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    Best Places for a Weekend Away


    If you are looking for some of the best places for a weekend away, look no further. We've got great city break ideas, even cities with beaches, what more could you want? We recommend the best time of year to get away for a weekend. These days we don't typically take a two week holiday any more, we'll spread our holidays throughout the year with a week away here and a week away there and then we'll take a few long weekends on top.

    Any weekend away is a romantic weekend! So find a destination within your budget and within your time frame.  If you've only got 2 nights to spare, be it a Friday and Saturday night, or a Saturday and Sunday night you may be considering somewhere nearer, however these are the peak rate nights. So if you can go Thurs to Sun, or Sat to Mon you may get some really great weekend deals. And if you are lucky enough to spare 4 nights for a weekend away from Thursday to Monday you'll find some terrific deals particularly on flights and you'll be sure to come back refreshed!



    Is a 4 hour flight too long for a weekend away?

    No. Don't be put off by a 4 hour flight for just a weekend, very often if you are getting away for a weekend back home it can often take over 4 hours by the time you've got through weekend traffic in the car, made your train connections and even a one hour flight within your own country can take up to 4 hours from door to door by the time you get to the airport, wait around, fly, wait again the other end, get a taxi... you get the idea.  If you are flying away for a weekend make the flying part of your journey, get to the airport early. Enjoy a meal rather than spending the same amount on rubbish on the plane! Check out your local airports website for some great saver deals before you even get there and make the most of that time.

    Recommendations for a top weekend away ...


    City Breaks with Beaches


    Barcelona - Spain

    Barcelona is one of the worlds top weekend destinations, so it is typically busy all year round. Known for it's beautiful and incredible architecture, Cathedral, galleries, restaurants and shopping, it also has a fantastic beach, Barceloneta Beach which is just 10 minutes in a taxi or on the Metro from the city Centre.  Of course it's ideal to fly directly into Barcelona Airport and stay in the city centre, but prices can be high if you are looking for a last minute weekend away. So as an alternative if hotels are busy in the city when you want to go, how about flying into Girona Airport an hour outside of Barcelona. You'll find some truly stunning beaches in Girona as well as some great hotels at often better prices than the centre. All you'll need to do is hop on the train which takes an hour and you'll be in the centre of Barcelona and you'll have the best of both worlds at a much more reasonable price. The best time to visit Barcelona if you are heading to the beach is between May and September. Even in the winter in Barcelona, you'll never be short of things to do and can get some great deals on luxury hotels to really make your stay extra special.


    Lisbon - Portugal

    It's the capital of Portugal, but it's not your typical capital city. It has that wonderful small town feel, oozing with tradition and bursting with little eateries. It still has everything that makes it a capital but it's more laid back and the pace as you wander its pretty tile streets is slow and relaxed. Beware some areas of the city are on a steep hill, but thankfully if you need to take the stress off your feet it has little trams that are easy to jump on and off to get you up those hills.  Other parts of the city are flat and more spread out, we really recommend a bus tour as it's probably one of the cheapest city tours in any European capital city and a great way to get around by hopping off and on.  Lisbon is on the coast and if you head for the train station directly on the waterfront, you can grab a train to the beaches along the coast within 10-30 minutes depending which beach you choose. It's an ideal beach weekend between April and October.

    Nice - France

    Nice is on the sparkling French Riviera and the sea is clear and a stunning blue made even more clear by the fact that it's a pebble beach.  Don't be put off by the fact that it's a pebble beach, it doesn't stop people lounging happily on it as well as being even better for a swim. The famous Promenade des Anglais runs along the length of the bay and behind that is the pretty city surrounded by green hills.  When searching for hotels don't be afraid to book one further away from the beach for a better rate as it's a very short stroll down to the waters edge, and a lovely walk through the town.  The more glamourous designer shops are along the front, but you'll find some absolute gems as well as some great restaurant choices if you head deeper into town.  April to September are ideal months to visit but they are well set up for the cooler months with heated out door areas in many of the restaurants and bars as well as some exceptional hotel rates.

    Dubrovnik - Croatia

    Many of us have been lucky enough to visit some of the most popular cities for weekend breaks and we are looking for new and interesting places to go for a weekend away. A city break in Dubrovnik is an ideal weekend away as it has beaches, a beautiful World Heritage Old Town, ancient city walls and some really great hotels to relax and unwind in for a weekend of sunshine.  Its shores are famed for the crystal clear azure Adriatic Sea, and Dubrovnik is becoming a very popular holiday destination due to its fantastic location just over the sea from Italy. Jam-packed with culture including a stunning Cathedral, very pretty little side streets hiding cafes and restaurants, you can take a cable car tour up above the city for awesome views. Ideal beach weather here is between May and September but it's fairly mild all year round here and a great weekend destination for any time of the year.

    Palma - Majorca

    Majorca is the largest island in the Balearic Islands of the coast of Spain deep in the gorgeous Mediterannean. And as well as being a really popular holiday destination, it's alo an ideal weekend destination if you want to combine a city with a beach.  The city of Palma is very glamourous with a modern side to the city hosting top designer stores which melts into the old town near the Cathedral and overlooking the sparkling Marina.  The old town is oozing with character, aromas of tapas markets, bars and outdoor restaurants smattered in between narrow steets which open up into delightful squares. The Marina is a big focal point of the city, and many big hotels line the water front, but you'll also find beaches either side of the Marina. However just 10 minutes out of town, a taxi or bus will get you down to the biggest and most popular beaches from up market Portals Nous to Palma Nova a little Further and around the corner from the rather lively Magaluf. All this can be easily fitted into a weekend, even a 2 night weekend away.

    Rimini - Italy

    An ideal beach weekend away would be from Thursday to Sunday, 3 nights, but you could still get away with 2 nights.  Rimini is on Italy's east coast and has it's own airport situated just outside of the town, otherwise you could fly into Ancona down the coast just an hours transfer away.  You'll get that fantastic Italian ambience of outdoor living, mixed with the buzz of a summer beach feel with its famous soft yellow sandy beach.  Exploring all the surroundings around Rimini is tempting, but don't forget you only have a weekend! So enjoy the delicious food, the lovely weather, the beautiful views and an afternoon or two on the beach finished with a great hotel. As we know when it's just a weekend it's often the hotel that can really make it. April through October is an ideal weekend here.


    Ibiza Town - Ibiza

    Yes we know Ibiza is famed for it's night clubs and wild parties, but the island of Ibiza has some incredible beaches and Ibiza town itself along with the surrounding countryside is a whole world away. There is still a buzz in the town and an almost hippy feel mixed in with a waft of spanish presense and of course a few souvenir shops. Most of the big clubs are based out of town and loud Sant Antonio is a half hour drive away across the other side of the island. You can enjoy some fine restaurants, some styish hotels and being a small island you are not far from anywhere if you decide to stay out of town. You'll find cobbled streets and tradition in town overlooking the picturesque port. And only 15 minutes walk away is the golden beach of Talamanca. You could be sipping coffee on your balcony overlooking the mediterannean each morning and really enjoy an extra special weekend away.

    Biarritz - France

    When we think of a weekend away in France we automatically think of Paris, but you can get some great flights down to Bordeaux and Biarritz on the southern west coast if you book in advance. Biarritz itself is on the beach and known for it's surfing on those great Atlantic waves, but you have the added benefit of being in beautiful France with it's fantastic fresh bakeries, inexpensive and delicious wine and plenty of hotels to choose from.  It has a truly unique atmosphere, a busy vibe yet beautiful and quiet mountain landscape just out of town.  Enjoy shopping, wining and dining and a few afternoons on the beaches. What more could you want for a weekend away? Flights to Biarritz > Hotels in Biarritz >

    Top City Breaks



    There are city breaks and there are iconic city breaks and Rome is iconic!  This isn't going to be a cheap weekend away, even if you manage to get a great flight and hotel deal, as eating out, taxi's and generally seeing the sights will cost you.  But it is a dream weekend away and pretty much on everyones to do list.  Renowned for the Colliseum, the nearby Vatican City, it's art and museums and its general beauty, there are simply hundreds of things to do on a weekend here. On top of this just staying in one of it's traditional hotels is an experience and it doesnt have to be 5* for it to be exceptionally pretty.  Rome is a large city, but it's not a necessity to be immediately next to the sights you want to visit as it's fairly easy to hop on the metro and get across town any time within 10 minutes, so when searching for a hotel bear this in mind and don't worry too much about location.


    Yet another one of the worlds finest weekends away is in Italy and of course Venice is an extraordinary city break.  Hotels get booked up well in advance and often suddenly, so if you find yourself just outside of Venice due to hotels being booked up, it's easy to get a little ferry over throughout the day to hang out and see the sights of Venice before heading back out of town. It's expensive here, coffees, ice-creams, Gondolas ... the lot! So know in advance that it's going to cost you so that you are not disappointed with the very high costs of tourist activities. It is definitely romantic here, even the mazes of alleyways between buildings are pretty entwined with narrow canals winding under and through them. The many bridges are built in lavish and beautiful designs and virtually everywhere you turn looks like a postcard. You'll also find markets among the streets of souvenirs, famous for their glass works and Venetian masks. Definitely a top weekend to be remembered. Venice weekends >


    Paris will always be on the Top Weekends away list, and because there is simply so much to do in this fascinating and awe-inspiring city, it's one of those places you just want to keep going back, as you can only accomplish so much in a weekend.  Depending on whether your weekend away is for a relaxing break, a surprise, for adventure or for romance you can break down your stay into one that suits you and it's worth a little bit of planning before you go.  If you've been before you may want to head out to the area of Versailles as this can take a weekend in itself, and see the grand Palace of Versailles and the surrounding area. If it's romance then it pays to be a little bit chiché because it really is exciting to go to the top of the Eiffel Tower! You can't fail to see all the sights on a hop on/off city tour - it really is the easiest way as it's a big city, and if you only have a weekend it's the best way. Again, we don't think you have to worry too much about your hotel location as the sights are quite spread out and you'll end up crossing the city no matter where you stay.

    Going to Paris? Get a Paris Pass before you go, save yourself hassle and money! You are likely to visit all the top sights anyway so get a discount and peace of mind without separate tickets for everything.


    Whether you live in the UK or you are heading to London from outside the UK, this city is as iconic as Rome and with as many sights. Like Paris it's one of those places you can keep coming back to simply because of the wealth of attractions that simply can't be fitted into a weekend. Again we think that if you get a great deal on a hotel out of town, don't worry too much about location as its only usually 20 mins on a tube to get to where you need to be in central London even if you are several miles out of town. New attractions seem to be forever popping up and one of the latest is the magnificent Shard, the tallest building in western Europe. The view from here gives you a tremdous perspective on the layout of the city and an amazing platform to pick out the great sites. It's hard not to want to rush to Buckingham Palace, the Tower of London and similar if it's your first time, so again maybe a bus tour is your best option if you don't want to miss out. London is easily as romantic as Paris and great for a weekend all year round as there is plenty to do inside as well as out. Don't forget to picnic in one of it's many parks if you are here in the summer! London Attractions >


    Pretty Amsterdam is known for so many things! But this bright vibrant city is romantic, fun and very beautiful. It's famous canals are surrounded by traditional town houses and cobbled streets. It's well known for being clean and friendly. Modern and of course known for its famous smoke cafes, it's not it's main reason for the majority of it's visitors anymore. With flower festivals in April it bursts with colour across the year including its bright markets. It's definitely on the 'must go' bucket list.


    Something Different


    Why not head out to Iceland for a fun weekend away?  Choose exciting Reykjavik to escape for a few days whether it be summer or winter. From October to March you'll get the best views of the incredible Northern Lights. Throughout the summer you can bathe in its natural phenomenon of the geo thermal spa called the Blue Lagoon, a steaming lake situated in lava fields and one of Icelands biggest attractions or simply visit one of the cities many geothermal spa's.

    And have you ever thought of Salzburg? This city is so romantic and fun, packed full with interesting places to visit. The views alone are worthwhile going to this little Austrian city. With some lovely hotels, great restaurants along with music festivals, take a cable car high up above the city for the best sights and enjoy the warm welcome from friendly locals. If you are a Sound of Music fan, many follow the film sights around the city to see for themselves the beautiful back drop to the Oscar winning film. With cheap flights you can have a fairly inexpensive weekend away to this enchanting town.


    Long Weekends Away


    New York 

    A long weekend away in New York is a dream for most people, a fantastic weekend break summer or winter. May to October will be nice mild months generally with sunshine, but it can get very cold in winter with deep snowfall sometimes  - albeit magical over the December/January holidays, not forgetting the extraordinary January shopping sales! With iconic sights, fascinating history and a multi-cultured metroplis there is no where is in the world with a vibe like New York. Just under a 7 hour flight time from London, it is a small trek so ideally you would want 4 nights here, but many do go for just 3 nights. Our tip is if you are looking for a hotel search by map from below Central park and above Times Square and you can be sure you'll be staying in a fantstic location both for walking everywhere you need to go and close to all the subways. New York Reviews >



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