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    Holidays in the UK

    Holidays in the UK are back in trend! Whether it be a weekend retreat, a daytrip or a full on week away exploring this delightful country. UK Holiday's aren't necessarily the ones you remember from your childhood... and thats maybe a good thing! It's not about glum beach shacks thats for sure, it's more like golden sandy beaches and misty forests. So what's the best time of year for a UK Holiday? And where are the best places for a holiday in the UK?

    (Image Jersey)

    All of us love a good holiday abroad in guaranteed sunshine, but don't forget that many millions of visitors come to the UK from all over the world, with the top 3 visitors from France, Germany and America respectively. So why are they coming to the UK? And what are we missing!

    While London unsurprisingly gets 54% of all UK visitor spend, the rest of England welcomes around 33% of inbound visitors and Scotland, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man take up much of the rest. The majority of those visitors come between May and September which makes sense, as of course this is some of our nicest weather, but often visitors are happy to put up with a bit of our rainfall to experience the absolutely fascinating beauty of the UK.

    We aren't saying give up your sunshine holidays! (That's just silly) But how about considering fitting in a few extra escapes in the UK, saving on the headache of the mad rush to the sun, the inevitable travel worries and find out what 34 million tourists to the UK last year were up to on their UK holiday.

    Obviously London is the number one place to visit and we are all very proud of our stunning capital... so we'll save that til last as we think there's plenty of other places that demand your attention that you might be missing out on! Cornwall is the next favourite destination after UK city breaks, followed by Devon, The Lake District and the Lochs of Scotland.

    So if you are thinking UK holidays of 1980?

    Think again! ...

    Find unique and interesting places to go even in bad weather and don't forget, the UK does actually get some sunshine too! So explore and enjoy what so many others come here to discover, and in your own back yard!

    (image Ilfracombe, Devon)


    Why do we love to flock to Cornwall? The busiest months are of course July and August, but forget about the weather and head here any time of the year, even deepest darkest winter, because Cornwall from October to March is so quiet you'll get amazing deals on really top accommodation, and that sea air is wonderful any time of the year. From moody winter skies and romantic walks to sand castles and surfing on its incredible beaches! 

    (image Cornwall)

    Search for one of its many popular cottages with some as small as single bedroom cottages for two, or 18 bed cottages for a few families. Just book nice and early as they tend to get booked up fast, with hotel accomodation liomited and B&B's the main deal in sandy cornwall.



    North Devon



    South Devon

    South Coast - Weymouth - Bournemouth - Bognor Regis - Brighton - Eastborne - Hastings




    The city of London is almost like a country of its very own! This Metropolis surrounds the north and south of the Thames, and with an excellent Tube network staying 5 - 10 miles or even more from the very centre is no problem as its a short hop of the tube or the famous red double decker buses, with some of the top sights and places of interested scattered left and right along the way. So don't be fooled into paying the big central London prices for a  central hotel room, as theres simply no point.

    If you are headed for London, one of the best things you can do is get yourself a London Pass.  This includes your choice of the best attractions as well as all your travel included with a hop on hop off tour and use it to get your way around this exciting city!