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    New Places To Go On Holiday

    So you are looking for new places to go on holiday this time round, you've been to plenty of great holiday destinations and you are searching for new holiday destinations and good places to go on holiday? These are our recommended best holiday destinations if you've been looking for a change, you may have already been to some of our 'new' hot holiday suggestions, but we'd like to think there are a few you may not have tried yet!



    It's on the mediterannean and gets some beautiful weather if you've been wondering where's good to go on holiday this year.



    Valencia - Spain

    OK, this may be an old favourite for some of you, but for others which may have headed previously to Malaga or Marbella or the Costa Brava and other well known Spanish favourites, Valencia is a stunning city with several beaches to choose from along its coast and some of them are really off the beaten track. Valencia is a world away from Benidorm 2 hours south down the coast. So rather than heading to a tourist hub of hotels directly on the beach head for arty Valencia and stay in the heart of this cultured and fun city for great restaurants and impressive bar scene while only a short drive from a choice of beaches. Cullera on Valencia's coast is a fairly busy white sand beach well loved by the locals and no English bars and menus that you would find in Alicante. Or go to El Saler for an off the beaten track beach where you'll need to take your lunch and refreshments with you as this is an uncrowded stretch  surrounded by sand dunes. It easy to book it yourself with a cheap flight into Valencia, an affordable hotel or hire a villa for some suberb deals when thinking ahead. If you dont want to hire a car theres plenty of day trips and local transport to a variety of beaches. Valencia itself is a modern and chic city, known for its art and futuristic structure with plenty of events and festivals throught the year including street parties and carnivals.






    Cape Verde





    La Gomera (off Tenerife)