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    Hot in January

    Hot Places to go in January

    If you are looking for hot places to go in January take a look at our travel reviews and photos to see great holiday destinations that our reviewers visited in January where the weather has been great for some winter sunshine! What better time of year to go on holiday? Getaway from the long winter nights and icy days to beaches and blue skies, no need to wait for summer.

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    January Holiday Reviews

    • Where: Inle Lake, Myanmar
    • Who: antonia
    • When: January

    Inle lake is another of the must see places in Burma. We stayed on a hotel that was situated in the middle of the lake itself and I have never seen sunrises or sunsets quite like it. Just stunning. There are fishermen who fish on the lake, with the traditional leg paddle trick. As we entered the lake on our 40 minute boat ride to the hotel you go through so many different areas. There are little villages on the edge of the lake that are got to by boat, no pavements or walkways, the mode of transport here is boat.
    We went to the market village to the south of the lake, walked up a mountain (or what seemed like a mountain, there are bigger ones to climb in Burma) to the pagoda at the top - every hill/mountain has a pagoda at the top. Well worth a visit for a tranquil break.

    Published: 06 February 2016

    • Where: Bagan, Myanmar
    • Who: antonia
    • When: January

    Bagan is the most beautiful place to visit. Google Burma or Myanmar and you are sure to see beautiful photographs of hot air balloons over the old temple city. There are approx 2000 temples in a very small space (there used to be double this number but an earthquake 30 years ago raised them to the ground. There are a couple of rather expensive hotels in Old Town - this is right in the heart of the temples, but to be honest wherever you stay you aren't far from a temple!! We ended up staying in the cheaper area which was a 5 minute cycle ride to the main attractions. You can spend days just pottering around and wandering into and out of the most amazing temples ,some dating from the 12th century, some more recent from the 16th century. You can tell the dates by the colours of the murals inside. If you are lucky you will find a local who will talk you through all of this. Burmese people are very welcoming and happy to help. The food is great, again get local recommendations. We found a great place down a little dirt track that made the most amazing tomato salad (it's not like anything you have had before) and also try a tea salad - it's made from tea leaves and is magical. This is the most touristy that you will find in Burma and really, there aren't that many tourists. If your budget can stretch to it and you book far enough in advance go on a hot air balloon ride. It is worth every penny.

    Published: 06 February 2016

    • Where: Cape Town, South Africa
    • Who: AAlsemgeest
    • When: January

    As you come in to land in Cape Town, you are welcomed by the impressive sight of Table Mountain. The first of many warm welcomes this Rainbow Nation has to offer.

    Cape Town has so much to offer! There is history and culture - a visit to the Castle, the old town and Green Market square is a bustling collection of different experiences.

    There is nature – a climb up Table Mountain or a drive along Chapman’s Peak showcases the best of the best.

    For a foodie there are so many lovely restaurants to choose from and pays homage to the wonderful fresh products available. Pot Luck Club & Head Quarters are fantastic - book in advance. To be honest you don't get a bad meal. Coupled with some fantastic South African wines. Talking about wines – the wine region is close by.

    Safety is important and as long as you stay in the tourist areas, you should be good. This is such an amazing country and city with great weather, friendly people and value for money – a big thumbs up from us! In January it was a sweltering 35 degrees centigrade, so if you are looking for somewhere hot in January sunshine is guaranteed. If you are wondering where to go on holiday - consider this.

    Published: 03 February 2016

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    • Where: Krabi, Thailand
    • Who: sean
    • When: January

    Krabi offers a stunning beach holiday for all ages. The Railey area of the province is a hippy haven for back packers who want to spend their days on picture perfect beaches and their nights in local beach bars drinking buckets of local whiskey and red bull.

    Ao Nang is a more developed area of Krabi where you will find more of the international renowned hotels of 4 and 5 star quality. Ao Nang also has a lovely beach and is also the connection point to get boats to Koh Lanta and Phi Phi.

    We stayed in both Ao Nang and Railey on two different occasions. My favourite was Railey as the beaches are picture perfect boasting calm waters and white sandy shores. The colorful long-tail boats bopping in the shallow waters make amazing photo opportunities. I would really recommend renting one of the long tail boats and exploring the local coves and secluded bays close to Railey. Climbing is also very popular in Railey as the beach is surrounded by amazing limestone cliffs.

    We visited Railey in January and weather was perfect every day. Each day we were blessed with blue skies and temperatures of 30 degrees. Top tip if traveling during this season is to book accommodation in advance - the island gets pretty busy and we met lots of people who had arrived to the island only to be turned away because everywhere was fully booked!

    Published: 29 October 2013

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    • Where: Kruger National Park, South Africa
    • Who: clevermonkey
    • When: January

    I joined an overland camping safari tour to get up close to as many wild members of the 'big five' as I could from the safety of a vehicle, and to benefit from the knowledge and experiences of native guides. As I was traveling alone it was also a great way of meeting like-minded people to share the trip with.

    I went in January when sightings are frequent, as it's cool enough during the day and the vegetation is not too dense. The climate is pleasant enough to travel around in a truck comfortably. Night-time was chilly so some warmer layers are recommended. Some rain is to be expected so I guess it's comparable to September in the UK.

    Customer service and tourist standards in South Africa are of a high standard and good value for Western travellers. This is in part owing to social inequalities in the country, so I feel it's worth acknowledging the human related complications of a beautiful but politically troubled country.

    Kruger is breathe-taking for anyone who has never been to a safari park. It's all you would expect and much more. The variety of animals does not disappoint. During my stay there over the course of about five days, I saw giraffes, elephants, tigers, leopards and yes, a lion.

    Our guides were adept at tracking animals and identified signs of recent activity. They also briefed us thoroughly and gave us timely reminders of safety precautions. They also ensured we showed respect to the local environment. We sometimes camped in open locations that were not secured by fences so this was essential. Whether you camp or stay in a lodge you will probably get to sample some local foods, I personally enjoyed trying ostrich.

    My only disappointment was not having a decent camera to capture the stunning scenery and magnificent creatures. Beg, borrow or hire a digital camera with a ‘proper’ lens. Stick it on auto and click away. A leopard chasing its prey is something that you will never forget, and a photo would be great way of preserving that memory.

    Published: 16 September 2012

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    • Where: Speightstown, Barbados
    • Who: akearney
    • When: January

    My favourite Caribbean island, great beaches and locals that are very welcoming. Not cheap for food but quality and for a cheap meal you can always go to a fish fry. I prefer the east coast beaches as they are much quieter. Lovely and hot!

    Published: 29 August 2012

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    • Where: Santa Marta, Colombia
    • Who: Casey2012
    • When: January

    Santa Marta is located in the north of Colombia, the main bonus is that the weather is nice and sunny pretty much all year round. The main areas to visit are Cartagena, Santa Marta (town), Taganga and Tayrona National Park as well as numerous beautiful towns and villages inbetween.

    Cartagena is probably the most popular with tourists on a budget to those looking for a high end holiday. Just walking around Cartagena is a wonderful experience, there are many street entertainers, little markets, lively bars and in general just a nice buzz about the place.

    Santa Marta town is a bit more of a local town but still has a great nightlife and a good base for visiting the surrounding areas. From there you can catch a 'colectivo' little minibuses that the locals use to Ronda for a swim in the rivers with the locals or to El Rodadero for a swim in the sea or a nice relaxing day on the beach.

    Taganga is by far my most favourite place in Colombia. It consists of one main street full of restuarants, cafes and bars selling lots of fresh food especially fish. A lot of the roads are just rubble which just adds to it's chararter. The community feel in this village is hard to describe unless you go and I would highly recommend a visit. During the day it is very relaxing and walking to some of the other beaches is a must but make sure to bring water. Locals and tourists mix during the evening either over a mouth watering local meal or dancing salsa in the clubs followed by live music on the beach.

    Last but not least is Tayrona, words can not describe the beauty of this place, it is like looking at a postcard. Staying in the park is not exactly luxury but worth it, during the walk to each campsite there is lots of nature and animals to see.

    My top tips, try Redds (alcoholic flavoured beer) & papas rellenas (filled potatoes)

    Published: 16 August 2012

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    • Where: Runaway Bay, Jamaica
    • Who: ABI
    • When: January

    Beautiful place and great weather in January. Jamaica is full on and so are the people some of the best dancing on planet earth takes place here and the food is delicious. Outside our 4star resort the people hassle you though you have to advise against women going out by themselves best to go with a group and beware of hustlers. I went to the Bob Marley compound in a jeep which was an unforgettable experience! buy spirits and blue mountain coffee in local shops as its much cheaper the airport.

    Published: 02 August 2012

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