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    Best Cruises in Alaska


    Alaska is becoming a really popular cruise as it is undoubtedly one of the easiest ways to see some of the worlds most awe inspiring natural wonders. With opportunities to see wildlife and glaciers up close and personal, Alaska is Mother Nature at its best, and what better way to see this majestic world than from the comfort of your own floating hotel. The choices for mixing and matching itineraries are endless. 7 day trips offer a taster of all Alaska has to offer, however to really make the most of your trip Wheretoholiday recommends taking a 14 day cruise which will allow to you stop at smaller ports giving more opportunity to see wildlife whilst avoiding the crowds.

    Alaska Cruise Start Points


    There really are some great Alaskan cruises out there offering a range of starting points including San Francisco, Seattle and Vancouver. Our ideal starting point would be Vancouver. This coastal city on Mainland Bristish Columbia is blessed with beautiful vistas and exciting activities such as whale watching, white water rafting and kayaking to name a few. First time cruisers will also be pleased to know that Vancouver's port is recognised as the most passenger friendly cruise port in North America. As it is also the closest home port to Alaska's waters you will be starting your wildlife adventure sooner rather than later.




    Alaska Cruise Main Ports of Call


    Once you've chosen the starting point of your Alaskan adventure you then need to pick your ‘must see’ ports of call. This is no easy task since each stop on each cruise line offers a wealth of natural treasures. One of our favourite port stops in Alaska is HUBBARD GLACIER.  Hubbard Glacier offers both the largest and most spectacular ice formations on the coast and its immense size welcomes the larger ships of Holland America Cruises, Celebrity Cruises, Royal Caribbean and NCL.

    Another one for the bucket list is JUNEAU. Often described as America's most unusual state capital this is the port of call for thrill seekers. Princess cruises offers numerous packages featuring off shore excursions to this breathtakingly beautiful stop. Our favourite excursions include partaking in Alaska's state sport of dog sledding, 'flight seeing' over the awesome ice falls and viewing the look out points from the incredible Thunder Mountain. Those visiting Juneau between April - November should not miss the opportunity to witness hundreds of humpback whales frolic in the northern waters.

    Just west of Juneau lies one of Alaska's most famous stops. GLACIER BAY NATIONAL PARK. Glacier is home to 16 tide water glaciers and is ringed by mountains, including the 15,000ft Fairweather range, the worlds tallest coastal mountains. This UNESCO world heritage site boasts more actively tidewater glaciers than any other place in the world and should not be missed. We recommend taking a look at cruises from Holland America's 29 cruises that all make stops in Glacier Bay.

    Denali National Park is another one of our must-see's. In order to pack as much in as possible to your trip we would recommend combining your cruise with a stopover sightseeing package at DENALI. The 'Denali Explorer' operated by Princess Cruises offers a 7 day cruise teamed with a 6 day land tour taking in the parks amazing wildlife viewing opportunities and seeing North Americas tallest peak of Mount McKinley in all its glory.

    For those looking for even more of a scenery feast, SKAGWAY is an itinerary must. On a clear day make sure you take a ride on the White Pass and Yukon Railroad to take in the amazingly beautiful terrain via old fashioned and unique parlour cars. For the energetic, the White Pass can also be explored on two wheels. This gives cyclists the opportunity to take your time and make viewing stops at the many waterfall viewing platforms along the route.
    Those wanting a full day in Skagway should consider Celebrity Cruises 'Golden Light Alaska Cruise' where the ship Celebrity Century docks early morning and departs at 8pm giving you ample time to enjoy everything this stop off has to offer.


    There are heaps of 'must sees' in Alaska and we have only skimmed the surface. Whilst the two biggest cruise operators to Alaska are Princess Cruises and Holland America, nearly every major cruise line has at least one ship that ventures to this intriguing destination. Alaskan cruises generally run from May - September however the 'best' time to go is often subjective and is dependant on a number of factors. If wildlife is your thing, make sure you cruise later into summer as August and September offer the best chances of coming up close and personal with wildlife. Those of you who are budget conscious should check out cruises departing May or September when liners tend to slash their prices and crowds are fewer. Those in the know travel in September as in addition to the low fares this is the only month where it is possible to catch a glimpse of the mesmerising Northern lights!




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