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    Favourite Holiday Destinations

    If you need some great holiday ideas and want to know where everyone else is going then we've put together our most popular holidays. These have typically been your favourite destinations every year for the last 3 years. Many are searching for the top places to go away in the winter months, the favourite month being October; and others are just searching for new and inspiring destinations to visit. Don't be put off the favourites! They are favoured for a reason - including sunshine, things to do, value for money and flight time.


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    So here's where you have been going:


    Canary Islands

    The top holiday destination has to be the Canary Islands.  And it's top choice by a long way! Of course this is because of the year round sunshine and in particular winter sunshine. From October to April it maintains a steady temperature and general sunshine with only a few days of rain, whilst to find this kind of weather elsehwere in Europe is quite difficult. On top of that it still remains popular all through the summer because of the huge choice of holiday options, you get to choose from hundreds of resorts through out the islands, with the most popular being Tenerife and Gran Canaria followed by Lanzarote and Fuerteventura. Each island offering something unique in terms of things to do and each with beaches upon beaches to laze on! 


    The most northern of the Canary islands and about half the size of the largest island Tenerife, pretty Lanzarote has some of the most stunning Volcanic landscape of all the islands. A mixture of black volcanic sand beaches and golden coves, it has all the necessities for a holiday island. If you are in the south of Lanzarote you can take a day trip over to Fuerteventura on a fast ferry.


    All the Canary islands benefit from the trade winds breezes which are much needed in the peak of summer! But with Fuerteventura being so close to Lanzarote, the north of the island often benefits from the shelter of Lanzarote with less breeze, great in the winter. Fuertaventura is famous for it's huge number of beaches, as well as some of the lovliest beaches.

    Gran Canaria

    Possibly one of the livliest islands it's the most populated and very tourist focussed in the south with plenty of hotels and nightlife to choose from. Of course there are definitely quieter areas, and stunning landscapes to explore with huge sand dunes great for the kids (and the big kids!)


    The largest of the Canary Islands, Tenerife has a huge choice of resorts, fantastic weather often even warmer in the south west, and plenty of nightlife. If you are a beach person choose your resort specifically by it's location to the beach as some beaches are sand and some are rougher gravelly sand, however some of the newest resorts aren't even on a beach yet their pools are so divine you won't even want a beach! It's all about the sunshine here.

    All Canary Islands

    It's hard to choose between the islands as each have so much to offer that it may well be down to the hotel that makes your holiday unique or the things that you can do there such as waterparks to art to visiting a volcano or simply the best deal. See our guide to the Canaries to help you make up your mind  - Best Canary Island



    Hugely popular, Portugal seems to be the next biggest favourite of those choosing their holiday on WheretoHoliday. It tends to have a much lower profile than the other well known destinations such as Spain, Turkey and Greece, yet with an enormous coastline of hundreds of wide golden sandy beaches, holiday makers are being adventurous and opting to explore Portugal more. It gets some serious sunshine and will often be warm from early April and sometimes right into November. 



    One of the top 3 favourite destinations, Cyprus continues to tempt us in our droves!  With hardly any rain and a short flight for most of us, sunny Cyprus swelters though the summer and is ideal for Autumn sunshine often well into November. With great roads for exploring the island, and no tourist visas to pay for, it's a nice simple escape where holiday makers are welcomed and the water is crystal clear. Ideal for families and great value for eating out, it's good for a half term holiday in October if you book nice and early.




    Overall Greece proves itself to be incredibly popular with so many choices for the holiday maker. The majority of us go for the islands rather than the mainland, and the most popular islands on WheretoHoliday have been Rhodes and Crete. With so many islands to choose from the contest is fierce for our custom which means there are some tremendous deals to be had. Rhodes in particular not only offers beaches and sunshine, it has plenty of traditional almost unchanged villages to visit and beautiful historic buildings not to mention it's nightlife. Crete being the largest and most southerly island tends to get visitors slightly earlier and later in the season with the edge on it's temperatures remaining higher that little bit longer.  



    All Greece Destinations


    St Lucia

    This is one pretty Caribbean Island that keeps a firm hold on the top spot for Caribbean holiday destinations, with around half of our visitors opting to put together their own holiday by finding their favourite hotel and matching it with a great flight deal. The other half are benefitting from some amazing package deals to take the stress out of organising their holiday and leaving all that to the experts. It's a year round destination, however the most popular months to go have been between November and May.


    Most Popular Cruises

    Good ideas for holidays with children?


    With cruise becoming ever more popular, no longer just for the senior holiday makers, the cruise lines have been making their ships ever more luxurious and very family friendly. It's perfect if you want to squeeze in more than one destination on your holiday, and the pressure is off when you simply get to relax at sea, soaking up the sun and gazing at the magnificent Mediterranean sea go by. And once you've been on one cruise, it's hard not to want to go on another! The itineraries are so varied that your choice of destinations can be a fantastic mixture of city and beaches or simply just beaches. Typically a cruise in the Med is broken down into Eastern and Western Mediterannean, so depending on the time of year you want to go there's always some sunshine. The Mediterranean Cruise is by far the most popular choice for our visitors.



    A Caribbean Cruise blends the enjoyment of being at sea under those vast Caribbean skies, spotting the marine and wildlife, with the enjoyment of anchoring up at some of the very best spots that the beautiful islands of the Caribbean have to offer. It's an ideal way to see the varied cultures and shores of this heavenly destination without having to choose just one! As well as an inexpensive way of visiting more than one island, there's a party atmosphere on board with a distinct culture all of it's own.



    A cruise in Dubai and the Persian Gulf has become the latest popular cruise destination to explode onto the holiday scene.  The bonus being that it's probably less expensive to Cruise around Dubai than it is to actually stay in Dubai for the same period.  And added to that, your cruise is typically full board or all inclusive, so no need to eat out in expensive restaurants in Dubai daily where this expense can really add up, yet you'll have plenty of on shore time to enjoy the city and sample its restaurants. You'll have the choice to add on a night on dry land in Dubai for more time in the city or to try out one of its iconic hotels.


    Which month are you looking to go? We'll tell you what the weather is like that month and a little more info on destinations best to visit at that time of year.


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