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    River Cruises

    A River Cruise? Why go on a River Cruise?  Let's face it, a lot of us have done the European beach holiday time and again, and we've done city breaks. Some of us have been on a cruise and know how fantastic it is, but not that many of us have tried a river cruise!  We are all looking for safe places to go on holiday, and unique and fun ways to spend our precious time off. A River cruise offers a lot of the things that we are all looking for in a holiday.


    A smaller cruise offers a more intimate setting than a large cruise ship, and all rooms have a view unlike inside cabins on a larger ship. On a river cruise there is a lot more to look at as of course you are typically surrounded by land which you simply glide through, often directly into the heart of cities. And, depending on your river cruise destination, you'll glide past dense beautiful forests, wide open fields, expanses of desert, exotic mangroves and bright awe inspiring cityscapes. But these river boats aren't exactly small, there's plenty of space to lounge outside sipping on your cocktail and listening to the riverlife as it passes you by. And often you'll find the majority of excursions are included in the cost of the cruise, yet another bonus.

    There's also plenty of space for fine dining with no bill at the end of the night as it's all included in the price of your cruise. And as tempting as it is to just stay on board with your comfortable cabin, fine river views, entertainment and that gentle bobbing along the stunning waterways, you'll be stopping at some incredible destinations that you just wouldn't find if you were in a hotel resort. So if it's a special time of year to treat a loved one or just a new mode of travel on your adventures, have a look through our destinations and keep a river cruise on your travel 'to do' list. These cruises have recently hit it big with the younger ages groups, with 30's to 60's demographic booming. Ideal for romantic couples, even more fun for a group, especially in the winter!



    Some of our top destination recommends for River Cruises:


    RHINE   -  DANUBE   -  NILE

    Arguably some of the most fascinating River Cruises in the entire world when it comes to exploring Europe by these ancient rivers. In turn passing by ancient and remarkable landmarks, probably the most famous of which being Luxor in Egypt. Technically of course Egypt is in North Africa, but is often classed as Europe when it comes to Holidays. The Danube is also nothing to sniff at when it comes to the sights, stretching out thousands of miles across 10 countries it's not surprising then that you'll be in for a treat and time it right and you could be celebrating the new year in style, or just in time for one of the many famous festivals such as the Viena Opera Ball. Or float down the Rhine to the magical sights of fairytale castles, medieval cities and magnificent palaces followed by a good old local beer or wine tasting. These are the most notable European river Itineraries just as a taster of Europes river cruise offerings.


    Far East


    It's the trip of a lifetime and one that many people go out of their way to do when visiting China, the Yangtze is the longest river in China and surrounded by some of the most breathtaking views on Earth. With plenty of shore stops buzzing with life, both the locals and wildlife, The Three Gorges is possibly the best known part of the river for its cruises. The Mekong River is one of the most well known in South East Asia, coursing through Thailand, China, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos and Myanmar. It's an incredible way to visit several Far East countries in a leisurely and fascinating way, and much easier than on land, although you'll be given plenty of chance to put your feet down and explore. From mystical temples, to local delicious food markets, paddy fields and pagodas, you'll be simply wowed.




    A River cruise down the most famous river in the USA will take you back to a bygone era in style. This cruise really does offer some of the most interesting of Americas culture and history with many cruise options to discover New Orleans, Memphis, Nashville and so much more. Foodies will delight in this trip with tastes of Creole, Cajun, BBQ and delicious tri-tip and steaks! Re-live the legendary adventures of Huckleberry Fin and the hometown of Mark Twain among just one of the delights of this beautiful river.

    South America


    Cruise in luxury down the wildlife packed Amazon from Peru surrounded by exotic birdlife, towering mountains, cloud forests and one of the most environmentally diverse topography on the planet. A cruise may well offer the very best way to explore this area from the safety of your delightful cabin, stopping off at the best sights and natural landmarks along the way. A visit to lake Titicaca will astound you where the natives still live on floating islands weaved from reeds!


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