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    Best Cruise Destinations

    If you are looking for the best places for a cruise either for your first cruise holiday or your next cruise holiday, and you are finding it difficult to know where to begin your search? With so many choices, we have cruise destination overviews for of the best holiday destinations to help you on your way. You may be looking for the best cruise destination in February or March, or you've just heard how amazing cruise ships are nowadays and want recommendations for some of the top cruise destinations in the world. Begin your search with us for a simple to the point first look into the world of cruise, as well as hundreds of destination reviews for that inside info you were looking for.


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    So, where to begin?

    These are some of the worlds best cruise regions for a glimpse into which cruise suits you, along with the best months to cruise and top cruise tour highlights.


    Cruises in Alaska >

    If you've always dreamed about visiting Alaska and seeing some of the worlds most beautiful marine life and wildlife then you'll have worked out that one of the easiest and best ways to see this stunning natural wonder is on and Alaskan Cruise. We've got an overview for some of the best places to start your Alaska cruise and some of the world famous ports of call that make this cruise a trip of a lifetime. We recommend the best months to take a cruise in Alaska and some gems that shouldn't be missed of your sightseeing list.

    Cruises in the Caribbean >

    So where are the best places in the Caribbean to choose for your Caribbean Cruise Itinerary? This is a tough one because the Caribbean is filled with dream holiday islands and choosing the best islands for you can be a lengthy process if you just can't decide! We've got an overview that should help you with some top recommendations for your cruise and plenty of Caribbean reviews written by people who have been there. 

    Cruises in the Mediterranean >

    Probably one of the most exciting cruise destinations in the world, the Mediterranean Cruises are for those looking to explore fascinating ancient cities while resting up on the sparkling calm Mediterranean sea in-between stops.  Of course the med is not short of beaches, and being virtually an enormous lake the calm seas make for a refreshing dip in the blistering summer sunshine. With so many fascinating destinations the cruise options are endless so you can generally break a Mediterranean Cruise route into two destinations, the East of the Med and the west of the Med. We've highlighted some of the top cruise destinations and pointed out a few must see's.

    Cruises in Dubai >

    A relatively new idea, Cruising in Dubai offers great value for money if all you want is to get out to the sunshine and enjoy the sights.  Dubai itself can be quite expensive to stay in a hotel for a week, as well as fairly expensive to eat out, so a cruise offers you a leisurely pace of Dubai holiday with your hotel included in the price as well as most meals included. This means you can splash out on a posh restaurant or two in Dubai and take in a few activities once you are there.  It's easy enough to head to the beach and drink in that Vitamin D from the incredible sunshine.  The added benefit of a cruise is of course you get to visit a few other destinations, which is quite handy as there's only so much you can do in Dubai - you'll have the opportunity to see the other big Arabian tourist attractions of Abu Dhabi and Oman. See our Dubai Cruise overview for more info.

    Cruises in the Far East >

    By taking a cruise in the Far East you'll be saving yourself flight after flight if you attempted to visit all these Far East destinations on land. So save yourself all that check in time and waiting around, and wait around on deck watching the splendid views with a cocktail in hand instead! It's a bit of a trek to the Far East by anyone's standards, so often holiday makers would rather see several destinations rather than a trip to just one country meaning they would need to keep making that trek again and again. The Cruise Lines have set up some seriously great Itineraries to get the very best sights in for your enjoyment. We've picked out a few of the best Far East Cruise options and highlighted the main ports of Call to help you with your planning.

    Cruises in the Indian Ocean >

    If you are thinking of taking a cruise across the idyllic Indian Ocean, then you'll be floating across some of the deepest blue ocean on the planet. And right out in the middle of this ocean you'll find busy little islands of markets, old colonial towns, huge green palms and soft deep white sandy beaches. This is probably one of the most laid back and relaxing cruises you can take, with a few large sea journeys between islands allowing you to soak up the cruise atmosphere and be spoilt for choice with the ships all inclusive menus and restaurants, as well as theatre shows, cinemas, casinos, swimming pools and cocktail parties.

    Cruises in the South Pacific >

    Cruises in the South Pacific take in the sights of some of the most remote and tropical locations on the planet, making it one of the easiest way to see some of the most unique destinations in Oceania. The region used to be known as Australasia, now better know as Oceania and includes Australia, New Zealand and some of the many islands that lie in the South Pacific Ocean including stunning French Polynesia the home to one of the world top honeymoon destinations of Bora Bora. Cruises in the South Pacific are now in high demand as a relatively new destination on the major cruise routes. We've laid out the main cruise starting points as well as the major ports of call.

    Cruises in Antarctica >

    A cruise in Antarctica probably isn't first on your list of to do's! But for some of you it's a dream come true. The opportunity to get as close to the south pole as you ever will and see the incredible and rare wildlife that comes with the isolated white continent of Antarctica. You'll be in awe of huge icebergs, and absolute stillness of an untouched world, mother nature at it's most raw and magical. However, it's not all wooly hats! Many people start a cruise in the lively city of Buenos Aires before heading towards the Shetland islands and then south. The experience of a lifetime and all securely viewed from your toasty warm cabin if you choose!

    Best Cruises on the Panama Canal >

    Panama and it's famous man made wonder the extraordinary Panama Canal have jumped up the rankings fir one of the best places in the world to take a Cruise. Just getting there is exciting enough! You may take a Caribbean cruise which includes Panama, or head from exciting Miami direct to Panama, or you may want a complete Panama adventure visiting its stunning capital, it's islands in the Pacific and of course cruise along the Canal itself and jump off for a little tour of Monkey Island on your way. We've got a handy overview for you and Panama destination reviews for your holiday inspiration.



    Best Time of year for a Cruise?

    If you are looking for the best time of year to go on a cruise, it's very much dependent on the destination you had in mind and many destinations such as the Indian Ocean and Caribbean can be cruised all year round, so don't be put off going outside of peak season as it may just mean an hour of rain in the afternoon or a few downpours in the night. The Far East can be cruised all year round depending on which ports of call you choose on your Intinerary so this may require a little more research - see our reviews on individual country pages. So our suggestions below are a quick glimpse into some of the best destinations to cruise each month:


    Best Places to Cruise in January

    Panama    South Pacific   Dubai  Antarctica    Caribbean 


    Best Places to Cruise in February

    Panama   Caribbean    South Pacific    Antarctica   Dubai


    Best Places to Cruise in March

    Panama   Dubai   Caribbean    Far East   South Pacific


    Best Places to Cruise in April

    Panama    Caribbean    Mediterranean    Far East  Dubai


    Best Places to Cruise in May

    Caribbean   Alaska    Mediterranean  Dubai  Indian Ocean    Far East


    Best Places to Cruise in June

    Mediterranean    Alaska  Dubai  Indian Ocean


    Best Places to Cruise in July

    Mediterranean    Indian Ocean  Dubai  Alaska


    Best Places to Cruise in August

    Alaska    Mediterranean    Indian Ocean


    Best Places to Cruise in September

    Alaska    Mediterranean    Indian Ocean   Dubai


    Best Places to Cruise in October

    Mediterranean    Indian Ocean   Dubai   Far East


    Best Places to Cruise in November

    South Pacific    Caribbean   Dubai


    Best Places to Cruise in December

    Pamama    Caribbean    Far East    Antarctica   Dubai   South Pacific