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    Are you wondering which Caribbean Island is best for your holiday? Not sure which month is best to travel to the Caribbean? We've got great travel reviews and holiday ideas to help you choose your best holiday destination.

    The Caribbean generally comes under the Continent of North America, but when it comes to heavenly holidays, we just had to give it a page all of its own. Such a range of Islands, cultures and scenery, you’ll find luminescent bays at night, white sands and black sands, waterfalls and lakes, coral reefs and shipwrecks, and a delicious range of Caribbean dishes.

    See relics of history in buzzing old colonial towns, busy fishing villages, and peaceful coves all set in some of the most beautiful azure sparkling warm waters in the world. Each island has a completely different personality, ambience and way of life meaning there is so much to explore on each visit to this beautiful holiday destination.

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    Map of the Caribbean
    US Virgin Islands British Virgin Islands Anguilla St Maarten St Kitts and Nevis Montserrat Antigua and Barbuda Guadeloupe Dominica Martinique St Lucia St Vincent and The Grenadines Barbados Grenada Trinidad and Tobago Curacao Aruba Puerto Rico Haiti Haiti Cayman Islands Turks and Caicos Bahamas Cuba Mexico Turks and Caicos Jamaica Cuba Haiti Dominican Republic

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