying cycle, from gathering ideas at the very beginning of the decision process, based on how far they wish to travel, what time of year they will be going and the type of holiday they are looking for whether it be adventure or relaxation.

    Or they may have decided on the country they will be visiting but still not have booked flights and are designing an itinary based on some of the best places to visit while they are there.

    They may have booked their holiday and be searching for things to do once they are there, such as activities, specific places of interest and visit our site to get views from other travellers and holiday makers who have been there recently.

    Others may simply be searching for advice on services once they are there, such as buses, trains and taxi's as well as the customs of the country and tips on getting the best out of that destination.

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    Our targeted sponsored listing positions (1) are designed especially and uniquely, with small businesses in mind. Created to send very targeted traffic from our site to yours, these unique Country specific positions are limited to 2 adverts maximum per country page per week to ensure high visibility for the advertiser. 

    Sponsored positions offer written copy, which we are happy to help you with, this allows you the opportunity to highlight the true strengths of your business and what you can offer the traveller as well as an image and URL links. 


    Display Advertising

    We offer traditional display advertising (2) and (3), as well as Run of Site monthly sponsorship position, (4).


    Prize Advertising

    If you are interested in our incentive sponsorship position , (5) please contact us for more information, this is a monthly position free of charge in return for a monthly prize for our users. This must be a travel related prize that can be offered and supplied to users from anywhere in the world.

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