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    Where are the best places to visit in Europe and when is a good time to go to Europe? We have top recommendations for European holidays, along with travel reviews and photos.

    The source of modern western culture, Europe is an ancient continent with diverse and intriguing cultures, a variety languages, and some of the oldest architecture on earth.

    From the chilly Nordic countries and the inspiring northern lights to the warm, dry Olive Tree hilly landscapes along the Mediterranean, you will find epic cities to traditional sea-side towns, gothic Cathedrals to intricate Mosques. Check out European Beach City reviews or search our map for more reviews and inspiration.

    With incredible destinations in every country it’s difficult to know where to visit first! Our traveller’s experiences can help you make your decision on where to holiday next, and if you’ve already been there, let us know where you went and whether you would recommend us going there too!

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    Map of Europe
    Finland Estonia Estonia Estonia Latvia Lithuania Belarus Russia Russia Ukraine Moldova Romania Turkey Cyprus Macedonia Kosovo Bulgaria Greece Albania Montenegro Serbia Hungary Slovakia Bosnia-Herzegovina Croatia Slovenia Austria Greenland Iceland Spain Spain Spain Spain Italy Italy Sardinia Corsica France Switzerland Czech Republic Poland Sweden Norway denmark denmark Luxembourg Germany Netherlands Belgium Ireland England England Portugal

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