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    Hot in April

    Which Countries are Hot for a Holiday in April?

    Where is hot in April? Well if you want to be fairly sure then it's worth reading about where other people have been in April. We've gathered reviews from across the site for places you've been in April right here. So, If sunshine and hot holiday destinations is what you are looking for in April 2014 then read on for some great holiday experiences and recommendations below.

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    April Holiday Reviews

    • Where: Mancora, Peru
    • Who: Daphne
    • When: April

    I have travelled to various beaches in Europe, North and South America but never have I been in a more beautiful beach.

    The sand as white as that in the Caribbean, the palm trees swaying profusely all around the clean beaches.
    Whilst swimming in the sea; it is so clear that you can see your feet as well as a large variety of fishes and the shells!! Just like the ones that you buy in tourist shops.

    We stayed at a house called the house of dreams 'La Casita Suenos' it was a row of lovely double bedroom bungalows with en suite and there was a large house with no windows (as its so hot) and that was where we went to eat. A chef was hired very cheaply to cook all of our meals. Our meals consisted mainly of freshly caught fish and delicious meat dishes full of flavour. We were able to go through different menus and pick what we wanted for the next day.

    The Casita (bungalows) were all right on the beach, they were very clean and sparse, furniture lovely wood and comfortable king size bed. At night we were provided with a mosquito light.

    We saw some amazing looking birds and there were rocks on part of the beach that were covered in crabs.

    There were a few restaurants and hotels nearby. We visited one next to the Casita for excellent cocktails it was right on the beach.

    The beaches were not at all crowded, if I were to compare it to somewhere it would be the Caribbean but much better as we got the luxury without the price.

    There were water sports for those who like that; also much cheaper than most places we have been to.
    There are little bars on the beach and the waiter will serve you with food and cocktails whilst you lie on a lounger enjoying the stunning views.

    Incredibly beautiful place for couples, groups of friends or families. To get there you get a plane to Tumbes from Lima it takes 2 hours. The place is so beautiful weddings took place there.

    Published: 30 August 2014

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    • Where: Dubai, United Arab Emirates
    • Who: Ant453
    • When: April

    What a fabulous place. Culturally as shallow as a puddle and really there isn't much to do aside from sunbathing, shopping and eating - but boy you can do that well.
    If you are there on a Friday what all of the ex pats do is brunch. This is a long (marathon not a sprint) eating and drinking affair that takes place at a large number of the hotels. Arrive at midday. You pay at the start and everything is included- all food and drink. We went to an amazing hotel which opened up all of their restaurants. This is an affair that the locals (expats) dress up for.
    Aside from that dune buggying was amazing fun. Ripping it up through the desert.
    And of course the dancing fountains set in the shadow of the magnificent Berg was wonderful. If you can book a table at one of the restaurants overlooking the water then you will be happy.
    All in all. Great holiday, wonderfully superficial, but if you get bored by sunbathing this is not the place for you as there is very little else to do!.

    Published: 23 April 2014

    • Where: Sydney, Australia
    • Who: beachbum
    • When: April

    Sydney is one of my favorite cities and one that we stumbled on really en-route to a two week trip to New Zealand. We traveled in April and landed in the middle of a heat wave with highs of 35 degrees!

    Sydney is really cosmopolitan - it mixes beach with city life and you can do everything from listening to classics at the famous opera house to climbing the incredible harbour bridge. Sydney is full of iconic photo stop points - the opera house, Bondi, darling harbour, the bridge... Visitors can certainly get snappy happy here.

    Things not to miss include the Sydney bridge climb for awesome views over the harbour (expensive but worth it), a boat ride around the harbour, shopping in Oxford Street, sunbathing on Manly or Bondi beach, and drinks and dancing in Kings Cross. Another highlight for me was a trip to Taronga Zoo with the chance to hold Koala's and baby Kangaroos. I'm not the biggest fan of Zoo's but this really is a fab day out, also the skyline views here are incredible.

    Eating out in Sydney is fairly pricey however an extravagant lunch in the Rocks area is a must! Sit in one of the harbour side cafes for amazing views overlooking the opera house whilst listening to street side music. We only had three days in Sydney before heading over to NZ - we were gutted to leave so soon and could have easily have spent a week there.

    Published: 18 November 2013

    • Where: Phuket, Thailand
    • Who: kayley
    • When: April

    Phuket is one of Thailand's most popular islands attracting millions of Brits each year. Although it is very commercial you can still find undiscovered parts of the island that boast postcard perfect beaches.

    Patong Beach is the main commercial area heaving with tourists enjoying the long beach and vibrant nightlife. Patong is great fun to experience for a couple of nights but staying here doesn't really allow you to see the 'real' Thailand. We much preferred the areas of Karon and Kata beaches - still lots going on but much less boisterous than Patong!

    Phuket is really easy to get around. We tended to use local rickshaws who would only charge about £1 per ride. This was a great way of travelling between the beaches! Also, roads are pretty good on the island so it's worth hiring a car to do a bit of independent travel.

    A day trip to Phi Phi is well worth it. Ferries leave Phuket around every hour and it takes around 2 hours to get to the famous 'The Beach' island! Instead of booking the regular ferries, I would recommend paying a little bit extra to enjoy an organized day trip where you can enjoy snorkelling and beach stops en-route. Whilst Phi Phi beaches are beautiful they are all very crowded so its nice to book a trip and enjoy some deserted beaches.

    We travelled to Phuket in April - the weather was great and we were blessed with sunny days and temperatures of around 30 degrees. Phuket is also a great starting point to an island hopping trip to Krabi, koh Lak and koh Lanta as all easily be reached from here.

    Published: 14 November 2013

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    • Where: Ibiza, Spain
    • Who: kayley
    • When: April

    Ibiza has a well known reputation for its legendary nightlife but its natural charm, relaxed beauty of the island often gets overlooked.

    We travel to Ibiza every April, before the season really kicks in and I have to say its one of the most chilled out places we have every visited. Travelling out of season has it's benefits - flights and hotels are super cheap (we paid £25 each return for our flights!), beaches are quiet and the island is beautifully green following the rain during winter season. Whilst a lot of the main bars and clubs aren't open in April, Ibiza Town is still buzzing with a great relaxed atmosphere. For those who still want to experience some of Ibiza's nightlife, you can still hit Pacha which is open every Friday and Saturday year round.

    Weather-wise, we have been blessed with glorious sunny days of around 22 - 25 degrees. Night's can be slightly chilly so make sure you bring a light jacket and jeans.

    Our favourite area of Ibiza is Talamanca, which is just a 15 minute walk from Ibiza Town and just five minutes from Marina Botafoch. The beach at Talamanca is really quaint and boasts some fantastic low key beach bars.

    Everyone needs to experience Ibiza's legendary beach clubs at least once. Our favourites include Amante Beach in Cala Llonga, and Nassau Beach in Playa d'en Bossa. Also a trip to see the famous sunset in San Antonio is worth a look - sit on the rocks just outside Cafe del Mar and Cafe Mambo and watch the amazing show! I can't wait for my next trip to the island in May, myself and my partner love it so much we are getting married there in 2014!

    Published: 28 October 2013

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    • Where: Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
    • Who: kayley
    • When: April

    We really wanted a 2 week flop and drop style holiday so opted for a beach holiday to Punta Cana in Dominican Republic.

    We traveled early April and the weather was glorious every single day with clear blue skies and temperatures hitting 30 degrees most days.

    What struck me the most about the country was how amazing the beaches were. They really surpassed my expectations. The sand was the softest sand I have ever felt and sometimes looked pink! The sea was clear and so warm - almost bath like!

    The hotels in the DR are all second to none. Most are 4 or 5* and are all inclusive so there is no need to venture out of your hotel. In fairness, there isn't really much in the way of bars/restaurants outside the resorts so I would always advise to book a good hotel with a selection of eateries so that you don't get bored!

    Punta Cana itself is a lot more 'higher class' than I imagined. We flew British Airways and there were a lot of high flyers on our plane heading over to stay at Donald Trumps hotel! I would definitely recommend the DR for a relaxing beach break or honeymoon.

    Published: 25 October 2013

    • Where: Kerala, India
    • Who: kayley
    • When: April

    Following a 10 day trip in Rajasthan, we really wanted some Indian 'beach time' so decided to extend our trip by a week to visit Kerala.

    We visited in April which is the start of 'dry season' and enjoyed glorious sun and temperatures of 30 degrees every day. Kerala is a lot more relaxed than mainland India, the way of life is very slow and less frantic. We enjoyed having breakfast whist watching locals catch their fish for the day and then play footie on the beach for the next few hours before their afternoon siesta.

    Kerala is beautiful. Beaches are stunning and everywhere you look you see sandy beaches, canals, mountains and green hills. The food is amazing and their local curries are renowned. We loved their curries so much that we even ended up eating them for breakfast some mornings, polished down by local roti's and coconut smoothies!

    One thing everyone has to do in Kerala is experience life on a traditional house boat. We booked a one night trip on a private boat for two. It cost around £100 per person for the night but included all our food and drink plus our own private skipper and waiter! The backwaters themselves are stunning - it was a great way to finish our trip as there was nothing to do other than simply lie back on the boat in awe at the amazing scenery. The backwaters are so unspoilt and you really feel like you are stepping back in time and seeing a glimpse of real Kerala.

    One tip - take lots of mosquito repellant to Kerala. There is water everywhere and this combined with 30 degree heat makes mosquito's rife. I would go back to Kerala in a heart beat and this time would stay at least 2 weeks to really enjoy the islands relaxed pace.

    Published: 25 October 2013

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    • Where: Agra, India
    • Who: kayley
    • When: April

    For my 30th birthday we decided to celebrate by booking a 2 week trip to India. I had always wanted to see the Taj Mahal so Agra was definitely on our hit list!

    After spending a few days acclimatising in Delhi, we headed on a 2 hour high speed train to Agra. The train itself was an experience - myself and my boyfriend ended up sharing a carriage with an Indian family (3 adults, 5 kids!), non of whom could speak English and their only way of communication was to offer us green tea and homemade curry!!

    Once we arrived into Agra, it was complete mayhem. The train station was heaving and people were scrambling off the train through the windows because the doors didn't open! We had lots of beggars approaching us and young children holding our hands. It was heartbreaking.

    We eventually managed to get a horse and cart to take us to our hotel. Agra really isn't for the faint hearted - the sights and smells of the place make you realize that you are in a completely different world.

    After a good nights sleep, we woke up at the crack of dawn as we were eager to see the Taj Mahal in all her glory. We had arranged a taxi to pick us up at 5.30am so we could be there for 6am as soon as the gates opened. We thought that HEAPS of people would be there already but was surprised to find only a handful of eager tourists waiting in the opening line. I would definitely recommend seeing the Taj at sunrise - it was an amazing experience to see the suns colours reflect on the white stone. We visited in April and it was super hot even early in the morning. As soon as the sun comes out the heat hits you - take plenty of water, cover your shoulders...and don't forget your camera!

    Published: 25 October 2013

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