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    Best Cruises in the Indian Ocean


    If you have been searching for cruise ideas and looking for the worlds best cruise destinations, then a relaxing sun filled cruise to the vast and beautiful Indian Ocean would be a very good choice. This is a top way to enjoy days out on the ocean and all the luxury facilities you’ll find aboard your ship as well as reaching destinations that would be quite a trek to get to if you visited these Indian Ocean destinations separately by air due to the expanse of sea between the locations. May to October is probably the best time of year for a cruise in the Indian Ocean, but be mindful of where you start your cruise from as in India some months will be monsoon season. However a cruise to the Indian ocean can be taken any time of the year, January to March is the hottest time to go, with the odd over cast day and a sprinkle of refreshing rain here and there.



    Indian Ocean Cruise Start Points



    You can start an Indian Ocean cruise from so many locations, even from Southampton or Sydney but the majority of travellers will fly to a start point which could be Dubai or Mauritius if cruising in the south of the ocean, or Mumbai or Hong Kong if Cruising a more northern route. We recommend Flying out to your starting point and if trying to include the fascinating and enormous island of Madagascar you'll probably need to start at Mauritius or Capetown. A cruise is possibly the best way to see Madagascar as it's not an overly tourist destination and in the early stages of tourism, so a cruise will get you to some of the best places and is an organised way of sampling jungle and town life safely.




    Indian Ocean Cruise Main Ports of Call



    The Indian Ocean is scattered with islands and lined with the coasts of India, Arabia and Africa as well as the Far East and Western Australia, so there’s rather a lot of routes to choose from.  Head up from South Africa to Madagascar and the islands of Mauritius and Reunion, tour the Indian coast and out to the Maldives. From Hong Kong head to Singapore, sail to Sri Lanka and down to the Maldives – the list goes on. P&O Cruises, Celebrity Cruises and a host of other magnificent liners await to take you across this magical ocean.

    You may be looking for idyllic islands of white sandy beaches and you'll find them in the Idian Ocean, but it's too good an opportunity to miss out on spicing up your trip with some adventure to the island of MADAGASCAR. It may be an island but it's the worlds 4th largest, so if you have the opportunity on your cruise to make a few ports of call here then choose a rural jungle location such as the island off the mainland of Nosey Be - rich in jungle and wildlife, see Chameleons and the famed Lemurs, smell the waft of Ylang Ylang in the air and enjoy the taste of vanilla as fresh as you can get it right here. A stop at the mainlands capital of Antananarivo will give you a chance to sample a little of real life in Madagascar, it is incredibly poor and you will come across many people begging, but they are simply taking their chance at a little spare change as in any big city. You'll see bright colourful markets and some really beautiful handicrafts. It's swelteringly hot here at any time of the year so bring your hat! Madagascar Reviews >

    REUNION island sits out a few hundred miles east of Madagascar. This is such a unique island and almost unexpected for the middle of the Indian Ocean to find a piece of France happily floating in the sunshine here. It's very modern compared to surrounding islands, you'll find french chain stores here, fantastic roads and a general busy European feel to it. Yet as you travel around its coast you'll see the shore line between beaches is made up of beautiful volcanic rock from the red hot lava that has plunged into the sea over the years, and you'll find a live volcano still simmering away in the south of Reunion. Waterfalls plummet over the tops of the many high rock plateaus and rain down into lushious green undergrowth. In contrast you'll find winding streets with parked cars crammed along them with plenty of opportunity for great shopping in the pretty Capital St Denis. Reunion Reviews >

    If you are cruising in the southern Indian Ocean, no trip is complete without a stop of a few days in MAURITIUS. Green mountains in the centre of the island are surrounded by frields of sugar cane that meld into pretty yellow sandy shores. In some parts of the south of the island the landscape is almost junglesque with resorts hidden amongst it.  Some beaches are better than others with the resorts taking up many of the best beaches, however thankfully there are a few really spectacular local beaches so make sure your daytrip or excursion involves plenty of beach time.  You'll see little towns and villages along the coast which have close knit communties based around the church in the centre of each village, however St Louis is very modern with top hotels and restaurants and a glamourous harbour. Mauritius Reviews >



    The SEYCHELLES are the furthest islands to reach wherever you start your Indian Ocean cruise from. But if you are able to include them on your Itinerary the extra time it takes to sail out to them is an enormous amount of fun because it really is enjoyable to spend a day or two at sea rather than rushing around from excursion to excursion. You may be lucky enough to see whales, dolphins, flying fish and simply enjoy seeing nothing but sea, an explanse of blue where the ocean meets the endless blue skies. And what a reward at the end of your sailing, the glorious tropical Seychelles. There are several national parks which are breathtaking, the sea is warm and perfect for snorkelling right off the shore. The white soft sand is hot, and you'll see mangroves along the coastline broken up by beaches and the odd fisherman with nets in the shallows.  Seychelles Reviews >




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