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    We've got some fantastic holiday destination reviews that are all for places that are hot in July. Our travellers tell us places they went, things they did, what the weather was like, and travel tips. Many reviewers have added an 'Ask a question' button. So go ahead and ask and we'll all get to see the answer! So if you are looking for good places to go in July, we can help.

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    July Holiday Reviews

    • Where: Jersey, England
    • Who: LAS111
    • When: July

    Jersey is part of the UK but not really known as England as it's its own States of Jersey and even had its own Jersey Currency! They are still British pounds but unfamiliar Jersey notes and you can't use them back in England, so spend them while you are there! You only tend to get them when you use Jersey ATMs and you certainly don't need to change your money and can use your normal British pounds.

    Its a very small island but so much to do. We hired a car for some exploration every day, but beware the roads are very narrow and windy, and it's quite easy to get lost as the sign posts are very small if there are any at all!

    My favourite beach was St Brelades Bay, the sand was Caribbeanesque! and the sea was shallow and blue if a little chilly even in July. On our last day we found Portelet beach, which is past the Harbour and access to it was down 100 steps! But once there I would say it's the hidden gem of the island.

    There is so much for kids to do with plenty of adventure parks and wildlife parks in the centre of the island, all fairly reasonable in price. On the west peninsula of the island is a beautiful lighthouse and great views. Up on the north of the coast down a steep windy lane you'll Find Bonne Nuit Beach with a great cafe and thai food in the daytime.

    On our way to the Durrell Wildlife Park in the east we stopped in a little village called Trinity in the Trinity Arms pub, and I couldn't recommend the food enough, home cooked, tasty large portions.

    Down in the south East we did a bit of fishing off La Roque Pier which was fun! And fairly central was the War tunnels which was a very interesting day trip.

    St Helier itself is a tightly packed little town, virtually no parking, but lots of quaint shops and not your usual chains. We stayed in St Helier looking out over Elizabeth castle in the bay. The weather was warm in July but quite windy in St Helier, less windy in the north. Fantastic holiday :)

    Published: 01 August 2015

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    • Where: Cornwall, England
    • Who: sara
    • When: July

    Bude - North Cornwall on the Atlantic Coast

    We were staying up in Devon but exploring the coast from Woolecombe to Barnstaple but ended up crossing the border into Cornwall after straying past Bideford to find this fantastic seaside resort.

    The town of Bude seemed fairly small and picturesque but did have a few large supermarkets just outside of town which was handy for petrol as garages are few and far between down the Atlantic coast road.

    It has two big surf beaches, we opted for the slightly smaller one of Crooklets beach as the larger one was seriously busy and we couldn't find a place to park, it is peak season in July I suppose!
    Crooklets beach was a bit pebbly but a mixture of pebbles and sand, and more than enough sand for sandcastles of course!

    The tide goes out really far leaving quite a large expanse of sandy beach, and pebble beach at the top when the tide is in. Theres plenty of parking and places to eat, and it's ideal for young ones with a sandy park, bouncy castles etc.

    One of the larger cafes had wifi for those of you struggling with the lack of mobile phone signal down here!

    It's ideal for surfing and boogie boarding, the waves are huge, and both beaches had a good lifeguard RNLI presence. It was in the mid 20's and we got a little bit sunburnt due to the breeze. There seems to be a new craze for beach tents rather than wind guards, so the beach was pretty full of them but it didn't take away from the glorious cornish surroundings. A coastal path links the two beaches.

    The town had some great gift and craft shops, pubs and even a nightclub. It's definitely a fun holiday town and we were lucky with the weather as it had rained a bit the week before.
    We didn't have time to stop into the famous town of Clovelly on our way back to Devon, but we'll be back here next summer for more Cornish sunshine!

    Published: 01 August 2015

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    • Where: Rhodes, Greece
    • Who: l.zieglmeier
    • When: July

    In the hot month of July I visited Rhodes, the liveliest of all Greek islands. Whether you're searching for a romantic getaway or a family holiday, Rhodes has plenty to offer to suit all occasions.

    Instantly, I was seduced by the crystal warm mediterranean sea; the vibrant blue seemed to blend into one with the clear sky. However the island proved to have more to offer than appearance; hidden adventures were everywhere, such as parasailing and banana boating - which I extremely enjoyed doing. Hiring a speed boat and going out to sea is also another great way to spend a day. The towns are also bursting with liveliness and offer the best of Greek culture and are just as awake and alive at night; with clubs which appeal to the young party crowds. I often visited the town Lindos, where cobbled streets were surrounded by traditional white Greek houses and the streets were filled with cheerful locals and wondering donkeys. The restaurants range from traditional Greek to Chinese, offering a range of food to satisfy everyone. There are many historic sites on the island, such as the Monolithos castle. I was very interested by the ancient fortress surrounding the little church on the cliff and I was enchanted by the view. The medieval old town of the city of Rhodes has been declared a World Heritage Site.
    If this doesn't seem fit for you, there are also many modern beach resorts where you can spend the day relaxing in the Greek heat. Whether your interests are beaches, bars or ancient sites, Rhodes offers an abundance of all three.

    Published: 15 August 2014

    • Where: Menorca, Spain
    • Who: Kay Ashmore
    • When: July

    Menorca and in particular S'Algar is my favourite place on earth. Forget the Middle East, Asia and America I am never happier than when I am in Menorca. The island is totally unspoilt with the exception of a couple of tourist resorts and the architecture is amazing which is partly down to the fact that both the French and English did in days gone by occupy this pretty little island.

    Menorca is one of the tiny islands that make up The Balearics and without doubt the nicest although I am biased!! The restaurants are amazing and with the exception of Burger King at Syp Supermarket I have never experienced a bad meal! Menorca is well known for it's Gin, Cheese and leather sandals, in that order and I can vouch for all three! Mahon is the capital and although quite small in comparison to other capital cities around the world it offers great shopping, a fantastic local market and a myriad of places to eat. You need to spend a whole day in Mahon to experience all that it has to offer.

    There is a local bus service which covers the whole island which, I forgot to add is approximately 21 miles long and just 9 miles wide. You can cover the whole island in a day as long as you have a car which in my opinion is imperative as many resorts are off the beaten track and especially if you opt to holiday in a villa.
    If it's a relaxing holiday that you are looking for look no further than Menorca, I have never met anybody yet who has visited this amazing island and not wanted to return year after year.

    Published: 05 February 2014

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    • Where: Mauritius
    • Who: kb081
    • When: July

    Mauritius is an island in the Indian Ocean located just off the continent of Africa. As with any island in the Indian Ocean, it is postcard perfect offering visitors long sunny days of soft white sand and clear blue seas.

    Unlike the Maldives, Mauritius has lots to see and do. This makes it the perfect destination to combine beach days with sightseeing. Our favourite thing to do was zip wiring through the Mauritian rain forest! Such good fun and it was great to see the islands lush rainforest from above the trees! Traveling around the island is really easy - car hire is cheap and the roads are very good. I would recommend hiring a car, taking a map and a picnic and pulling up at key sites along the way. We very much enjoyed our refreshing waterfall stops and beach afternoons!

    Port Louis is the place to go and enjoy a drink whilst watching the world go by. Sunset Cafe was my favourite - the ice cream there was awesome!

    If you are searching for the perfect beach do not hesitate to book a trip to the stunning Ile des Deux Cocos. Only accessible by boat this is the perfect place to enjoy amazing snorkeling, and the best beach BBQ to be found on the island!

    I would love to go back to Mauritius - may be next time I'll try a twin centre with Cape Town!

    Published: 14 November 2013

    • Where: Bali, Indonesia
    • Who: Traveladdict
    • When: July

    Indonesia is an amazing country and Bali really offers visitors a bit of everything! We traveled to Bali in July and stayed in various parts of the island including Kuta, Seminyak, Ubud and Nusa Lembongan.

    Kuta - the Magaluf of Bali popular with Australians. Amazing beach, HEAPS of bars offering a frantic nightlife. Not our favorite place but good to experience for one night only!

    Seminyak - This was our favorite place in Bali. All the hotels in this area seem to be of 4 or 5 star standard and the area as a whole is very classy with fine dining establishments every which way you turn. Our favorite restaurants was the legendary Ku de Ta, located right on Seminyak beach and the romantic 'Living Room'. Food prices are expensive in Seminyak, expect to pay around £100 for three courses including wine. The beach is a fantastic place for people watching and is home to some of Bali's best surf schools should you feel you want to have some lessons.

    Ubud - The cultural center of Bali where you can take lovely walks throughout the forest and go monkey spotting! The town itself is very slow paced and has a big cafe culture. We would often spend the afternoon drinking coffee and watching the world go by.

    Nusa Lembongan - Located just 30 minutes by boat from mainland Bali, this feels like a different world. There are no hawkers or traffic, just incredible beaches with the clearest waters you ever will see. Nusa is a popular surf spot and also has great snorkeling area's. Nightlife is very limited here but after a stint in Kuta and Seminyak this is exactly what we needed to fully switch off!!

    We visited Bali during July which is their summer season and were therefore blessed with gorgeous weather.

    Published: 30 October 2013

    • Where: Trinidad & Tobago
    • Who: kayley
    • When: July

    My friend and I visited Tobago in July on our 2nd trip to the Caribbean. The first thing you notice about the island is how friendly the locals are. Everywhere you go, everyone stops to say hello and shares stories of Caribbean life with you.

    The island itself is really beautiful. Golden sand beaches are lined with gorgeous swaying palm trees - making it the perfect relaxing beach holiday.

    July in the Caribbean is rainy season. We tended to experience rainy mornings. At 11am each day there would normally be a down pour which would last around an hour but then it would brighten up and the afternoons would be a warm and sunny 30 degree's. The benefit of traveling to Tobago during rainy season is that it is the hatching season for the islands leatherback turtles. We stayed in a resort located on the famous 'turtle beach' and was lucky enough to see the giant turtles hatch eggs every night of our trip. Such an experience!

    We found that we mainly ate within our resort as there seemed to be few restaurants outside of the main hotels. We did venture out to one amazing restaurant and splurged at Castara Retreats. Castara offers incredible sea views and feels as though you are eating in a treehouse! The local creole food is to die for and the service is second to none. This was a fantastic last night to our week in Tobago.

    Published: 28 October 2013

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    • Where: Poprad, Slovakia
    • Who: sunseeker
    • When: July

    When you say Slovakia, people think of Bratislava only, but there is so much more to this small country in the heart of Europe!

    As I have a family in Slovakia, I make regular visits, which are now more like a holiday for me. One of the last ones and most memorable was my trip in July last year.
    We packed the bags, got in a car and went on the road, heading towards Tatras, beautiful mountains that have so much to offer in summer as well as in winter.

    We found a gorgeous Guesthouse bang in the middle of Ždiar, a small village on the outskirts of High Tatras with the most stunning views all around and the owner was so nice and helpful, he became our friend by the time we left. In the few days we had ahead we planned a lot and did even more! There is so much to see and do once you are out and about – the caves, the hikes, the waterfalls, cycling, rafting, open-air ethnographic museums, castles & manor houses!

    Opportunities are endless, especially for those who love outdoor activities. And once you are there, you won’t find a person who is not completely in love with the scenery. The weather was perfect – even though Tatras, as any mountain - can be fairly unpredictable; we were in luck! Sun was shining and stars were out every night.

    Each day was fun, each day was different and each day ended on a high. The fact that we were served the most delicious home-made meals, regional delicacies and drank the very famous “tatra tea” might have something to do with that too. We have spent a whole week of re-exploring the places I once had visited years ago, but one can never get tired of going back again. My English boyfriend counts this trip as one of the best he ever did to this day and keeps asking when we are going back. I’m sure he won’t have to wait too long...

    Published: 10 April 2013

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