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    Best Places to go on a Safari

    If a safari has always been on your dream holiday to do list then you want to make sure you go to the best places for a safari! You may only get to go once, so you need to decide where to go on safari and what you want to see on that safari. Surprisingly, you can go on safari any time of year, but there are some months of the year which are considered the best months to go on Safari.

    You may have a certain African country in mind, you may have certain animals you wish to see or you may want to go in just the right weather, so your decision to take a safari involves a bit of research. The variations of choice are endless, so we'll be narrowing them down a little for you along with some great holiday options.


    Holidays in Namibia are an experience of a lifetime, and of course if you are looking for a Safari in Namibia, September will be one of the best months to visit.  An average of 29°c / 84°f and the dry season, the game heads to the watering holes meaning September is one of the best months to view game. Being so dry it can get a little dusty and the nights can fall cold, but daytimes will be clear and sunny. Etosha National park is probably the best known and one of the largest parks where you will likely see Elephants, Cheetah and maybe even the rare Black Rhino. Namibia is situated on the south west coast of Africa and there are miles and miles of idyllic beaches on what was once known as the Skeleton coast and renouned for its shipwrecks, nowadays it's better known as a honeymoon destination. Anytime between June and October is ideal, but outside of these times when rain is more prevalent it's still very warm but harder to spot the animals amongst the now lush undergrowth. 


    This incredibly beautiful south east African country remains one of the best safari destinations in the world, with generally the best months to go on safari between July and October, being the dry season but anytime between April and November is a good bet.  As a landlocked country, you won't be able to combine a safari with the beach here, but you will be able to visit one of the most famous waterfalls in the world - Victoria Falls. However please be aware that in October the falls will be at just 20% of their usual water volume, so those wishing to visit the falls at its most spectacular time of the year should consider March and April after the rains to see it at its best. If you are aiming for wildlife and sunshine then October is certainly a good month for a holiday.


    Zambia is great for a Safari, with an incredible array of wildlife including the stunning elephants and impala. Bordering Zimbabwe it means you can visit the world famous Victoria Falls, but take note that the falls are not at their fullest following the dry season. The rains tend to come along in Mid November through to February here. The animals congregate around the sparce watering holes in October, meaning their prey is not far behind and making for tremendous viewing in this land of striking beauty. Beware though, it can get incredibly hot this month in the lower altitudes albeit cool at night. May to September is probably the peak season in Zambia and at it's busiest so book ahead.


    It's the dry season in October in Tanzania with the best months for a safari being between June to November,  and in particular February and March if it's the great migration you are looking for. Tanzania is home to the stunning Serengeti and Ngorongoro parks, ideal to witness the migration of wildebeest . October is a reliable time to visit but also one of the busiest times of year to visit known for it's dependable classic safari's, so it's the month that you need to book well in advance for better prices and hotels.


    Kenya offers both safari and beach holidays and a wonderful combination of both. In October you'll likely be lucky enough to be able to witness the great migration of wildebeest prevalent between July and October. With zebras in great numbers followed by their biggest predator the Lion, Kenya offers a spectacular safari. Weatherwise it's low in rainfall this month and not at it's peak heat which makes for ideal viewing temperatures in comfortable humidity. Masia Mara National Reserve is probably the best known park, and Samburu National Reserve another on the top of Kenyas popular safari's.


    Looking for a Safari in August? Botswana is an ideal Honeymoon destination to enjoy the trip of a lifetime and spectacular safari. It's winter in Botswana in August, so the nightime temperatures fall dramatically, but daytimes are likely to be clear skies and a warm 26°c / 79°f. Being the dry season it means that the animals will congregate around watering holes so it's one of the best times to spot the magnificent wildlife. The Chobe National Park is well known for it's elephant population, The Moremi Game Reserve offers stunning Safari, and the Okavanga Delta benefits from Okavanga river slicing through the desert creating a lush eco system perfect for the some of the worlds best safari's.