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    Best Cruises on the Panama Canal


    The great Panama Canal is a 48 mile waterway connecting the Atlantic and Pacific oceans and is undoubtedly one of the most important shipping routes in the world. Cruising in this region is becoming ever more popular as travellers get to see some of the world’s most incredible scenery up close and personal. Typically the Panama cruise season runs from October to April, however visiting after November means the rainy season has passed and days are hot and sunny. See our Panama reviews for more on the stunning cosmopolitan city of Panama.


    Panama Cruise Start Points



    More cruise liners have started to add Panama to their programs this year showing just how in demand the Panama Cruise has become. The most popular liners for this region are Silverseas, Star Clippers, Princess Cruises, Holland America, Royal Caribbean, Carnival Cruises and Celebrity Cruises. Whilst it is possible to go on a short 7-9 day cruise solely taking in the breathtaking Panama region, it is more common to enjoy a Caribbean cruise and team it with a trip to the Pacific coast of Panama.   We would recommend starting your Panama adventure from the Florida hub of FORT LAUDERDALE. This vibrant, family friendly seaside town offers soft beaches and a laid back charm making it the perfect place to relax pre-cruise.



    Panama Cruise Main Ports of Call



    There are so many things to see on a Panama cruise that you really will be spoilt for choice. The window view on a trans-canal trip is simply stunning, so we would recommend sitting back and enjoying this famous 50 mile journey. The key highlights are the GALLARD CUT along the Continental Divide and its three locks, the huge artificial waters of  LAKE GATUN and the MIRAFLORES locks on the Pacific.  

    Stop off points include the UNESCO World Heritage stop of PUERTO QUETZAL in GUATEMALA. Travellers at this stop can not only view beautiful ruins and architecture but also take tours of nearby working coffee plantations and see the Pacaya Volcano in all it’s glory.

    Wildlife lovers should not miss getting off ship at PUERTO LIMON, COSTA RICA. An excursion to the fascinating Tortuguero National Park offers close encounters with crocodiles, monkeys, green tortoise and many exotic birds. The more adventurous can try their hand at white-water rafting along the rebellious Revantazon river. 



    For years the Panama Canal transit has been considered a ‘bucket-list’ item and we can see why. We think that this once in a lifetime trip is best taken slowly – it’s a long flight so once you’re there enjoy it by boarding at least a 14 night trip. We would also recommend teaming your Panama Canal experience with a few days in the Caribbean. Royal Caribbean offer the perfect itinerary mix combining a 9 day Panama adventure with stops at the beach havens of Aruba and Curacao, two delightful islands off the beaten track of the usual Caribbean holiday and a great way to get to visit both in one trip. Perfect.



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