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    Wheretoholiday's Top Destinations

    We have a few favourite holiday destinations of our own, so here's our top recommended choices for holidays if you are looking for holiday ideas or new places to visit. Our recommendations for our best holiday destinations include hot countries to visit and winter sunshine.


    Cape Verde

    In recent years the beautiful Islands of Cape Verde have begun to flourish and develop into an excellent winter holiday destination, ideal for October holidays right through to March, but of course are just as good in the summer and all year round. The reason they make a great winter destination is that similar to the Canary Islands they tend to remain a fair constant temperature all through the year.  Being so newly developed it means the hotels are new and the beaches unspoiled, but when it comes to activities it's fairly limited at the moment with windsurfing being a top watersport choice as well as boat trips, other than that Cape Verde is simply about sunshine and beaches and that's it. So if you are happy settling for simple relaxation rather than entertainment then this is a great choice.


    Holiday makers are beginning to pick up on this relatively new holiday destination and coming back full of praise for this completely delightful country, with holiday makers now heading for the Dubrovnik Riviera. It still relatively inexpensive especially compared to it's nearby neighbour Italy, just across the Adriatic sea. Yet Croatia boasts the same stunning crystal clear waters, ideal for a swim and even better for a little sailing around. Dubrovnik itself has the famous Old Town, a walled city on the edge of the coast packed with plenty of things to do such as shopping, restaurants, bars and clubs.  Or if heading inland amongst the beautiful scenery above Split you'll come across some of the most idyllic lakes and waterfalls of the Plitvice Lakes with plenty of pretty accommodation nearby and around the Plitvice Lakes National Park, a true natural wonder.


    Malta is right in the middle of the stunning Mediterranean, a small island but with absolutely everything you need for a great holiday.  Due to it being so southerly it often has sunshine from February to November, and is over 30 degrees in July and August. When you compare prices with the Canary Islands, Greece and the usual favourites - Malta is a great option for a fairly inexpensive getaway. Especially if it's last minute and you are just looking for a quick escape.  The coastline in Malta is so beautiful, along with it's nearby tiny sister island of Gozo it's surrounded by azure waters. Traditional pretty streets are not taken over with the usual chains, it really keeps it's character here, so you may not find your home comforts and chain coffee houses, but you'll find some excellent independants. Even though it's small it offers areas to party, and has plenty to keep you entertained. Spend a little extra on your hotel as they are quite basic in general, and you'll probably be pleased you did as they tend to be in the best locations. Either way, it's easy to explore the whole island in a couple of days.


    This really is one of those hidden gems! Try Solvenia if you are looking for somewhere beautiful, cultural and relaxing. With a slow pace to life this destination has everything from pretty markets, to awe-inspiring lakes, mountains for skiing or walking for incredible views, and it even has it's own little corner of coastline on the Adriatic. It's still relatively inexpensive, and if you are a wine lover they have bucket loads of their own home grown zingy wines.


    Recommended Cruises


    Dubai Cruises

    We just have to agree with a Dubai cruise, it's one of those places we all want to go at some point or another, or it's one of the closest destinations that's hot in November. Either way we all usually consider this destination, but a cruise makes a stay here great value for money.  Whats more, other nearby destinations such as Oman and Bahrain which are also quite pricey in their own right for an individual holiday, are often on the Dubai Cruise Itinerary. So you will still likely find a great deal on a Dubai Cruise which will cost less than the pricey Dubai Hotels and generally with all your meals included to a great standard. It's definitely a favourite for us.





    The reason we love Tobago is that it's slightly less travelled than the other Caribbean islands, mainly because it's an extra 30 mins further on the plane. But what you get for that extra 30 mins is an idyllic Caribbean island, with the typical white sand beaches and leaning green palms yet no hurricane risk. So from June to November when most of the other islands are at risk, you can relax in the knowledge that a hurricane won't be cancelling your Tobago holiday. Added to that this friendly little island has a big noisier sister - Trinidad - that can be visited in a short trip if you feel like a lively day out or visiting one of it's many carnivals.

    Costa Rica

    The small country of Costa Rica lies between Nicaragua and Panama with the Caribbean on its East coast and the Pacific on its West coast. For such a small country it has a landscape of incredible scope, from mountains and jungles to beaches and plantations. A truly beautiful country it is now firmly on the tourist trail and one of our very favourite destinations. You can visit anytime of the year, but the best time to visit is between November and April. It's perfect for a honeymoon, with stunning beaches and natural spa's created by the volcanic land, and just as perfect for an adventure holiday.


    Somewhere to go with children?



    Which month are you looking to go? We'll tell you what the weather is like that month and a little more info on destinations best to visit at that time of year.


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