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    Frequently Asked Questions

    We’ve put a few questions and answers below about Where To Holiday, if you have other questions please e-mail and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

    Adding Experiences

    Why have we limited the experiences to 350 words?

    We've limited your travel experiences to 350 words in order to give a snapshot of the most important parts of your travel experience within that country or location. This makes it easier for other travellers to read through experiences quickly and to get a good overview in a short space of time.

    Why have we limited photos?

    Where to Holiday is designed to give snapshots and overviews of destinations, therefore by only allowing 2 photos per experience it means the photos will be very relevant, and quick to search through when looking for a broad destination overview. It also means you get the best photos to define a destination rather than someones whole photo album that you don't always have the time to look through!

    I can’t find the location I travelled to, how can I write an experience?

    We've included as many important travel destinations as we can, however its difficult to include every location without running into the millions. So the aim is to either write about your experience under a Country Overview mentioning where you visited or choose a major sub-location such as a capital city or a city that you started your travels from.

    The destination that you want to share with us may be within an hour or two's distance from that sub-location city. The main city is also a likely start destination for other travellers, just don't forget to mention where you went!

    If you feel we have missed a major sub-location please email us at for us to consider.

    What is the difference between a country overview and a sub location?

    A country overview is where you can share either a short or indepth overview of the country you visited as a whole. For example you may have travelled through Australia and in an overview can let us know the 6 or 7 main locations you stopped at on your way through the country. Or you may have just visited the capital city but want to give your opinion of the country, its customs, how affordable it was.

    A sub-location allows you to explain your visit to that location in more detail, you may even want to share your experiences for several sub-lcations within a country as well as a country overview. Writing under a sub-location means you can go into deeper detail on even smaller locations surrounding the sub-location such as smaller or remote villages and treks out of town. 

    When will my Experience be put live?

    We endeavor to put all experiences live within 24 hours, in some circumstances this may take a little longer however in general you will find that unless there is unacceptable content your experience will go live shortly after you submit it.

    Answering Questions on your Experiences

    How Do I ask a Question?

    If you've seen an experience where the traveller seems to have a lot of knowledge on the particular location and has agreed to answer questions on their experience, then an 'Ask a Question' button will appear at the bottom their travel experience.

    You need to be logged in to ask a question, and as soon as your question has been answered you'll receive an email from Where To Holiday to inform you. The answer will be stored under 'view/ask a question' on the experience.

    You won't be able to see your question live on the site unless it has been answered.

    Someone has asked you a question that you can't answer.

    You will only receive questions on your experiences if you specifically tick the box to say you are happy to answer other travellers questions. The question won't show on the site until it has been answered, so you are not obliged to answer if you don't know it.  

    If you feel it would be more courteous to reply, there is no harm in answering to let them know that you cannot help them this time. This way the question will get seen and maybe another traveller will answer it in their experience.