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    Hot places to go by Month


    We've got hundreds of recommendations for hot places to go on holiday, but why not take a look at hot countries where our reviewers have been each month?  We've gathered their reviews together by month to give you some great holidays ideas and inspiration for future travel. You can see where they went, what month they went and what it was like at that time of year. You'll be surprised at some of the places they went, even some in the rainy seasons where they experienced ideal weather to go on holiday.


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    Where is hot this month?

    January - Typically if you are looking for winter sun in January you'll find it in the Caribbean, Middle East, Central America and Austrailia, Canaries.

    February - Best weather in February is Caribbean, North Africa, Canaries, Central America, South Africa, Australia.

    March - Hot Countries in March are North Africa including Cape Verde, Europe is mainly Canaries and Madeira, Gulf of Oman, Far East, Caribbean, Panama .

    April - Hot places to go in April are now in some European destinations, India, USA, North Africa, Caribbean, Central and South America and Far East.

    May - Good places to go in May include the Mediterranean, Caribbean, Indian Ocean including Mauritius, USA, Far and Middle East

    June - Europe including Scandinavia is now hot in June, Far East very good, North Africa and some Caribbean destinations outside of Hurricane belt.

    July - UK and Europe very nice weather in July, Middle East a bit too hot, East coasts of South America and North America, Indian Ocean is ideal.

    August - Europe, Asia, Far East and Indian Ocean are good places to go in August, Safaris in Africa, North America.

    September - Europe and North Africa are warm in September, Australia and New Zealand is perfect spring weather, Indian Ocean is nice.

    October - some Caribbean destinations are back, Southern Mediterannean and Canaries, Dubai and Middle East, Oceania and North America.

    November - coming to end of Huricane season in Caribbean, it's hot in November in the Canaries, Oceania and Indian Ocean.

    December - peak season in the Caribbean and the Far East, Cape Verde and Canaries warm in December, Oceania/Australia's summer season in full swing. Central America is ideal and it's spring in South America.