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    India & Indian Ocean

    Travelling through India? If you are searching for the best places to visit in India for your travels we have holiday ideas and recommendations as well as travel reviews and photos.
    Or you may just want to know which islands have the best beaches in the Indian Ocean and great places to snorkel? Search on our Indian Ocean map for individual holiday destinations or be inspired with our best month to holiday suggestions.

    The infinitely enthralling and colourful India dips into the warm inky blue Indian Ocean which stretches down to the bottom of Africa. The Indian Ocean is known worldwide as among the top ten honeymoon destinations, so romantic are its islands. Dotted around the Indian Ocean are some truly fascinating islands, from Sri Lanka just off the south of India, to Madagascar off the south east coast of Africa.

    The island of Reunion is a little piece of France in the Indian Ocean with many stunning waterfalls, and the well known and idyllic Maldives are a marine lovers paradise to name just a few. Explore further with our travellers great inside information, and add your own if you’ve been there!

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    Map of India and the Indian Ocean
    Mauritius Reunion Comoros Seychelles Maldives Sri-Lanka India Madagascar

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