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    Which are the best countries to visit in Africa? Are you looking for a Safari Holiday in Africa? See our travel reviews by people who have been there and find holiday ideas for Africa.

    The continent of Africa reminds us of dense tropical rain forests, hazy savannahs and wildlife spotting on Safari, but we know there’s more to it than that! Each African nation has its own colourful culture and traditions, so where to holiday when there’s so much choice?

    Search by country to find your next holiday destination with a little help from our travel mad user’s experiences to help you make your mind up. And if you’ve already been here let us know what is was like, what we can skip, and what we definitely can’t miss out, we can’t wait to hear your insider information.

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    Map of Africa
    Egypt Seychelles Cape Verde Ivory Coast South Africa Swaziland Lesotho Djibouti Eritrea Senegal Gambia Bissau Guinea Liberia Sierra Leone Burkina Faso Ghana Togo Benin Malawi Burundi Rwanda Uganda Sao Tome and Principe Central African Republic Congo Equatorial Guinea Cameroon Gabon Nigeria Madagascar Zambia Zimbabwe Botswana Mozambique Tanzania Angola Namibia South Sudan Democratic Republic of Congo Kenya Somalia Ethiopia Mauritania Mali Niger Chad Sudan Libya Tunisia Algeria Morocco

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